Kimetsu no yaiba 92 korean scans

What's got Nezuko so sad?



fug I missed the thread again
I managed to save it as png under 4 mb though. Also, you forgot a star at the beginning










everyone died: the chapter



daki and her bro are going to have a story that parallels tanjiro and nezuko's





Tanjiro looking manly af in that last panel




watch him break his sword again

>yfw nii-san only protec and not give dick

thank you for dumping

because she's just a pet and not a relevant character

Holy shit this chapter

I want everyone to live, both the hunters and the demons, is that too much to ask ;_;

honestly want daki and gyuu to be recurring somehow

There was no way the upper moons were ever dying here

So is Inosuke poisoned too now?

I think he has bigger worries than some poison

Here's some pictures from the official twitter. A bookmark that comes with the next Jump GIGA


Holy shit, this fucking chapter.
Here, digital version.

another angle



Best battle shonen right now
Thanks you based OP

>I want everyone to live, both the hunters and the demons
Fuck that shit m8
Demons need to be purged

Alright guys, I will do this chapter goddammit, I'm not flaking after missing it twice already

But I've got my hands full with a lot of stuff right now. It may be some hours

I’m going to Super PUSH Kimetsu no Yaiba!

I know, user, you are right

But can I at least hug them before decpitating them?

What asspull can save them now?

Is Kimetsu no Yaiba the Toriko of WSJ?

Pillar cavalry. Demon tissue transplantation. Dawn.

Praying to kami-sama.

If Tanjirou cut Daki's pimp head is over
The mantis guy is the true body of the demon

Upper moon are fucking assholes
No pity for them

Not really because KnY is actually good.

Sure doesn't seem like that's happening anytime soon

What the fuck is this chapter
like 2 months stuck in this fight and the demon offscreens everyone

If Tanjirou cut Gyuutarou's head is over.
Th mantis guy is the real demon.
Daki is just a fake upper moon six

Uzui is still fucking dead, and Inosuke will need an asspull to survive.

Toriko was the Toriko of WSJ.

Crocodile is building up to something with Nezuko again. That flashback ain't for nothing.

I didn't saw the thread for chap 91, how the Pillar guy died?

Check the archive

Or Shinobu just arrives to detoxificate Inosuke and Uzui.


Can someone upload c91 on Batoto?

Again, check the thread. There's even a missing line.

naa daki isnt fake. shes eaten 7 pillars as Muzan and Gyutaro said

yeah you can cure the poison, but inosuke still has a hole in his chest and Uzui lost an arm

bump for translation

KnY's mangaka is a literal who, while Toriko's mangaka is Oda's personal cocksleeve.

Just caught up with this in two days after never having heard of it. What went right? Who the fuck is the author? Why is Nezuko so fugable.

>believing the mangaka is not getting gangraped by the editors.

Well shit. Didn't see that coming.

>sister has her head attached
Hard to see this ending well without more pillars coming to help.


>Who the fuck is the author?
A cute crocodile.

>Who the fuck is the author?
Koyoharu Gotouge
A woman.

she's going to be the main character when everyone else dies


Who is your favorite character? Mine is Inosuke.

Inosuke is obviously best boy. I like everyone except maybe Tomioka.

It's so hard to decide, all kimetsus are love, but Inosuke has a special place in my heart.

Everyone hates tomioka though. Shinobu said so.

Okay, let's get this going

The chapter title is bunch of different ways to insult someone's intelligence, something like "Stupid idiot retard", but I don't really know what would make for a good title


>First, I'll take the head and run away!
>You guys go help the old man!

>Got it!
>Be careful, Inosuke

>You rotten boar!
>Let me go!


>Gwahahaha! Your attack is no good!
>Though you don't die, if your vital throat is cut, you become weak, gwahahahaha


Uzui really grew on me, but he's probably fucking dead so


>Inosuke! Inosuke! The deadly poison...!
>He's wounded! Did he stab him through the heart!? It's dark, so I can't see...! Damn it! Damn it!

>Why is that guy here...
>Uzui-san is...


>Tanjirou, watch out!


>Damn it!

>Don't worry about me, Zenitsu!


>I'm sorry everyone... Nezuko...

>Don't apologize, brother
>Why are you always apologizing?

>Are we unhappy if we're poor?
>Are we pitiful if we can't wear pretty clothes?

>Is that someone's fault?
>Our father passing away from sickness is a bad thing, but it's just the same

>You worked hard to do everything in your power, but there was nothing you could do
>Because you're only human... You can't do just anything you want

>You choose whether you're happy or not for yourself
>What matters is "now". Let's look forward, stick together and keep fighting

>Please don't apologize
>If you do, I'll know
>My heart will know


>A dream of the past...?
>Huh? Here... I was...

>What's this, you're still alive
>You're one lucky guy, man

>Though you can't claim to have anything besides your good luck, man

>Seems like everyone but you got swallowed up

>The boar was pierced through the heart

>Yellow hair is crushed under the roof and left to die a painful death
>Disgracefully wriggling like a bug

>Even the pillar was weak despite his good spirit
>The poison has taken hold and stopped his heart to kill him. It's Namu Amida Butsu for him
TL note: Namu Amida Butsu means RIP in pieces

>It's ugly, so very ugly. You're all really ugly
>And especially you in particular

Wait wait wait, did they really die????

What the fuck.

How do gooks say Namu Amida Butsu?

>It's your own flesh and blood that's sticking out of that box you carry, isn't it? I can see. Even after becoming a demon, blood makes you close
>What is she, you older sister? Younger?

>Why isn't he killing me? Why...?
>My arm is numb. I'm not able to go after his throat right now

>... She's my younger sister

>Hihihi! Is that so
>Of course it is
>What a disgraceful sight, you utterly failed to protect your own sister!

This is not ok. This whole chapter is not ok. This had better be some kind of Ninja art or hallucination.

Oh no

>You can't do anything. Because you're just a human, and your sister is a demon

>You're even weaker than your demon sister
>What a disgrace!

>The big brother isn't supposed to be protected by the little sister, you're supposed to protect her with this hand

>Haha, now how are you feeling?
>You alone disgracefully surviving
>Your reliable lifeline of a sister has nearly exhausted all of her strength

Inosuke is in all the merchandise, you can't just kill him now like this ;_;

Fun while it lasted.

>Stupid retard
>You can't even help anyone
>Why were you even born

>What are you gonna do? With that weak and ragged
>Ugly human body
>Cut off my head now, go on, do it!




>Hihihihi! That's right, that's right
>You got discouraged at the last moment
>Disgraceful, truly disgraceful!

>It's disgraceful, but I don't hate it
>Because I like dirty, ugly, filthy things

>Like that dirty scar on your face!
>It's a nice engrossing scar