Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san 93 KOREAN Scans


The Lolis are on the cover of Volume 9.

The chapter also has some loli on loli action.

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Chapter cover.






QT loli finally
They should make Tanuki permanently a teen, because she looks better that way










>Giant Chisaki





End of chapter.

Something extra.


So Yuuna was actually a fox when alive right? And the dark haired appearance we saw was a transformation like this?

I'd fuck this Elin

Presumably Loli noticed the thing with the three families under one roof.

Jump Giga extra.

What was she watching?

I think the chinks had a copy of that chapter somewhere. Gimme a minute.

I want to get inside that giant pantsu

Next chapter looks to be a Sagiri chapter.

Oh even better. I found Jump Giga raws. If TS user is here, I can do an early stint. If not, then the regular time.

Interesting they'd jump from this to a Sagiri chapter, but I won't complain about it.

This was alright, more of a set up chapter.

I think Sagiri's chapter is going to focus on her in the ninja village. The recent chapters have been using the idol arc as the way to drive character motivations and new scenarios, so I would assume the next chapter will be no different. What will likely happen is that Sagiri, Hibari, and Urara are going to be reprimanded for using their ninja abilities and technology in the vicinity of so many civilians during their performance. Even Urara has acknowledged this will definitely happen.

Thanks user.

I'm around.

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'Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san' Extreme Extra Arc
[title] Yuuna-san and Kogarashi-san at night.

[Bottom] What the heck do these two do at night...!? [Emphasize 'what' and 'night']
Miura-sensei tries to test the limits in a specially drawn sealed-page printing!! [Emphasize 'test', 'limits', and 'sealed-page printing']

[side] Time to see the limits of Jump!!

"You're videoing us sleeping?"

"I borrowed a video camera from Nonko-san"

"I may have stopped poltergeisting right when I wake up..."
"But we keep waking up in really ridiculous positions,"
"So I figured maybe we could look for the cause and how to fix it...!"
"Oh I see! Let's try it out!"

"Oh not again...!"
"This keeps making my heart thump every morning!!"

"Alright, let's see. Did it actually catch footage...?"

"Oh! I'm..."

"I-I"m going to Kogarashi-san's futon on my own...!?"
"Ahhh! The yukata!"

"Hauu... sho wawrm..."
Snore snore
"Wh-what am I even doing!!"

"Ahhh! Sorry sorry Kogarashi-san!!"
"Hey me!"
"Please just get out of the waayy!!"


"Gotta knead... the natural yeast dough softly..."
"He's mistaking it for bread dough!?"


"Th-this is fine! It's just the butt..."

"Roll the dough up..."
"Fuaah... hm...?"
"Weh!? Uhh..."
"Put in some recesses..."

"Add some gummies on top..."

"Wh...wh-wh-what does this mean..."
"Do... do we actually do these things every night...!?"
"Noh...? Morning Yuuna"

"Oh, did you get footage of us sleeping?"
"N-no uhh this err..."

Kogarashi felt a sense of nostalgia after getting poltergeisted for the first time in a while.
[Right] Kogarashi, the physical spiritual power user, was once possessed by the spirit of a bread baker...
[Bottom] Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san extra arc... end.

Just as a note, this is probably extreme for WSJ the magazine, but Darkness was published in SQ, so I'm not sure how this whole thing works.

Anyways, siesta time. Have fun TS user.


Reminded me of TLR

Thanks. Jump Giga is one of WSJ's spin off magazines and they seem to be more lack in general with those.

Judging by the text on the left, I think the kitsune's name is Miria.

thanks. and damn, if that's what they do while unconscious imagine what they'd do if they were actually dating/married

At least save that footage for Nonko's sake, Yuuna. She can use that material for her manga and doujins.

Thanks TL user. That was a funny chapter. It makes me wonder how Yuuna slept when she was Genryusai.

Yuuna should check to see if her shojo maku is still there.

I don't think she's supposed to look like a teen there. That's just her disguising as a regular school girl of the same size as shown

Note to self, take up bread making lol. Now this was a funny chapter. Hopefully there'll be more like it

>Hopefully there'll be more like it
Just make sure the parents don't find out.

>"Th-this is fine! It's just the butt..."

Lewd ghost.

His hands look like claws as he is kneading that dough.

The girls have weird standards.

More Oboro chapters when.


Sooner or later. Might be sooner seeing as everyone's currently dispersed for vacation.

>No Hibari
0/10, what a shitty chapter







and done. Just let me know if anything needs fixing, and if not, I'll post a zip for it.

thanks for the TS. yuuna is a cutie. lewd, but a cutie

Don't worry. Guaranteed panel time with a Sagiri chapter next.

It looks like she’s gonna shoot a friggin PORNO

Nah that’d be ridiculuous

>Kogarashi, the physical spiritual power user, was once possessed by the spirit of a bread baker...
What an asspull

Yeah looked weird to me too

What if kogarashi accidentally put his penis in her vagene and ejaculated because of friction?
Would they get ghost babies? Cause I dont think any doctors could help her with an abortion


Thanks user, I’ll check in a bit.

pan 4 bub 1: I may have stopped poltergeisting right after waking up,
pan 4 bub 2: But we still keep waking up in really ridiculous positions.

pan 3 bub 1: Alright, let’s see. Did I actually get some footage...



pan 2 bub 2: Gotta knead... the natural yeast in the dough softly...

bub 1 (top right): Make the dough nice and round...
bub 2 (bot right, near breasts): Put some dents in it...

pan 1 bub 1: Wh...wh-wh-what does this all mean...
pan 1 bub 2: Do we... do we actually do these things every night...!?
pan 3 bub 2 (box): Kogarashi felt a sense of nostalgia after getting poltergeisted for the first time in a long time.



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and here's the zip.


>Time to see the limits of Jump!!
This glorious madman.

Karura needs to give Yuuna one of her Yatahagane dakimakuras.

No foot errors. That's good.

Don't complain. You had a chapter devoted to Hibari just a couple chapters ago.

We are going to get Hibari next chapter.

But the girl called her Tenko, which means heavenly fox.

It's likely that the Tenko family has had strong ties with the kitsune ever since its inception.

When the hell will we get some more Sensei?

Thank you.