Middle ages Housewifes and Anime

In my opinion this is a pretty large audience that is aware of and watched anime back in the days.

It's kind of a Japan, Latin America and Europe thing.
Back when Housewifes were more common, what would they do? Watch soap operas, yes. But, really, they would watch cartoons too. Western cartoons often might be too silly and what not.
But old school, family and shojo anime like World Masterpiece Theatre, Maison Ikkoku, Marmelade Boy or maybe even Sailor Moon and Detective Conan. You know THOSE kind of anime.

Not the silly Shonen anime, but I feel like they were certain type of anime, Housewifes loved to watch.

My mom loved watching Candy Candy and Heidi.
I knew of a teacher that found Little Women and Rose of Versailles really good.

Mahoro would be really popular.

so did you not read the ops post

You expect me to read something that's more than 2 lines of text?

>Detective Conan
>Not Shonen anime

Shounen is not a genre or content descriptor, kiddo.

It's a different kind. Episodic comedy would also work I guess - Sgt. Frog or Dr. Slump

someone tldr this

Just call it "(shounen) nekketsu" next time if you want to make words more distinct, as nekketsu is used to designated shounen with fighting content usually.

Okay, if you say so I ain't going to argue.

Why do you think they put cute ikemen in tokusatsu shows? Moms have to watch the same shows their kids watch a lot of the time, so they put something in there for the older ladies as well.

>My mom loved watching Candy Candy and Heidi.

>Middle ages

Are you the user that was looking for the french dub on /wsr/

I think during the middle ages, they would paint their waifu in their shields.

Shitty topic

Middle ages and middle aged are two different terms

>tfw no good historical animu

>Tfw you'll never be a househusband to a hardworking Japanese workaholic woman who'll let you catch up on your anime while you do the housework

Shoukoku no Altair

I think my ancestors were busy conquering Anatolia at that time.
But yeah one of my ancestor greatma probably done some carpet weaving of boku no pico

Housewives are still common in Japan, although nowadays it's also getting increasingly common for women to work after marriage and having kids. Lots of housewives watch anime, especially if they were the type who were into it as kids and teens. On Twitter I follow many joseimuke doujinka for 80s-90s anime series, and they are predominantly housewives in real life.