Shingeki no Kyojin

Did Marley deserve this GRIM reminder ? In my opinion clearly not. Especially the Eldians living in the internment zone, they are the true losers of this manga. Marley fucked them over, followed by ragetard fucking them over albeit involuntarily. Eren, by acting like a retard, proved Willy right. Eldians are out for blood and they won't stop until everyone is dead

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But Willy literally declared a genocidal war on Eren and Paradis Island and the world's ambassadors agreed. Then Eren hopped onto action. And then BRA did kill half of Paradis Island to begin with just a few years ago. And Marley is invading for the natural resources.

Honestly Eren should just use ground level now. No reason not to.

Are they planning to attack Paradis ?

You're a faggot.
They fucked up the second they attacked the wall.

Also no one is really right or wrong, each side has valid justification.

>Lol ur violent so I'm going to treat you like a slave, if you lash out at me then u prove me right
5 years old logic

They should've stayed quiet living under oppression or better... Talk things out

Reminder that Historia is at home pregnant with an heir or has already given birth to one.

>Did Marley deserve this GRIM reminder ?
>Especially the Eldians living in the internment zone
Race traitors deserve no mercy

Man, Eren really is a sociopath. At least BRA felt bad when they massacred innocents.

Yes, they deserve everything coming to them.
Endgame right here, brothers.

did new chapter come out?

>planning attack
>with entire high command wiped out in single bellyflop
It will be shitshow. Espically if Walking Talking IED of MD is still on Paradis and not with SL group in Marley. And that's not taking into account the techological progress Paradis made in past 4 years, especially since they have Marleyian ships to reverse engineer



He truly is the Zyzz Titan

Titan food, 10m classes will destroy them.

Connie had one fucking job and he failed at it, it was literally the easiest job of them all

Connie, and Sasha for that matter, are a complete waste of space.

wh what job?

He did his job perfectly, it's not his fault that Pieck is perceptive as shit and knew something was amish.

Keep the shifters trapped. Not that it matters, I can see Zeke just straight up murder them

What was he supposed to do once the Panzer Corps guys showed up? Kill them?

Fuck Marley

Yes but ummmmm guys...... whereas ZEKE?!?

What if Paradis discovered how to turn titan back into people and they are getting more information from them? I think Annie wouldn't give any information knowing her father is there


>Warhammer Titan asks you this
What would you respond?


I don't understand, has eren gone rogue or something like that?


>When you order Human and Broccoli and they served you Human with Snow Peas

>Grisha did nothing wrong.

I fucked your wife

Looks like it
>Eren wants to go do a GRIM REMINDER
>SL tells him to fuck off
>Eren goes anyway
>SL sends a group to make sure he doesn't bite the sandal

>eren pls come home

Seems like Eren had enough of waiting and just left on his own, forcing Mikasa and the others to go after him to bring him back.

No, because he said MIKASA! NOW!
He was probably the only one there for a year or two.

Where is manlet?

Probably on Paradis, if this was indeed just mission to bring Eren back

Except Attack titan looks ugly.


>MC says "Eren, no!"
>Eren goes anyway

>t. Zeke

>Mikasa cut her hair to look tomboyish
>Armin has grown his out extremely long to look girly

When do we get to the time travel plotline?

I feel perhaps he did go rogue to a degree, but part of SL and friends maybe were like "fine.. we'll help, just let us know when and what." since clearly there was some coordinated effort

Be vewwy vewwy quiet.
Levi is hunting Beast Titans

More like
>They will never leave us alone. We will always be monsters to them. No matter if they're good people or not, we can never coexist

>Zeke sees Eren
>"Oh shit, Manlet is probably here too"
>"Hasta la vista Marley"

He will be back.

>both Zofia and Udo checked themselves into the Smackdown Hotel

Sure. Ymir too.

That looks like Dwayne Johnson with hair.

And Gabi is about to follow them, as far the Law of Parallels is concerned

My hopes for next chapter:
Armin bombs
Zeke mans up, beast titans and kills people
Levi or Mikasa kills Reiner or eat him

Reiner and Falco are save, he made a armored bubble. Air is running out soon though.

S4 is going to be nuts.

Hopefully soon.

There is none. There is only P A T H S.

when S3? july?


Shit isn’t fun anymore when your side is losing

Think of all the battles her and her friends went through, and now she’s the only one left

>Armoured Mikasa
Pls be sexy

Zeke 100% sided with Eren

My favorite part of this chapter. Eren looks the coolest


Shit just got real yo. ist waking in thes noob senpai. whats up ishiyama meeen
mikasa is hot bro

Nah, next issue we'll see Reiner holding poor Falco's crushed body.
Then he'll shift and suicide by Eren

Is she okay?

She cant transform

>And Marley is invading for the natural resources.
Not only that. They also (at least originally) wanted the Founding Titan in order to try to maintain titan-based military dominance for a little while longer.

She's have Eldian devil tho

Translator was in the reddit thread and said that was an error. It's actually something like "It'll be more efficient to not need to go to the island"

Where's the fucking chapter?!




Fucking hell can no one use Google or a fucking Bing in this thread?

I guess Paradis lost now.
After all, if you kill your enemies they win.

>Liberio is under attack
>Suddenly hundreds of explosions can be heard and seen
>Zeke appears with a whole army of titans
>Zeke:"I pumped my spinal cord liquid in the water supply of Liberio for days,and this is my army"
>Armin appears
>Zeke then throws barrels full of people inside
>People inside of the barrels shifts in mid air and land on Armin
>Manlet appears
>Zeke says "This time I ain't throwing rocks"
I man can dream.

Thank you daddy

Eren's back on the menu, boys.

Good translation when?

>Royal blood in the water is turning the titans gay !

The absolute state of Reiner and the warrior children.

wiping out the marleyan high command was part of the plan though. now he seems to have full control of the military as planned

>tfw grim reminder ended too soon

of course they are...

This is perfect. Marleycuck are crying their asses out

But lad, it's only begun!

The way I see it:
>Eren is allied with SL
>Zeke can help SL as long as SL don't hurt him, they must have some kind of deal but I'm sure SL is against him anyway, but Eren told them that he needs him

She's a Ackerman tho


go away eldian subhuman scum

would be dope

I swear to fucking god if Armin found a new way to kill titans without having to face them,Isayama...


I just hope I am wrong and Walking Talking IED of MD is in Marley and not on Paradis

Did Mikasa really hear him saying that?


time travel is overrated