>Long black hair
>Perfect body
Why are witches allowed to be this cute?

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Witches are the only ones allowed to be that cute.


LWA is better than this garbage

not one of those many people that disregard LWA as complete shit but you're getting on very thin ice there

That show healed my cancer. Season 2 when?

Chinatsu is a best

Chinatsu a cute

If your plan was to make LWA and its fans look even worse you succeeded.

I think Anzu is the most attractive witch.

literally perfect

This guy knows

Someone post the webm of her riding the broom. You know which one I'm talking about.

Her mother is still good to go too.


2019 earliest, not enough manga yet. Unless they go anime original, which actually wasn't a bad idea seeing how great the last episodes were.

I sure do hope it comes out at all user, seeing as japs weren't all that hot for season 1. To me it has to be the comfiest healing anime out there for sure.

I think user was talking about the one in which her thighs hurt.

You are weak.

pantyhose or no pantyhose?

Always pantyhose.

Lot of noise in that .png, and it's 2.54 MB too. I'm smelling some steg data hidden in there.

She's hiding a surprisingly sensual curve underneath that smugness

let me know if there is, I'll give it a crack

>Season 2 never because of that one useless prick.

Her sex appeal is apparent from a mile away.

I think Inukai is the most attractive witch
Arf borf


I'm just saying there's noise, I haven't any idea how to extract it.

I want them to sit on my face

Makoto is the pinnacle of attractiveness though.

I'm gonna marry this cute and there's nothing anyone can do to stop me

Too old.

Invite me to the wedding.

what would sex with her be like?


Is Flying Witch the pinnacle of the healing genre?

Maybe if you exclude NNB?

NNB has too much humour with exaggerated characters. Flying Witch is better healing.

Do you think she and the cousin ever experiment

Yes and she is dorky enough to agree


I like that one new witch in the manga. With the angry eyes.

Senpai witch. I can't wait for her to meet Kei and his family and have an autistic outburst

I agree with you. Character design, setting, music- it all really added up. I thought it was a surprise it wasn't as popular as expected. What a wonderful show.

Why haven't they get impaled by their vagina and burned at the stake yet?

those are tights you stupid fucks
either way, both of them are good but tights are tiny bit better

"tights" means something different in practically every country on earth, those are still pantyhose.

I don't know what these ones are called but they are very cute and I like them a lot.

>you will never live in the sticks of nippon with a dork witch wife to sit on your face all day and make you food from random shit she finds outside
It's the simple things