The only criticism people can come up with is

>it was directed by miura so its baaaad

It's been over two years and I've still not seen a single valid criticism against this FSN adaption that I can't immediately dismiss as coming from a lack of understanding.

Fate doesn't have even remotely well written characters. And 40 hour explanations on how magic "works" consistent of 30 hour recaps isn't my thing either. Now you throw piss poor production values in the mix and you have yourself the Fate fanbase

Fate is basically Marvel. The reason the anime medium is struggling is that it lacks a DC.

Agree wholeheartedly except there's an aesthetic type moon has which stuff like Marvel lacks.

Fate is shit as a whole.

How many times have you made this exact same post

>Be Mordred
>want your daddy to love you and hate how your daddy is suffering because they chose the path of king
>want to be king to let your daddy be free and be happy
>daddy thinks you dont have what it takes
>throw an autistic rage and destroy his kingdom and lose a duel to the death with him

Was Mordred autistic?

Mordred was just a brat who didn't get what it meant to be a king.

UBW just isnt that great in general, but that is what happens when you do a multiple arc based system. Shirou vs Gil will always be dumb as fuck

the perfect arc would be one where it combines the best elements from all parts while keeping the basic structure of the Fate route

Shirou vs Kotomine
Saber vs Gil
Gil vs Berserker
Shirou and Emiya ideology arguments
Fall of the Matuo family
Sakura and Rin solving their issues
No romance

You can't expect a whole lot out of a waifu porn game

Give your best bait

Rin is best girl

Because the whole route was seen from the POV of Shirou and his constant internal monologues. The action of the anime is entirely seen from a third person view, meaning that we'll just watch this ginger idiot acting like your generic shonen protag, unable to understand his psychology and real motives.

This is why it's full of idiots thinking that Sieg and Shirou are even remotely comparable.

Ironic. Considering Arturia didn't either.

Wormslut is best girl.

Artoria is best girl.

Fate/Zero is the only Fateshit worth reading and/or watching.

I actually agree

It's the only one with proper resolution for all it's characters

>t. DEEN

Kiritsugu is manchild. F/SN kids are smarter than F/Z adults

Other than the writing being fairly lazy (applies to all Fate adaptations though)

One question though, are we supposed to understand that Shirou is just batshit insane? Or were we supposed to root for him to defeat Archer for his ideals or some bullshit?

Only if you're a normalfaggot and didn't read the VN instead for delicious Tohsaka butt sex and the equally delicious narration of said butt sex scene.

Apocrypha was better.

Red = Purple = Saber

Fate Zero is the worst entry of the franchise because it's the pinnacle of TM's medium had produced that the rest of the franchise are lackluster and misleading. Fate/SN UBW doesn't live to it's hyped as a sequel, It's main theme couldn't saved the show from characters who pretended to be idealistic yet in the end of the day theyre all bunch of teenagers.
On the other hand Fate/Z alternate timeline, Fate/Apoc was more enjoyable from the previous series. Bunch of servants waging war outside Japan. It's almost perfect however an irrelevant character was pushed out into the spotlight and was given to be the main character. Tho it's main character was less annoying than the f/sn.

Fate Zero was good because it actually met the expectations of what a Fate series should be: legendary heroes teaming up with mages and fighting.

UBW was shit because it didn't have that: it focussed too much on relationships between Shirou and Rin/Saber and in the end turned into a stupid good vs. evil battle.

This post is so full of retarded ideas, spelling, and grammar I can't tell if it's bait or just typical bullshit from someone who doesn't like Zero

>Other than the writing being fairly lazy (applies to all Fate adaptations though)


>expectations of what a Fate series should be
Wouldn't the expectations of what a Fate series should be have been set in FSN in the first place?

The animation gives a massive boner, so I don't care about anything else.

Sieg was actually modelled from Shirou without his ideals and most of his teenage puberty like trait. So It's not possible to compare them

I guess if you're judging from the first in the series, yes. If you read an abstract of what Fate is about however, the main attraction is the Holy Grail War and the heroes summoned.

What about Shirou being a hero for Kiritsugu, Zouken torturing Sakura, and Saber killing Gil?

>discussing nu-fate

People who get introduced to the series aren't told "hey, this is going to be about the psychological issues of an autist who wants to be a superhero", but "hey, this has mages who summon mythological figures to fight each other".

It's really the fanbase itself that sets the expectations of what Fate should be.

Fate was never about the Servants.

Fun fact, the first volume of Apocrypha was published five years ago today.

>people actually fall for the bait even though it's explicitly bait

Sounds like a problem on your end

Back when /fate/ on wakachan and Sup Forums would discuss Apocrypha, CCC, Mahoyo and Fate/Zero.

>"hey, this has mages who summon mythological figures to fight each other".
>"hey, this is going to be about the psychological issues of an autist who wants to be a superhero"

Why not both?

If you're underage, you root for him. Mature readers understand he's full of bullshit and root for his HF self instead.

In the interest of not creating a gigantic blog post I think I'll just leave it at that events just unfold because it's convenient to advance the plot.

Kirei is written to be a pretty mischievous guy who does some pretty bad stuff, he's always up to something and has shit up his ass. In UBW however he hardly does shit and somehow gets killed by Lancer in the saddest way possible. Would it have been that much harder to write something a little more interesting than that given the kind of person Kirei was? that would've taken longer to write

I seriously thought I was being fucked with at that point.

Can I just say that "nu-X" memes are becoming cancer. Not just on Sup Forums, all boards.
Especially because a lot of people still remember "nu-metal" with a great cringey "fuck I wish I never remembered that". It's weak memery for newfaggots.

>replied to bait with ironic post
>look you're trolololed!

>Fate was never about the servants
>People literally spending hundreds of dollars on gatcha shit to get servants in christmas outfits and bikinis

I feel as though those are mutually exclusive

If my future self came into my house and proved indeed who he was and told me if I kept going down the path I was going and I was going to hurt a lot of people for nothing in the process, I feel as though only an insane person would begin to fight against that without reason

>Hipsters self-righteously believe he's full of bullshit and root for his HF self instead.

Fixed that for you.

Fate was never about masters summoning servants for a battle for the holy grail.

Except Emiya saved a lot of people? He died without regrets. His anger comes from being a Counter Guardian, eternally doomed to kill people forever.

>Random scenes with no dialog that you only get if you read the VN

HF is the true ending, though.

Exactrly. Shirou isn't going to become a Counter Guardian. AKA he learned from his future self mistakes.

I meant that a lot of people think that Shirou is just as shit and dull as Siegshit. Which is retarded.

Did you know that UBW is no the entirety of F/SN and other routes exist, right? Kirei has a way bigger role in the other two routes, that's why in UBW he gets overshadowed by other characters.

It's the true ending in that it the end. The actual end. No more routes. It was the final unlockable route and therefore if you get the True Ending, you got everything.

Did you play Fate/stay night or only watch the anime? The game has three stories and each focus on different characters.

Fate route is Saber, Rin, Shinji, Rider, Illya, Kotomine and Gil.

UBW route is Saber, Rin, Archer, Caster, Kuzuki, Assassin and Gil.

HF route is Saber, Rin, Sakura, Shinji, Rider, Zouken, True Assassin, Kotomine, and Illya.

Fate/Zero is the prequel that provides backstory for all three. Saber, Gil and Iskander's story for Fate route and everyone else for HF.

They are both just autists.

>A: Hey dude, you go on saving people, just don't become a Counter Guardian.
>S: Why not?
>A: You'll kill more innocent people than you'll save.
>S: ok

That wasn't so hard, now was it?

I'm aware he plays different roles in different routes I just cherrypicked part of the story I felt was lazily written.

I didn't say it was bad or not entertaining there were just points where the writing was kinda phoned in.

I thought he defeated archer full well knowing that fate awaited him?

see get it? FATE/stay night

Well in Emiya's case, whether Shirou becomes a Counter Guardian or not is irrelevant. He's a Counter Guardian forever. He claims that he was hoping that killing his past self would cause enough of a paradox to erase himself form the Throne of Heroes, but he also knew that this had an extremely small chance of happening. He really just wanted to vent.

The one thing he didn't count on was Shirou actually convincing him that he's the one who's wrong here.

Redman is an manchild throwing a fit because his afterlife sucked, cut him some slack

That's because Caster, Archer and Gil were the main antagonists for UBW.

Go play Fate or HF if you want Kotomine (and/or Zouken) as the final boss. It seems to be what you are after.

Didn't he become a Counter Guardian because he was so upset with the fact that killing people for the greater good wasn't working out so great for him in the first place?

user, becoming a Counter Guardian is a conscious decision. You can't become a Guardian without agreeing to it beforehand. He won't become a Guardian here.

>this thread right now
We have winner.

Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai are DC
Fate is Marvel

Who was better, Archer in UBW or Kotomine in HF?

Tsukihime is Marvel too.
Tsukihime was mainstream in 2000.

No. He became a Counter Guardian when he was trying to stop a nuclear reactor from going nuclear. He expended everything he had in order to get that far, but once he reached the core, he realized that there was nothing he could do to stop the ensuing fallout. It was at that point that the world, believing Shirou would be an ideal Guardian, asked him if he wanted to make a deal. In exchange for the power to save everyone at that moment, he would give up his eternal afterlife to being the world's Guardian. He said yes. At the time, he believed that it wasn't a bad deal; he'd get to save everyone now, and then he'd get to keep saving people forever after he died. But reality wasn't so kind; a Counter Guardian is nothing more than a glorified janitor. A mindless slave who shows up after the shit's already hit the fan and has to clean things up, usually by killing everyone in the vicinity. He kills, and kills, and kills, and kills. Forever, for eternity, with absolutely no way out.

If that's the case why was Archer so hellbent of stopping Shirou?

I take that over 3 routes of shitty battle royale that was already covered in one route.
And even so UBW and HF have plenty of action.

He was hedging all his bets on the possibility that maybe, just maybe, if he killed his past self, the ensuing paradox would be enough to erase himself from the Throne of Heroes. However, he also admits that there's an infinitely small chance of this happening.

Basically, he's venting his frustrations.

All of Nasuverse is Marvel. I await the day anime gets its version of Infinity War.

Fate GO is type moon's infinity war
DC is mainstream too

This is right.
Only DDD is outside of popularity.

When did you get tired of the grail wars?

This makes no sense

objectively true

it's because it has actual characters instead of an array of the worst anime stereotypes (autism MC worst of all) doing retarded shit for 24 episodes

>Fate GO is type moon's infinity war

But the anime barely gets any buzz.

We need a 2 hour movie of FSN and Tsukihime characters teaming up to fight the big bad.

Who would it be?

Just wait for the inevitable adaptation after Extra

DDD isn't really a normal TYPE-MOON product. It's not really mainstream, got no real advertisement, and it was really just something that Nasu did because he felt like it.

ORT/Types, True Demons, Amaterasu

...okay so that means that Shirou WON'T make the conscious decision to become Archer in this new timeline? If the issue was continuity of events wouldn't it suffice to alter Shirou's perception of right and wrong? The vibe I was getting is that Shirou was [FATED] to end up as a mindless killing machine through his ideals

Give me Nasuverse's Civil War so we can finally see if Shiki can kill servants

>it's because it has actual characters instead of an array of the worst anime stereotypes (autism MC worst of all) doing retarded shit for 24 episodes

Play Heaven's Feel route

Fair enough that makes things clearer

>people think that Shirou is just as shit and dull as Siegshit.
Prove it wrong.

The actual answer is that UBW Shiro won't likely become Archer because he has Rin to keep him in check. Even if he still upholds his ideals.

>we can finally see if Shiki can kill servants
This question was answered six years ago

how was the first movie?

why didn't they fugg in the show?

You can't show lewd things on tv!

Shirou doesn't become Archer in any of the routes.

In Fate, after convincing Saber that it's wrong for her to sacrifice her afterlife to redo the selection of the king, it'd be a massive hypocrisy for him to do the exact same thing. In Unlimited Blade Works, he has Rin by his side to stop him from doing anything retarded. In Heaven's Feel, he doesn't become a seigi no mikata so it's moot, though if anything were to happen to Sakura, it's still possible.

All these Shirous have something that Archer didn't: someone to support them. Archer was alone. He apparently had a lover, but she didn't really understand him so things didn't work out for him. Everyone he came to meet and trust ended up betraying him.

If before Emiya got his memories back the only person he could remember was Saber, why didnt UBW dive more into that.

Obviously it implies Saber is the most important person to Emiya, and I don't mean in a romance sense. More of a Alexander and Waver sense

Emiya remembered everything by morning. He just lied and said he still didn't remember.

The point still stands, even in his timeline he had been summoned so much as a guardian over hundreds of years and conflicts that he forgot about everyone besides Saber

Digits speak the truth.

Well that kinda makes Archer a little selfish. I mean you have this guy banging these hot girls living a life where he's not going to become an asshole and Archer wants to waste him on the off chance he gets to die himself?

Selfish man.