Shinji would have been a good vilian if he only ___

Shinji would have been a good vilian if he only ___.

was able to cast spells without a grimoire

He literally didn't do anything wrong. He's just a victim of the circumstances.


Zouken was a bad influence. And Sakura was too submissive because she wanted the dick. Do not forget that she's a thirsty slut.

Why do characters with the name Shinji tend to be such losers? Even the Kamen Rider named Shinji was pathetic.

Raped the entire female cast including servants

>And Sakura was too submissive because she wanted the dick.
she's a pure girl

Uh, he is a good villain.

he had been in Fate/Zero

What does shinji means?

He had one whole flashback episode.

>Basically it describe any main character in anime that meek, weak, and cowardly. Basically the virgin.

Marine worm. A bottom feeder.


got in the fucking robot

Shinji...I don't get why he gets all the hate on /jp/. FSN is just written to make him out as the bad guy, when really he's no worse than any of the 'protagonists' and a better person than most of them.

What are the main complaints? He raped Sakura and stole Rider to use in the war?

Okay, let's get this straight. He never fucking raped Sakura. He never did it. He never did it. He never did it. He never did it. He fucked Sakura.

Let me ask you this. WHO IN THE GAME DIDN'T FUCK SAKURA? You can't even name one fucking character who hasn't plugged her loose cunt! She is the kind of bitch who will act like she doesn't want it when she really does. She'll say No! while having multiple orgasms. Shinji knew this, he's a fucking ladies man. He knows what filthy whores like Sakura want.

And there's this other big bitch you guys have with him. He supposedly stole Rider and used her in the war for his own greed.

Objection! He was worried about his one and only precious sister. Is keeping your loved ones from a brutal war so wrong? When Shirou does the same thing to Saber it's like 'oh he's so manly', but when Shinji does it it's wrong? He just wanted to protect Sakura. He probably was going to use his Holy Grail wish to tighten her cunt back up or cure her syphilis or something.

The story was written to make that faggot Shirou look good. Objectively, Shinji is a far better character than Shirou. At least he has the balls to take action decisively instead of dicking around like Shirou, and if he weren't stuck with the weak ass servant Rider and no plothax he probably would have won the war.

He literally did nothing wrong

>try to melt your school

You need to post the image with it baka

He's literally /ourguy/

Didn't have to compete with Rin over the alliance with Protagonist-kun of OP powers

rape your sister, turn your schoolmates into mana, abuse your underlings, kill your old friend
I know, Shinji was a good boy and dindu nuffin

Not fat or stoned enough though.

Like you wouldn't trash your school if you were a wizard back then.

I would have fucked sakua too

People who browse Sup Forums get stoned?

Just look at the catalog and tell me half those people aren't high as fuck.

If i was in Shinji's shoes i would have played whole lot differently, he was weak as shit and his only chance of winning was to wait for there to be 3 people left and do cowardly sneak attack with full power (special beam cannon style)
Heres my plan if i ever had the displeasure of being Shinji in FS/N
>Tell Zouken i need his fucking help if we are to have any god damn chance of winning the fight for the holy grail
>Lay low and order Rider to gather intel in secret
> Use Rider as a distraction while Zouken orders Assassin to take out the Master, have Sakura control Rider and try to get Command spells so i can have a spare Servant so we can triple team someone
>Tell Sakura she can keep Protagonist-kun as her pet if she plays along and promise we will not kill Prot-kun
>Follow Zoukens lead and let him have the fucking wish (only chance Shinji has of living is to be the underdog and follow Zouken around)
>Zouken gets the grail and wish, Sakura gets Prot-kun as a pet and Shinji gets to keep his head (maybe Rin as a pet if he is lucky)
Seriously Shinji was dealt a shit hand from the get go

Sure, the guy who is a big coward and doesn't give a fuck about his sister is a better character than the one who has PTSD, doesn't back down from a fight and risks his own mind and body to save Sakura and protect Illya, of course.

Lets not forget that Shinji would never fight against Kotomine in a manly fist fight, that fact alone makes him inferior to all the other characters.

If you like the character, go ahead, I don't have a problem with that since everybody has different opinions, but no way in hell that Shinji os a good character.