How would you fix SHAFT?


replace the writers and background artists.

Give them less money.

what's there to fix?

show vagene

Top legs look so shiny and smooth
Bottom one is dry as fuck


Remove catfag director, adapt Kizu more faithfully

kizu looks like a horse shit

Remove the loli.
Add more cow tits.

I like Shaft the way it is already. Nothing is need to fix perfection.

Don't fix what ain't broken

More loli service and panties with less cloth.


get out of Sup Forums

More feet.

Pay attention to work honey.

this tbqh

>Cat shaves
Thank you based cat

Hire Yamakan

Re-write the entire fucking thing.

would delete all the waifu bait too desu

>would delete all the waifu bait too desu
You would have like 5 minutes of footage left from the entire series.

get out of Sup Forums

I don't know how the director got away with altering Kizu so heavily. He seriously ruined the pacing and flow of what is otherwise a perfect novel. Goddamn him.

She was perfect before this fucking atrocity

Give them KyoAni's Instagram filters.

I'd replace it with actual characters who arent female or human to stunt fap material.

>americans are on lunch break

I would think of Hanekawa as the kind of girl who doesn't shave and has a massive bush that peeks from the side of her panties.

there's nothing to fix

you'd still be jacking off, just to traps


It's not the directors fault at all, he would have been told to make 3 movies for maximum profit.

That would make them worse.

Remove Aniplex

Instead of money give them drugs.

Reminder that there will be nipples in the BDs.

they did that and we got madoka

Suddenly very glad I haven't watched the movies yet.

Teach them how to draw more than 1 style of panties.

It's a symbol that represents how boring is Hanekawa.

more birb

Kanbaru x Ragi doing cute things with eachother full season sol

More pretty colors.

More of STRONGEST and BEST girl of course.

Nothing wrong with SHAFT. Any studio that can keep my attention through several minutes of characters standing around doing nothing but chatting (but can still bust out the action when they feel like) has my confidence.

Cat is perfection!!

t. homosex

Movie vs series. Difference is in the budget.

Let me tell you about the birbs and the bees.

Less lacy panties. More stripy and cute animal face print.

What do you mean?
I can't see anything wrong here.
SHAFT is as fantastic as always.

have them finish szs

There is only one thing SHAFT can do better.

Fewer girls, more cute boys.

t. retard

Remake Medaka Box, start to finish.

The Gainax version was shit and Medaka Box > monogatari


Season 2.

Honestly this.


die fag

It's already got too many boys. RRRG should be female.

>Can madoka
>Can gatari
>finish hidamari when possible
>finish szs (what the fuck come on shaft)
>soredemo s2
>more original projects

Is there more material for a second season? I loved it.

Remove Hanekawa.
Accept that Gahara is washed up and stop giving her parts preferential treatment at the cost of all the other girls.

>Accept that Gahara is washed up and stop giving her parts preferential treatment at the cost of all the other girls.

Is she even popular in Japan?

>tfw no season 2
I thought I was the only one who still remembers SoreMachi.

I remember she came in 3rd for the Madogatari poll. It's also a fact that almost all of her lines make it into the anime- and her date scene in Owari 2 was even extended- while all the other characters get their lines cut left and right.

Moar pantsu

Assuming it ran for ten years, with a chapter every month, and an episode using up three chapters nets us some forty potential episodes.

Well she's his gf so that's why she gets preferential treatment, desu she is absent awfully often considering that. I think the bigger issue is that nobody likes her to begin with.

the realest opinion in this thread

i-it can't be worse than Berserk 2016 right?

Sure but Megumi Ogata and Nana Mizuki stay

Force them to make an extremely conventional and straightforward story with a classically inspired artstyle.

die teen

Is it bad I cannot tell which one wears these?

the BDs already released, how else would you see the movie?

We were teens back in 2011, now not so much.

I was 21 back in 2011...

and still enough of a newfag to end your sentences withellipses

There is literally nothing wrong with ellipses.

>pic unrelated

There is no nipples. The genga were drawn with nipples for reference for how titties can bounce. Clothes are drawn over it,