Saki: Tanoshii

Shinohayu chapter 52 is out.


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The battle against Chihiro continues.


No paarenchan for you. Maybe in Mudazumo?







Chi interrupt!

Was it bait...?

Fuuka could have drawn that f

Sanshoku too expensive, 8p ankou is the way to live






Hey look, it's the 5-way wait that only appears for superpowered people to throw away.



Really makes you think.





Chapter end.

This truly was 𝓉𝒽𝑒 π’Ήπ’Άπ“Œπ“ƒ π‘œπ’» 𝒢𝑔𝑒

This degree of control reminds me of Kodomo.

And this setup of the real match being the clash between a Vanguard and a Captain in the individuals reminds me of...

Shino you are het. You can not beat her.

Comiket doujins advertised on Pixiv

Wow they look like shit.


thanks for the chapter.

if anyone missed it - akio and others subbed the first episode of the live action Achiga-hen.

Next episode (the special) in January 7.

Momo popularity still going strong!

Speaking of the live action, they really went out of their way to fix the criticism of "monkey magic asspull". They spent over half an episode on that.

Too bad the rest is still going to be rushed as fuck. They've only got the special and the movie left to go over almost 5 hours of anime, which was already very fast-paced.

How did you do that?

/e/ thread still toki? I need my lewds.

Was this in the magazine? It isnt in the tank.

>being this new

>Ryanhan shibari
everyone needs 2 han (without dora) to win a hand, not only the dealer.


they lso changed the prefectural tournament - Bansei wsn't defeated in round 1 but in the finals, and Hatsuse played in the team. That's the episode tht deviated most from manga nd anime.

I'm back from vacation; will post this weekend.
Might need some time to browse the futalog.
thanks for the dump

I believe in Shino.

what if she develops a strategy to beat Chihi's renchan, say forcing a wind rotation and getting the jummy honba sticks for herself, or getting draws from the dead wall like Saki.

What if Teru and Saki saw their records and started copying them...

... and her new bird powerup.

Shino uses old or unused yaku - I don't think that she can force the ryanhan shibari rule (a winning hand needs 2 han, so ending Chihiro's 1 han 30 fu streak).

If they would play with kan dora Shino could call a kan to give Chihiro additional dora. I want to see if there are more parallels with Teru (and Saki?)

newish game pics:

her old dress?

or school uniform?

It looks obvious that Shino is going to beat Chihiro. What's not obvious is HOW.
The South 3 bird hand comebacks are a bit overplayed at this point, so it would be interesting if Shino uses another tactic.

can't wait to see Hayarin's growth in Shinohayu.
>You need to make them bigger, Igarshi.
>-- Ritz

new futaba thread:
Comiket Achiga goods

Hints at information warfare being a major factor, so Bird's Eye View will have to come into play.

she has to at least stop Chihiro, otherwise the game would end in the East wind round.

lewd Uta

Suzu in a bunny costume

Aislynn in a bunny costume

Nodoka in bunny costume

Hisa - not in a bunny costume

What is this madness?

apparently last BG had a Ryuumonbuchi Biyori
waiting for TL of this and Toki 18


I want to be part of Hisa's harem.

omg Goldfish porn at Comiket

I don't see the usual R18 warning.

Comiket reports coming in on the futaba thread.


variety of stuff

one booth already sold out

That's like what, 20 copies?

It's a Biyori book, second one the artist has done. They also did a few pages of Goldfish ryona for some reason last year.

the art looks good



daki covers?


>even fanartists are drawing Awai with giant tits now

Reminder: little monster Chihiro ends up going to Senriyama

best night's sleep ever


That's such a soft looking butt

more Comiket


nice haul

>trespassing on Ryuuka's property
>bullying Toki on Youko's behalf back in first chapters
>smacking Toki in the latest chapter
Would explain why Shin-chan doesn't appear in the main manga.

Wait, Toki with boobs? What the fuck is this?

That's the artbooks for the PS Vita game. The left one is the box, the first book has Toyone and Ais on the cover, the right one is the second one.

The first book has codes for Hisa , the second one for Mihoko in a maid uniform (hope to see the pics soon).


here are some pics from the first book:

Inside it's mostly pics from the game characters, so don't expect more art from the covers inside.

>I hope increase of "BuCap" books
>this is an actual doujinshi title

>Toki is flat
Enough with this meme.

More like fanartists are drawing them smaller.

Well yeah. Ask google what "shin" translates to.

What's that in Awai's mouth? Some sort of wrapped candy?
I see we're toki over there as well.