Watamote 127

Are you happy with the new chapter? I sure as Hell am.

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Delinquent was super cute

>friendship ended with meth-chan
>now Tomoko is my best friend

This. I want to make her a mom.


yuri needs to calm her non existent tits

Meth-chan didn't do anything wrong. Neither did Shadow, really. Yoshida just doesn't know how to handle dissent within the group.

Yep. RE this I was glad that her friends didn't just hit her for being her cute innocent self, but it was instead just a good thing gone bad.

This nigga. I'm also seconded on Meth-Chan, and Shady-Chan. They were friends with her longer, and are with he the most. They know how to handle her, and do like her company enough to deal with her childish out bursts. They are entitled to be straight with her.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was writing pretty much a Watamote essay on how it's changed since the Kyoto arc. Finished it. Anyone interested in reading it?

No thanks.


Sure, why not

Welp, hope you find it interesting: terrenceswiff.wordpress.com/2017/12/29/watamote/

We really need extra chapter about how Dark-chan and Meth-chan started to become Yoshida's friend. Both Dark-chan and Meth-chan actually feel like someone who behave like real delinquents doing some 'cool dangerous' things (in the eyes of a teenager of course). They can still pure and nice of course but they just feel like they have more actual street smarts and knowledges compared to Yoshida

>that last panel
is... is emily going crazy?

also, does emoji's name mean she's actually a westerner or something? is that why her face looks like that?

Emiri is a Japanese name
It's written in kanji too, rather than kana

Her name is Emiri, in Kanji. 笑美莉. It's written with the kanji for laughter, beauty, and..."ri". The last kanji...has no meaning?

It is jasmine.

i need MORE

The plant?

So 'Emily' is a western name but people making it up to be the equivalent of japanese 'Emiri'?

Poor Meth-Chan.

Yes. Jasmine the plant. It has the radical for grass. It is also how chink/nips called gaijins celeb with Emily name.

This does happen. Having worked in Japan I've noticed a few kids with "Japanese" names that are just English ones, or fucking weird ones, like Emily or..."Ace".

Where can I find a cute pure girl like Yoshida in Nipland user

I don't talk to girls.

but why is Tomoko surprised when she hears the name? ucchi hasn't had much direct interaction with tomoko since the first trip.

>but why is Tomoko surprised when she hears the name?
I do not know. I'd guess it's a gag like "whoa you had a NAME?" which is kinda rude, but it could also be "you had a name like THAT?" I'm not sure.

emoji is so neglected and it's killing me inside

She's not ENTIRELY, but she does sorta bring it on herself. At least now she's trying to put herself in Tomoko's eyes.

Do you really expect someone like Emoji to have such a cute name?

This chapter all but confirms Tomoko is going to end up as a school guidance counselor in the future. That and Yuri's name is not actually Yuri.

Yes, she's cute user. Are you sure you aren't blind?

Does anyone know where i can find Watamote HQ scans download link?

Oh my.

The private parts are drawn in an ugly way. Ouch.

>Tomoko is going to end up as a school guidance counselor in the future.
Not an OL? Do they even have dedicated guidance counselors or just homeroom teachers that do this on the side.

>implying tomoko's vagoo doesnt actually look like that

Considering the amount of shit Japanese student has to go through in school, I would imagine they would need guidance counselor more than any other nation.

Different guy here. I liked it.

Who is your audience?
What does it know about the topic?
What kind of text do you want to write (e.g. short essay reviewing a work)?
What is the goal of your text (get out and read that OR criticism OR analysis)?
What does the medium bring to the table (paragraph length, illustrative images)?
Do you need that many images that might be hard to read because they are scaled down?
Are there examples of (anime / manga or a different medium) reviews that represent how you want to write? Maybe try roughly imitating those (maybe only in structure)?
Read more (reviews)?

I just hope tomoko helps yushida reconcuile with dark-chan so they cal all wathc the night parade together.

Thanks. My audience is whoever reads these things, which is a smattering of folks from around the internet. I like mostly lesser known manga so that's what ends up being recommended the most and I guess I attract people who want that kind of thing. I want the site to be useful for people looking to find new manga/something to read about manga that's hopefully entertaining. Not sure what you mean my "what does it know about the topic".

I write my thoughts on manga, this happens to be critical, analytical, and impressions all at once most of the time. I just write that way because I enjoy it and I'm surprised that I don't get much negative receptions since I feel like I ramble on and on. I also use as many images as I see fit, which can be a lot or a few. In my own opinion I typically use too much, but I get very few complaints about that so I don't stop. I guess I just think of it as helpful.

To your last few questions: nope in general. I don't want to emulate someone else, I just write these for fun.

only if it provides a scholarly analysis on why yoshida is the best girl

While I talk a lot about Yoshida there isn't much to work with on her so the best you get is me talking about why she's great for a bit.

I only care about the part that deal with Nemo

in the article ctrl+f this:
I’ll start with Nemoto.

based on your studies, do you think yoshida will ever stop wearing cute panties

No, never.

Emiri is cute! Tomoko said so.

This was somewhat critical of that specific text.

>I don't want to emulate someone.
I didn't say you had to limit yourself to a single person.

It's just that it feels a bit rambly at times and mixes an audience that does know about all those chapters with people that don't know as much and somewhere in between too.

More detailed criticism but an avoidance of spoilers while spoilering other stuff.

>What does it know?
The knowledge level of the audience about the topic? (And maybe also how deeply they are invested in it?)

Emoji actually admitted it, I'm speechless.

I don't understand a few things.
In this page Tomoko calling Yuri for her name counts? Is she satisfied with this?
And Yoshida's first name is Masaki?

I do go for a mix deliberately, aiming for people to get something out of it whether they know the manga fully or not (which seems to work). I spoil nothing, insofar as I don't think anything I write will legitimately spoil the experience for a first time reader. Since people who know the manga do know it, I simply reference things without spoiling them in a wink and nudge fashion instead.

Criticism's appreciated, though I dunno if I can fix my rambling. At least in my case the whole point was having a venue for my rambling that could simultaneously serve a use and be amusing.

Yoshida's first name is Masaki, yes.

Yuri seems okay with Tomoko at least knowing her name, but I dunno if this counts as Tomoko calling Yuri her first name. She follows up by still calling Tomoko Kuroki-san after all. It's a step, but they're both awkward weirdos so they can't just DO it.

She'll be a terrible mom. When her kid start dressing cool and doesn't like kiddy stuff anymore, she's gonna hit them

Wat if emoji actually has a boy she likes.

Ace? Is it Ase in Japanese?

It's Ace, like how you'd name a dog.

Kind of funny Emily Ucchi has gone on this path of self discovery all on her own while not being directly influenced by Tomoko in any way.

I mean the how the Japanese pronounce it, do they just say Etsu?

They say it like Ace.

Honestly I thought I was hearing things for a month with that kid until I saw how it was written. I wonder if his name is written in kanji or something

Maybe limit your word count or get some headings in there?

Heck naw, I just write until I have nothing else to say, be that for 700 words or 5000.

>Wat if emoji actually has a boy she likes.

Did you miss the part about suggesting headings?

No, just not sure how I'd do that. I'd guess you mean breaking the article into sections, though. I have done that just not for standard reviews. Once before (and hopefully I'll do this more) I've gone more into depth about something and separated the article into sections. Pretty loose formatting otherwise since I just put my thoughts down as they come to be rather than strictly organize like a game reviewer from the early 2000s.

Bottom-Left: Going somewhere public when you're uncomfortably high

This roastie ages like a milk.

i can't wait for her to show up when Watamote is in college/adult life and she's smokin'

and dating me!

I'm convinced we'll see Ucchi's eyes drawn normally again only when she confesses.

It's a good chapter but there are a few things I'm not sure whether I should like them or not. Like Yoshida punshing Shadow-Chan. On one hand it was a nice surprise that it wasn't one of her friends who started the fight on the other hand we already have at least two supreme autists in the harem with Yuri and Ucchi and we don't need another one. I hope Yoshia will be self-aware enough to realize that was her fault.

I found this one. grammarcheck.net/editor/

I copied the whole article in it and it even shows the pictures and the used formating in that textbox. It nags a lot about passive voice and using "complex" expressions. Oh well.

In the end, even reading more will influence your writing, whether you want it or not.

Imitating (citing) one person is plagiarism, do the same thing with a dozen or even hundreds people and you've got your own text (paper). (The words in parentheses reflect how this relates to a similar saying in the field of Academic text writing.)

It's not bad per se and can improve your style. (Though even reading up on a few texts about writing should do a bit too.)

It was perfect. worth the wait.

Thanks for the sentiment though it's a bit misguided I guess. I've got enough experience going by a standard or emulation. Most of this sounds more like matters of preference, though, since the issues you're bringing up are mainly stylistic. Basically like on one hand you think it could improve, but on the other I've gotten compliments specifically on this looser, stream of consciousness writing style, buuut at the same time I've been criticized for it (just far less). In the end like Tomoko I just wanna do what I want to do and how I want to do it, because if I did it differently it stops being a hobby. Why do it at all?

It's probably Emiri, but Emily isn't impossible. Since the Japanese naming system wasn't really made to incorporate non-Japanese names, things get kind of complicated if the kid has a western name. If it happens to be a name with a Japanese equivalent, like Sarah/Sara, then they'll usually get the kanji from it. If it's something off-the-wall, the parents will just pick random kanji that sound right. This is only for kids who are actually born in Japan, though. Overseas foreigners just stick with katakana and might pick a kanji writing just for the sake of not confusing paperwork that requires it.

But it's probably Emiri.

>though it's a bit misguided I guess
It's hard to give writing advice (for a different language). I can only work with examples and some platitudes.

>at the same time I've been criticized for it (just far less)
I wonder how many people just stopped reading? Do you have access to the Google Analytics data for your blog?

(An Analogy: Think you are strong if you can lift a 30kg rock? Then you find out that the average weight an adult of your age can lift is 70kg. Similar analogy would be average marathon run times in your age group.

In your case recurring readers of your blog might be of interest in comparison to similar blogs. Though yours is as you said way more rambly. Have you thought about writing for a bigger site (that might even pay per article) on the side? That might give a bit of external focus.)

(Another point: Unfocused texts/videos/podcasts whose essential points could be communicated in a shorter timeframe consume reader/viewer time they might not be willing to invest.)

(There might be a demand for long-form manga reviews though ramblings might not qualify for this, unfocused as they are. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long-form_journalism The length might fit though. Hmm. I wish I could write good enough.)

Basically considering I barely put things out there and don't think I deserve an audience at all I've been pleased with the results. On average I get 8 people actually reading entire articles each day. On an article's release, if it happens to have resonated then I'll get 400 readers that day along with a day or two's runoff. I don't have aspirations, I'm happy to know that many people actually look through these things.

ah and one last thing: I'm done replying since this has gotten WILDLY off topic

Well sorry. It happens. Threads have gone farther of the rails. It's the third or fourth thread about this chapter anyways.

Think of it like this: Someone cares enough about your work to try to clumsily give advice to make it better. (Though subjective I think most of the points I made aren't that far off.)

(The stat in Google Analytics should be "engagement time" or something.)

Nah I do appreciate it I just don't want to focus on myself, I posted that article to talk about the manga after all

Nice read user, this is the third article I read from you


This slut deserves more screen time


I would imagine that because of "muh face" they don't seek counselors even when they need

Looks interesting. I'll read it tomorrow since I'm going out right now.

That's one for the philosophers user...

>mfw I hate slice-of-life moe series with cute girls doing cute stuff
>mfw I somehow start reading and love a slice-of-life manga about cute girls doing cute stuff
Is this a punishment for my hubris?

Other user here.
On the subject of "rambling," I think that is the main thing that makes the review's (lack of) format work. It also makes it more interesting and personal. Frankly, I probably wouldn't have read a review that long without the "character" added by that style.
I also read an older review (much shorter) and comparing both, two things stuck out: First, your love of the subject is completely in-your-face, and that is a good things. It makes the text more endearing and the reader more likely to want to read what you're writing about.
Second, despite the older review being much shorter, you repeated the same thing three or four times at different points, basically dropping a hint of a subject you only really talked about at the end. This didn't really happen in the Watamote review (there was only 1 sentence which I thought could be edited out for repetition), so I think the progress in your writing is quite clear.

Good job. But I think there is one -objective- problem about it as a review.
The first three paragraphs are about what is more-or-less the negatives of it ("it used to be just okay..." that sort of thing). That is fine for someone who is either familiar with the reviewer (and therefore wants to know why THEY chose to write about this) or familiar with the work.
To catch the attention of someone unfamiliar with both, I'd talk more about the positives in the first paragraph. A hint of what's to come to catch the reader's interest.

I have stopped caring and simply read on until I loose interest.

Oh hey, I know you too. You're the one that reviewed Colors and Hitori Bocchi. I've read some of your articles before.

It evolved into the Moe-Pig manga type. Ironically, it's the type Nemo likes and Tomoko thinks is crap.

Why did I even bother writing all that about that post by him?

(We might be talking about different kinds of "rambling" here though.)

We are all Nemo IRL hiding our power level

Don't fuck with The Batter

Thanks very much. Well, I do love it. I almost think I know which sentences you're referring to but this isn't the forum to ask, and besides I'd rather let failure ride.

That's a real good point about the intro. I definitely don't want to fall into a trap of assuming a reader knows what I'm thinking, and I've gotten advice in that vein before. Thanks.

Not many people mention Bocchi/Colors when it comes to me, despite it starting my whole endeaver... Thanks, also

When will Bocchi be animated?

took your advice and put in a little line hopefully teasing the positives, thanks again~

>its a male version of tomoko