Devilman Crybaby

will this be released all at once?

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Just another "elitist" shit

Hope it goes better than Kemono Zume
Also original ending or I'll be mad

Well, it is Netflix

eva, ergo proxy, logh, gits aren't elitist shit

Is it a yes?

Devilman Crybaby
Batman Ninja

Netflix saved television
it's saving anime next

Castelvania anime?

to save anime it should produce Despera

Yes, in less than a week.

Castlevania is Sup Forums but they are doing good for more adult animation that is not crude sexual humour.

Why did they have to make it fujobait?

I'm sure they are data scraping the internet to build a Satoshi Kon AI Black Mirror style as we speak.

for real?

is this from devilman?


The source material has the deuteragonist canonically fall in love with the protagonist, you retard

like it was a bad thing
also original ending is very josei

Don't forget Neo Yokio.

that's a cartoon

You're going to have a fucking heart-attack when you learn what anime is

All anime are cartoon but not all cartoon are anime.


Explain how working on a revered series in fucking Netflix goes towards elitism.

anime is how japan calls cartoons
but eastern people call anime only the japanese cartoons

doesnt seem so

Absolutely not, weeaboo. Japanese people would call Neo Yokio anime without a hint of irony. They'd also call Loony Tunes anime.

I think you're confusing East with West here, and even then it's not true - look at the Korean series which get posted about here.

How so?

yeah... im dumb
i meant western people

I mean we are generally not talking about Voltron or Wakfu here even though they pretty much look like anime.

anime are just japanese stuff for us
calling an anime a korean cartoon is a mistake

What's the bet that they'll make Satan's design more masculine in this? I'd bet money that he won't have tits.

i want to succ those...

where did you get those pics?

I mean I dont have real prove but this does look more feminine than before. I also dont know why you would even assume such a thing have you seen Siren?

i bet he wont kill Akira

>Those sideburns

logh is the biggest cock enhancement of elitist weebdom.

he lost

Check out the character page and then the source code to get to the actual images.

it's just anime star wars

Why does this look so ugly? Have nips forgotten how to add shade?

Now that's just insulting.

Are you high? Literally the only skin shown on this is an arm and what could possibly be shoulders but may well be more wings. It doesn't look remotely feminine, and certainly not any more than his human design.

They wouldn't go that far, that's the climax of the series.

How new are you? Thats a style Yuasa used for every show of his. A lot of animation uses that style to be more expressive and fluid.
Suits itself very well to depict strong emotions and movements. Fucking shin chan used that style in the early 90s.
Also you have shit taste.

the plot is literally the same
same for gundam

>more expressive and fluid
Those stills still look like garbage. The animation better be top quality.

It looks great, to be honest.

>They wouldn't go that far, that's the climax of the series.
you mean it wont cover all the manga

He is a hermaphrodite of course he will have tits. Why wouldnt he? Why would Yuasa give every little creature in the show bare tits but Satan is spared? Makes no sense.

There are a lot of retards on Sup Forums who can't fathom that art quality isn't solely determined by how detailed it is

user, it may have DEEN, and IG in the credits but you damn well know nobody in-house worked on that shit. Those shit heads pushed that on koreans and embezzled Netflix's cash.

You just have shit taste thats all. Also, watch Yuasas old stuff like Kemonozume to get an idea of how much animation you will see.

is she fapping?

Look at the characters - they've been heavily redesigned, most of which clearly have the female audience in mind. Why do you think that Satan will be immune to that?

You tell me user. Seems like she is into pre-Devilman Akira.

Devilman is going to be great and I'm not really a Yuasa fan.

But that's Madhouse Yuasa. Now he'e science SARU Yuasa.

That pic already looks many times better, so why the hell do the Devilman screenshots look like they're from The Reflection? If you're going to make humans look that simplistic then at least put some effort on the backgrounds or the textures. But there's no point in arguing since you're so set on defending that shit no matter what.

In what fucking dimension is a show made by the studio that did Adventure Time anime?

Miki a cute


the girl on the left is better
but i want to see the fapping scene with sound

Have you seen Sirene? Any monster in the show like bird with tits? The fucking black sabbath where you have busty strippers and lesbians making out? At times it looks even more extreme than the OVAs. You could say the human side is more subdued and ,maybe female oriented whereas the demon side is male oriented and more wild and sexual.

I mean look at this


I want to protect her

it cant possibly be better than kemonozume

>15 seconds in we get a scene of two men in underwear embracing

all this spoilers


they rape her in the manga?

Its a different artstyle and linework, sometimes it looks rougher as if its drawn with a pencil and sometimes its cleaner and more cartoony like with Kaiba. Fucking newfags dont know shit.

But what's this chick's deal?

No, they befriend Miki and co.. They’re the delinquents who jump Miki and Akira at the beginning.


nice room

Devilman is quite gay after all.

i may have some shitty memory but i dont remember any relevant girls beside miki

who the fuck is this?

To be quite honest, I don't think she'll be that relevant.

Its acid tits girl aka Miko.

>Butt chin

Oh wow, wait yeah that makes sense.

legend of the galactic heroes is a patrician's show and gits is classic action which has some philosophy
but come on man, eva and ergo proxy are absolutely elitist pretentious shows

Honestly, my only problem with Netflix is their retarded release method.

TV series are not fucking movies. Stop releasing them like that.

GiTS was boring though, I'd rather watch Animatrix than that. Not all elitist classics age well.

>if shit looks like shit to me I'm a newfag
Stop projecting. And don't drag Kaiba to this, its visuals were on a whole another level that some cheap Netflix production can only hope to mimic.


>cheap Netflix production
Netflix isn't animating it you absolute fucking autist.

only the first ep of GitS is boring, and thats because it was written to introduce the setting and characters to the people who never watched the movie

I dont give a fuck about our hangups with Netflix, you are just a dumb newfag. You were moving the goalposts anyway. This was about the shadowless style that some shows employ and its nothing new, it has been done before multiple times. You asking that question exposes your ignorance and then you got told to fuck off because of it, thats it.

netflix just gave the money

No, they literally just bought the rights to have it as an exclusive release. They have nothing to do with production, they are only the streaming platform.

All I did was say that those couple of screenshots look bad, and you went on full defense mode. Sorry that your favorite elitist show looks plain, it must be hard to come to terms with it so you have to lash out at anyone expressing an opinion.

If you like that kind of stuff you can read Amon the darkside of the Devilman. Pretty much any monster in there looks like that.

I was talking about the original movie, so never mind.

>favorite elitist show looks plain
so plain, everything yuasa does is objectively plain! amiright user?

god this shit is so fucking PLAIN!

no yankee in my animu

doesn't get any plainer than this!

I already said earlier that this looks miles better than Devilman. Yes, I'm aware that Yuasa stuff can look good. That doesn't automatically make those shit screenshots look like gold.

is it real the anime won't cover the full manga?