How would people react if this was announced?

How would people react if this was announced?

I want to touch Holo’s fluffy wolf tail.

Touch fluffy tail

It would out hype Violet evergarden 5x.

Spice & wolf has probably one of the most dedicated yet still for someone reason underestimated fanbases. The fact that giant brown book did so well and the fact that there is only an English version of it. Is enough proof of how big a deal S&W is in the west.

Realistically, no one would care. It's an old meme show the majority of the current userbase has no connection with other than some gifs. It would have a sporadic general that never hit the bump limit, and by midway through the next season, the only remnants of it would be occasional mentions in GOTY threads and some autistic guy determined to post the same picture of Horo every day.


>giant brown book
May I ask to what book you are referring?

We're more than likely to get a Wolf and Parchment anime than a Spice and Wolf continuation.

>old meme show

Stop this.

Is it even popular, or good?
I'm haven't finished the original novels yet

My tail would wag

I would be very happy and puffy.

Have you been living under a rock?
This was a big deal last year.

Fuck off with this furfag shit.

Is this show any good? I watched the first episode a couple years ago and found it barely "meh".
Also, furry stuff makes me cringe. Should I still watch?

I always found the first season kinda slow and second one more eventful, though people like the first one better for some reason
Also you have a twisted mind if this makes you think of furries

What Is that and can i buy it on amazon?

>furry stuff makes me cringe
It's not furry though.

>protagonist fucks a giant wolf that disguises itself as a cute girl


Yeah, for $200.

I liked it, but it isn't trying to be for everyone.

If all 19 books are there sounds like a good deal 2bh

Is that the first run or the second print ?

I wish it was first edition.
But unfortunately I got fucked over by Amazon

Mild excitement followed by apathy among most who weren't already fans.
See: Rozen Maiden.

Yeah I remember when it was released, a lot of people got promised orders and never received them. As well as them being damaged in transit.
I was a poorfag at the time so I couldn't buy it.

Yes but Spice and Wolf was actually good show.

I've already read it twice and concluded no studio would be able to accurately adapt it into a single 2-cour season.
So I couldn't care less.

How is Wolf and Parchment?

I think the VAs and sound designers are still active, so it's not like it's impossible for it to happen. Even though it could probably get crowdfunded immediately, they'll never make it.

I saw the Spice & Wolf author at Playstation Experience.

But I had no idea he was going to be there, so I just asked him to sign the two VNs cards he worked on. Would have been cool to have him sign a copy of the S&W Anniversary book

Really good, more so if you've read the previous series to the end.

>being this retarded

I could just smell the fucking MAL and reddit hype threads from here if that shit was announced

So lucky

>What was he like?

Unnecessary, but cute.

pursue the taxes

Most people on Sup Forums haven't even watched spice and wolf.

I love my signed first edition :)

Please go back to MAL.

Pics or didn't happen.

>a-am I doing it right Sup Forums?

Wish I could've got this. I was too poor at the time, though.

I suppose the clutter of having all 19 books on my weeb shelf might be for the best, though.

Don't even try to damage control, you clearly don't belong here.

i don't give a fuck, didn't even finished season 1

>giant brown book that came damaged and smeared with ink

If this thread is still up whe i get home I'll post it.

>implying I am a gay buyfag
>implying I was wrong
>implying damage control on anonymous chinese cartoon imageboard

Just another day on Sup Forums.
Good thread.

I forgot this existed.

>Meme show
Get this neo Sup Forums fag out of here.

I have first print number 21 and 22, cost me fucking over a thousand dollars.

First step is still completely fine. No one ever batted an eye when it was just ears and tail

second step is pretty furry imo
skin completely covered with fur, what else do you need

One does not need to be a buyfag to know about S&W's anniversary tome. In fact, if you weren't such an obnoxious self-entitled newfag, you'd have seen one of the hundred threads we had during and prior to its release. Even shitddit had a bunch of threads.
The fact that you also asks for source instead of doing a simple google search and expect 19 volumes to be included in an anthology released before the announcement of volume 18 makes me wonder how dense can someone actually be.
See and stay there.

Picture proof

>100 word diatribe explaining your autistic outburst that you think was initially directed at me

who's the silly man now?

In his defense there were threads for the good portion of two months at minimum.

clearly fake, it just looks like a bunch of gibberish

Reddit spacing

I'm coming to rob you tonight.

tell that to the people he quoted, like I said I'm not a buyfag and don't care either way, I was pointing out some candyass who thought people gave a shit whether about his MAL radar

If you want the wood burned box it may be possible to get. It was from a guy on etsy named grahm cracker crafts, but he went into a deep depression and took down his page. I could always email him and see if he is alive and willing user.

>what is a webconsole
Seriously, stop embarrassing yourself.

My bad, you're clearly from reddit. Sorry if I offended some MAL newfags out there.