Little Witch Academia

ok we have to make this clear.
Who is the best witch in LWA?

Certainly isn't that ponyfag character.


You already posted her.

why do people associate her with fluttershy that much expect her hair she is nothing like her

It's Diana, obviously, how is this even a question?

Her design is based off of her.
How do you not know this.


You posted her

Little BITCH Academia

>Her design is based off of her.
Because her fucking hair?

I don't know who THE best witch is but I know who my best witch is.

Yeah, and everything else. Trigger is a bunch of westaboo bronies. Didn't ya know?

which witch is for a dominant, powerful master?

What is there else ?

You're just pretending to be retarded at this point.

>and everything else
like what

Everything about her you goddamn fucking moron.

You have an unhealthy obsession and need to fuck off

>sucyfags getting triggered finding out that their waifu is a clone of a pony
On suicide watch.

wow that sure convinced me

There is no competition.

The only similarities they have is hair and quietness, but even then Sucy's color palette is darker and her quietness is voluntary. They're opposite in literally everything else. Maybe you can make a case for loose inspiration but saying they're the same is retarded.

I want Chariot to kick me in the face.
Beach or bath episode showing off her muscles when, Trigger? Surely they can still draw abs lines even if they aren't allowed to draw boob lines.

One witch to best them all.

>ywn wipe knife-ears off the earth

Dwarf please.

Sorry she disappeared.

The one in OP.

[Citation Needed]
Which you'll never provide, because it doesn't exist.

Stating that is like saying Chariot's design is based on Cutey Honey just because she resembles her a bit, bit ir doesn't mean anything unless they state it themselves. So you're just saying she looks like that horse because you say so

My fucking niggas.

I havent watched this shitty series but I saw a picture of the character Diana and determined she was the best. There is no other option.

The staff of Trigger are well known to be fans of My Little Pony, they even had an easter egg of one of them in an episode. Sucy looks exactly like Fluttershy and even has a similar personality. Are you really still trying to debate this guy after all this? With all these bullets bouncing off of your head?
If you're really that curious, send them a tweet or something, because I vaguely remember them mentioning this on twitter. In the meantime you need to accept that she was inspired by a pink pony, just like how Takagi was inspired by my waifu. Oh wait my waifu is actually good.

>Sucy looks exactly like Fluttershy and even has a similar personality
No they don't you stupid fuck. see

Yeah they look exactly the same, even the eyelashes, you sound like those kids in California screaming at the air not accepting who is president.
I have shown you the path, only you can walk it.
Yes I'm a very wise mentor aniki man.

Like it's been said there can be some inspiration but saying they're similar is fucking retarded.

All of these are just assumptions without Any proof. Them being westaboos or liking western shows doesn't prove anything regarding LWA's designs, which some people wrongly label as "Disney/Western-like. LWA looks very anime in style.

It's one thing them throwing out references from those western shows or even having a inspiration for certain elements and another basing the design of a character of one of them.

It's not a debate but just one person that hates a show/character trying to force his views, as until now that user still hasn't provided anything that proves his point. And we are not the ones who shouldn't look for said proof, it's him, the one who adamantly states what he says as fact and like it's was already said, he won't find them, because it doesn't exist. Otherwise we would have found about it a long time ago.

The argument about them being westaboos only holds weight with shows like Panty and Stocking, not with LWA, despite the western show/comics/books references in the latter.

I came in this thread expecting Sucy pics but all I see is a bunch of retards talking about ponies.

It's just one faggot talking about ponies and another faggot (You) who's not reading the thread.

You're welcome to post Sucy, though.

Hmm so Diana looking like albino Sunset Shimmer is not a coincidence.