Last episode today. Will everything be diejobu?

Didn't last episode aired like two hours ago? Subs when?

Wasn't it delayed to next week?


Become as gods

Huh, I could swear I read something like that in the previous threads.

It airs next Friday. There's no episode this week.

Stop lying.



Stop playing with my feelings!

I hope there's lots of happy Yuushas this episode!

I'm expecting lots of dead Yuushas!



Did you have a good Christmas yuusha friends? Are you ready for the saving of smiles?

Yuuna's sweaty anus.

Can corpse be happy?

Ask Gin, not Sonoko.

I don't know who I believe in anymore, but I'm ready to see ded yuushas.

That ending was trash, just exactly like season 1.

Don't worry, Gin will save everyone.

The episode is next week bakas.

Prepare to be dissapointed.

Fuck off, cultist. Why do you hate happy Yuushas and happy endings?

>the gods are able to control Yuuna's cursed body
>they make her kill Shinju to the Taisha and everyone else's shock

Can MUH NICHIJOU be protected?

Only truthful thing Yuuna said this season

We will all die together and

What ending are you seriously expecting?

I'd be fine with Yuuna becoming God in Shinju's place and giving her friends power to drive the heavenly gods back. But they'll never be able to see or interact with Yuuna directly again.


>ripping off Madoka for real this time

No, thanks. If that happens, preper for the biggest madotard invasion ever.

As long as it doesn't cop out from that conclusion like Madoka did, I wouldn't mind it.

Everyone survives and they'll form a new temporary armistice with the Heavenly Gods, but with good enough terms to keep the Shinju alive for a while longer.
Something along these lines is most realistic option because it preserves the Hero Club's normal everyday life (which is what the show is all about) and leaves room for another sequel which has already been hinted at with the Gun tower and the seeds.

What the fuck?

The Taisha were lying again and Yuuna marrying Shinju actually just makes everyone get absorbed to the inside of Shinju. They won't be able to get out and continue their lives in the world they were trying to protect, but at least they won't get slaughtered by a bunch of pissed gods now.

The end.

I'm not sure that would count as a lie, since technically they never said that wasn't what was going to happen

How is that lying? That's pretty much what they told Yuuna and the yuushabu would happen.

The Yuushabu is alive and happy. Taisha apologized giving them all the udon they can eat.

Well shit, I just rewatched the scene and they did say that was going to happen indeed. For some reason I remembered they said Yuuna marrying Shinju and sacrificing herself will make everyone into holy people who don't need to worry about the heavenly gods' threat anymore while they continue their lives.


You're too untrusting of those good and honest people from the Taisha, user.

>What ending are you seriously expecting?
A really disappointing one. S1 already showed they don't have the balls to do anything serious.

Just a shame Karin and Sonoko met with a horrible fate. They're allergic to udon now.

Might as well throw yourself to the fire


Fuu gains weight from all the udon and none of the hot guys in high school want to date her because of it, so she ends up taking Karin as a consolation prize. The end.

I'm pretty sure this won't end in the next episode, there's no way they'll be able to resolve that conflict in one normal-length episode. It will either be an incredibly rushed or unsatisfying ending, or a cliffhanger that will get resolved in a movie or a S3.

>It will either be an incredibly rushed or unsatisfying ending, or a cliffhanger that will get resolved in a movie or a S3.
>implying it won't be both

>It will either be an incredibly rushed or unsatisfying ending
It will be both and you will like it, because at least the cute yuushas are safe.

>because at least the cute yuushas are safe.
But Gin is already dead.

Next week, OP.

Gin is a handsome yuusha, not a cute yuusha.

There is a good reason why they air the episode late: Takahiro didn't want to ruin the hiliday.

Cliffhangers can be satisfying, depending on how it's done

But I like to see cute girls suffering, not safe!

Hasn't your thirst been sated already, you monster?

>Cliffhangers can be satisfying
That's the keyword here.

But I would date Fuu even if she's fat.

>none of the hot guys in high school


I like this face.

Not until at least one of them is permanently scarred

This ending better be good, we're waiting TWO weeks for it.

But what if meme magic happens and the next episode is actually one hour long?

Nah. The meme magic ran out with Taisha's Instrumentality.

It's not, it's already been confirmed to be normal length.


Mankind is fused with the Shinju, Tougou saves Yuuna, but now it's only the two of them.

>tfw no thicc fuu gf

So, The End of Evangelion except humanity won't be coming back.

They can eat all the udon in the world


The world is reborn and Yuuna/Tougou together become Izanagi and Izanami

And then we skip to the two joining Mebu on her flying golden tower.

I want one of these but the "expected" image is evangelion and "got" image is fafner.

Fuck, wrong image.

I love that design where it seems like the outfit is fused to their body so much.

>Sentinel uniform

Nice fursuit, Yuuna-chan.

Yuuki Yuuna becomes a furry when?

It's not fair that Yuuna's generation is the only one getting a good ending. Either they ressurect Gin and others or they all die. A middle ground would be a ripoff af Madoka ending.

Stop posting and get back to work, Urobichi.

Do you have wegs for other arcs?

Yuuna will be comatose.
Karin will become a dragon.
Akame ga Kill ending.

What animals would all the yuushas be?

S2 ending


I bet Karin is a bed animal.

What kind of animal is that?

A sexual animal.

I don't think I quite understand, user.

I watched the final episode that aired today on a secret website and the ending is that the heavenly gods were just coming by to congratulate Yuuna on her marriage, they get out peacefully and humanity ascends to godhood after Yuuna marries Shinju.

Ask Fuu.


haha yuuna is flat

Would you marry Shinju?

No, marriage is a scam.