Shingeki no Kyojin 101

Zofia is shorter now, also WARHAMMER TITAN
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Damn, Zofia got bamboozled to heck. Wonder if Udo survives, but with severe brain damage.

>Nothing happens
What a FUCKING let down


Have attack titan gotten bigger?Also cuckhammer is getting rekt next chapter?

Eren is the COOLaid man now


The same as always
>Come back home
Yeah Mikasa, let´s go home when Eren just declared a fucking WAR


I mean by team nuclear eren not by eren himself. Of course he can't beat it himself.

>irrelevant character holding the WH
Zeke eating WH confirmed.

>That haircut
now the time loop theory just gets more real.


>jobhammer didan going to get btfo by the asspull thunderspears
Wake me up when this garbage arc stop being garbage

It was the marleyan who declared the war.

>Mikasa truly became Mankasa

>WH BTFO and reduced to either death or irrelevant jobber status the same chapter they were introduced
Well I guess we now know for sure that Isayama didn't plan any of this nein titans Marley shit from the beginning.

Does this mean that Eren is working with Zeke but not with SL? If so poor Zeke must be hiding from manlet, because he isn´t with them or atleast we didn´t see him.

Ironically she's not the jobber this chapter.

why the fuck did Eren jump into a random direction and started pounding the ground after knowing that Willy isn't a shifter?

Eren really is useless. No wonder he tried to get all the warriors out of the battle.

>10 chapters of boring little kids that aren't even relevant because they all just die anyway after doing literally nothing to impact the plot

This. Eren just waited for the declaration.

The officials, you absolute retard.

She is cool. Too bad she is going to job.

Eren is so hot now.

What about them?

He killed the top brass including the "le didanz with wings :D :D :D" admiral dude.

>why the fuck did Eren jump into people in the audience and started pounding them
Because GRIM

>come back home
Hisu calls me?


Easier to fight a war on the homefront

Why the fuck does she have so many powers.

>going to job
already jobbed to to thundaspeeears

>he literally has a hammer
Oh Isayama

Ackermans are too OP. She wrecked his shit, though.


That it is amazing how you could be more retarded than them,


Chapter 102
>Colt and Gabi arrive at the hospital with dead Udo.
>Reiner and Mr. Yeager are there with a dead Falco.
>Mr. Yeager reacts to the information that the dude he told to leave Falco alone (before he gets him killed) was Eren.
>Reiner gives up and tells Gabi to get revenge on Eren.
>Gabi inherits the AT and meets up with Porco and Pieck.
>Eren and the SL are caught off guard when the AT doesn't job.

She's a true master unlike Eren the jobber.

RIP Reiner

>WH lost due to a sneak attack
No one fucking noticed the girl with the huge spears? Reiner never told Marley about fucking thunder spears?
Why does this manga has a garbage-tier writing?

Oh my

>Short haired Mikasa

It was a simple cheap sneak attack.

High tier titan.

You can really see how hard the anti Erenfags try to shitpost but anyways you guys think manlet is also part of the attack?

Just because you know what a lance is doesn't mean it can't stab you in the throat

So the WH didan turned out to be a literally irrelevant plot point that wasted the possibility for the 9th titan actually being interesting and plot relevant.

>you guys think manlet is also part of the attack?
Where do you think Zeke is.

Savage Eren truly has no chill

>Hinata is obsessed with Nardo -> gets him
>Orihime is obsessed with Itsygo -> gets him
>Touka is obsessed with Kekneki's well being -> gets him
>Elizabeth is obsessed with muh Meliodas -> gets him
>Lucy is just a slut, but interested in Natsu's D -> gets him
>Mikasa is obsessed with Eren -> ???

>anti Erenfags



So Eren ate Willy thinking he was the WHT? then this mean Reiner was eaten off-screen? ISAYAMAAAAA

A lot of smoke, dust and chaos going around. So it could be very easy to miss with flying girl with huge spears

Where is Annie?

Is it coming from the ground or her hands?

Does he even remember the thunder spears? He lost his memories after the first attack and SL immediately closed his eyes after the second attack.

>Ackermans can teleport with 3DMG
>Thunderspear destroys any titan immediately
Its over user. Your warhammer waifu is done. Even if a shifter sees an Ackerman coming the shifters are way too slow. Ackerman hayai.

>A certain hairy giant joins the fray in the last panel

the warhammer showed that there's at least one insanely powerful titan that could have probably destroyed all of paradis on its own if it just stood on the wall and manifested its spikes everywhere

they kind of look like the pillars of crystal that come off eren's body when he makes shit for hange so maybe it's not even a power unique to warhammer, just another hardening offshoot

Both. She created the hammer with her hands.

Hasn't reiner lost his memories after decapitation and only remembered scouts fucking up his leg armor from behind with some weird weapon?

>wasted the possibility for the 9th titan
One of the Warrior will get the Warhammer.

Why are people pretending Eren was just fighting against the war hammer?

>Eren kills cute little girls
Truly a monster. ;-;

>Erenfags will defend this.

>Manlet was not there
Shit he went after Zeke right?

>the reminder gets even GRIMer

why didn't she just get out of the way


Those things did literally nothing since they Marleyans have bad aim.

Best shifter design.


>Those thighs

Fuck off reddit

remember when just one shot from those things crippled reiner and lowered the threat of titans in the eyes of the world globally

why didn't that shot blow up his wrist and take off his head

Because WH didn't get her ass saved.

Whats their masterplan

>every shot but one completely misses
This is some stormtrooper ass aiming

Armong tactical nuke when?

Of everyone I did not expect Falcos' brother to survive. Fuck even the cute shota did not make it.

Bring Eldia back and omnicide

>you guys think manlet is also part of the attack?
He is attacking Zeke´s ass right now

Post yfw you saw the panel with the 3DMG

Isayama always bends the plot for the benefit of the SL.


This chapter puts to rest "Muh gentle Eren will only kill bad people and save the civilians" Reddit tier thinking

This is war civilians are collateral damage
Full unapologetic Grim reminder
Based Eren

They were keeping Eren from moving and giving time for the war hammer to attack that's not nothing. B-but muh MIkasa

The flying rock launched by Eren and landed on her was too fast to dodge.
>full circle



He did say that they only recently got the canons, by stealing them from the not-Ottomans.
>remember when just one shot from those things crippled reiner and lowered the threat of titans in the eyes of the world globally
Not really, I remember that there was a fleet of them that crippled Reiner. In fact pretty sure that the fleet used different canons

A really great chapter.

he ducked his head and raised his arm, otherwise two of those shots would have hit his head, and one either his chest or bicep

they established dozens of chapters ago that reiner's armor is full coverage but a lot thinner than concentrated armor

Eren did nothing wrong. Marley declared war and now they have to face the consequences

Funny thing is he did a better job of protecting Gabi than Falco ever could.

Gas Marley Race war now