What do you mean you don't love me back user?

What do you mean you don't love me back user?

But i do...

You killed my fucking friends!

Oh, wait, no what I really wanted to say is....Go die in a hole bitch!!!

>Yet another season without a single yandere
End me lads.

I unironically loved this anime.

It is wonderful how they created such an awesome character on top of the miserable writing

you are a bland generic edgy piece of shit, whore, just like your series

I unironically enjoyed the manga, but I have never ever touched the anime.

I actually also read the manga, but I don't really recall too much of a difference besides the ending. The anime also changed the twin towers into the four towers to avoid referencing 9/11.


>there will actually legit never be another show with a yandere main girl that actually wins

The more I think about it the more I realize how hard it is to actually make that work. The only other work I can remember that even had a yandere protagonist was that Koharu no Hibi shit and it was just about Koharu acting like a literal retard mental infant and everyone liking her for no reason despite that.


I actually want one where the yandere isn't too insane or evil, just mentally broken and the guy is actually into that kind of stuff so they get together. But then the relationship is explored more with the issues and the Yandere is reluctant towards the archetype's tendencies. I mean, yeah, Mirai Nikki did actually explore that kind of "relationship" but that was also under the context of this battle royale, rather I want to see one in a normal ass context.

Well everyone is insane and evil when they're in a life or death type situation. It's hard to act in a respectable, marketable way when you're planning a murder.

I don't mean murder, I was looking more on so lesser ways for a yandere to achieve her crush, like sabotage, or matchmaking.

Oh fuck off with this garbage yangire.

I want to beat that bitch up.

Big Order was the kind of trainwreck that hurt to watch.
Can't believe it was made by the same guy.

>yandere isn't too insane or evil
Read the WN. Such a character exists, though she gets coma'd ten minutes after she gets with the MC.

How important is the OVA to the series?

How does that work? How does yandere matchmaking even look like, I don't have enough of a vivid imagination.

I think it showed the manga ending. (which is better)

Well the yandere just puts her stalking abilities to use to find another guy her rival might like and set them both up.

I'd also like it if an anime/manga were to make the yandere grow empathy to other people besides her crush. Like for example their matchmaking her rival, but as she gets to know her, her rival shows kindness to her and the yandere begins to feel guilt.

does this count?

I mean what I mean, beat it

Jesus this show was so fucking awful

im at ep18
please tell me it is going to get better than this

is this from the anime?

You'd have to be triple gay or something to say no to this.