Chaika! Front page! All the way into 2018!

Chaika! Front page! All the way into 2018!

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I want to believe you, Chaika.
I really do.



red chaika is so sexy, why does she have the best proportions out of all the chaikas

Chaika? yes, Chaika



I wonder how she smells like.



In love. Toru with Chaika. But from different dimension. Unknown destiny!

And Chaika confessed that it has not been awarded by the deus ex machina in the boy's phone number. Please do not mind the strange area code, she immediately call him, he is overjoyed to find that you have a you too crazy girlfriend.

When Chaika talked about the day of confession to the boy before, the next day, he is to her, it looks into how you embarrassed each only. After some investigation, the boy she called, she know that she is not the same as the boy fell in love. In fact, he does not fully exist in this universe. Recognition of his conflict, it has had to enable her collision fell in love, of another world, calm self of her AU without him. SHOCKING TRUTH!

They are to be equipped with each other in the arms, it creates the need to conquer their darkest heart of alter ego, has continued to Hijinks to beat the contract that gives the most private secrets to each other. Two, while chasing each human love, they instead, fell in love with each other, began to question the love of the NATURE of KANSHA, then drama followed.



I like the filename


Because night rape. You will cum.

Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子


Threadly reminder that it has been made into a wiki, a fanfic, a fictionpress story, a manga, a meme, a TV tropes entry, an anime preview, an anime episode, an honest-to-goodness anime movie that's Oscar considered, and a critically acclaimed box office success that's the highest grossing anime film of all time and approved by Shinzo Abe and Cool Japan, so stop talking about it.

I miss when Chaikaposting was at its peak



My wife. Hands off!


When is someone going to continue the LN translation?

The show wasn't all that good, but I still wish Bones could've made a proper ending instead of rushing so much.

agreed it also had poor pacing and that the mc lacked any character depth. Could have been a really great show with just a few extra episodes.

The anime could've been much better, but at least Chaika is great.

She probably smells with her nose.

I want Chaika to sit on my face with that delicious huge butt.


I too miss it.

Chaika was good times

You have the second one with the "guard dog"?

Keit-ai kind of got out of hand...


Blue Chaika was a fucking slut.

> slut
Like it was a bad thing. It is just as normal profession as warrior or wizard. Too bad, in anime they cut almost every interesting scene with her.

I like girls with thick eyebrows

Didn't this air over 5 years ago?

Yes and?

Kinda a shame Chaika got an small amount of doujins, the best one is about shaving with Gilette.

Bumpin to the front page.
Reminder red a best.

I want them to sit on my face

> shaving with Gilette
Never knew there was such a thing. But I wouldn't mind to read it. Sounds really funny.
On a side note, I actually started to forget how bizarre some surnames were, like Kamaz or Bohdan for example.

>shaving off a glorious bush

Go for it, i forgot the name but theres only 3 pages of doujins on x-hentai doubt you will miss it.

>Didn't this air over 5 years ago?
Love for Chaika is eternal. She deserved it. Also I still need to somehow finish reading volumes 6-12 of LN to get to this sweet harem end.

I didn't even watch the show but Chaika, indeed, should be on the front page.

Oh yes i agree, on tthe front page.





Semper Chaika: Always Chaika



I want to glaze those feet


Front page


Chaika! Live forever!

Blue is better in every way.


Better at being a whore.


Mistake! Never!


excuse me what the fuck are you doing?

The only thing truly eternal in this wold is Chaika's unbelievably thick, musky pussy hair.

Chaika on the last page!

She had a hairy asshole in that doujin so it was kind of necessary. I love a nice bush myself but that's where I draw the line, especially when it's an anus so clearly made for being eaten like ice cream.

Against, or with the grain?