Since tv version is shit, how should the OVA timeline have continued?
Things they left open (Enchanted Parade didn't add anything to them):
-Reasons for Chariot going into hiding/losing the Shiny Rod.
-Diana opening up to Akko and revealing her admiration for Shiny Chariot.
-Akko fiding out that Ursula is Chariot.

They left it open because at the timt they never thought about it in depth. Though I think I remember someone saying Chariot's reasons for hiding werr a bit different.

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>Reasons for Chariot going into hiding/losing the Shiny Rod
Just a simple way like shes getting too old to being Shiny Chariot, not in edgy way like TVs. Terio manga already reveals a little part of those.
>Diana opening up to Akko and revealing her admiration for Shiny Chariot.
In a funny way like Diana getting caught in the act (like playing a chariot card by herself) by Akko

Those are EP levels of bad writting. You can make them not edgy without making them anticlimatic.

Maybe that work too, just give the audience a little hints of why Chariot quitting. because TV LWA proved that edgy story didnt work on LWA.

The OVAs are only good because they didn't continue. The TV series more or less shows what happened when trigger tries to "continue" the OVAs. What you imagine they could potentially be like has no bearing on how they'd actually turn out.

They rebooting it, not continued it.

They rebooted it with minor changes. Continuing the OVAs as is would have still resulted in the same problems because it would have been the same idiots making it.

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The """"edgy""" story wasn't the problem, the real issue is how it was executed.

Having Croix being involved with the muggle higher ups politicians and having Chariot not being completely innocent for the use of the Spirit Dream Fuel would have improved it.

>Just a simple way like shes getting too old to being Shiny Chariot

This could work too, but lots of kids will not understand it though, its their fault for making TVLWA rated for kids.

>Since tv version is shit,
not enough epic combats and panty shot.

I get that a lot of kids shows and movies nowadays sin of being way too "simple", but I feel that you're underestimating kids when it comes to enjoying a bit more complex matters. At most, they would find them "boring", at the least, they wouldn't mind it as long as they keep a "cool" factor around.

Also, Trigger has never stated the show was aimed at kids. The most I've see them say is that they would like to make a show that everyone can enjoy (I remember Nintama Rantaro as reference) and them as a studio they would like to avoid being dragged into just one style. Adding a bit of politics would have worked better if they knew what they actually wanted in that regard. Maybe doing a pseudo-Brexit of the sort would have been better than football hooliganism, but even the hooliganism would have been ok, if they didn't treated it so superficially. I remember people (who in retrospective I consider them either shitposters or simply ignorant) that couldn't swallow the fact the the football issue could have developed into an almost war, when there are records in real life of riots but putting everything aside, they were ignoring the fact it was Croix who was putting gas to the fire.

That said, I would personally like stuff like in ep.3, 7 or 8 where there's amount of crazy stuff or like in ep.6 which had a mystical and adventurish feel or like in ep.15, 17 and 18 for the cool scenes.

LWA S1 had a bit of everything, but like I said, the problem resides on how it was structured which as result, it showed the issues in the execution.

>At most, they would find them "boring", at the least, they wouldn't mind it as long as they keep a "cool" factor around.
And in between they would actually understand them in their own way that only a child could see.

this thread for discussion what ova should be like, not about tv shit. stop talking about tv shit or go here >

So Like we agreed since LWA TV ends, the writing is really horrible.

The issue is just with Trigger's way of writing shows. They tried to have an overarching story in the background but actually admitted to just coming up with shit as they went. Just small arcs like the Samhain festival interspersed with episodic adventures seem to be the best way to go I think. They bit off more than they could chew with the dream fuel plot.

Impossible if you want this thread to last that way unless you're specifically asking us to enter into fanfic-tier discussions. We barely have material from the OVA to discuss, unless the Chronicles have something about it.

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