Kenshiro is now the main protagonist of the last anime you watched

Kenshiro is now the main protagonist of the last anime you watched.
Is the show now better or worse.

I think it's a lot worse. I just couldn't imagine Gintoki being replaced by Kenshiro.

yuyuhakusho with kenshiro as the protag? it wouldn't work, yusuke has too much personality, and all kenshiro does is MACHO MACHO MACHO MACHO MACHO

>Psycho Pass movie

I don't think he would pass a Crime Coefficient test

he'd destroy the world, he is almost always the height of calmness and a psycho gun wouldnt touch him

>Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Much, much, much better.

The last anime I watched was Castlevania on Netflix. It would be awesome to see Kenshiro completely dominate a load of demons and vampires.

"You are already undead"

>one officer that doesn't need a gun because he does the exact same thing with his fist
Fund it.

>Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

We've come a full circle.

>Guru guru

Much, MUCH worse. He would be completely out of place there.

Wonder what his Stand would be?


characters would probably back far away from him as possible

Obviously You Wa Shock.

Kenshiro is his own stand.

>Kenshiro in Zeta
Definitely better than a literal autist. Maybe hotoko shin ken works on mobile suits.

Kamille is the best of all the autists though. Ken as a fighter would work best in a G Gundam.
Though it'd be interesting to see him meet Char. And he'd save Mineva I'm sure.

I'd actually be interested to see how he'd do.

So many yays to be had

>Non Non Biyori Repeat

>Kenshiro replaces Takeo in Ore Monogatari


I saw Watamote last. How does he react to the modern world in a Japanese high school?

>digimon adventure tri

I wonder how effective his hokuto shinken would be on digimon

>tfw rewatching hokuto no ken
so now that Bat is Kenshiro, Lin will scream Ken 2x as much

Musou Tensei is its own stand.

It needs a cool rock n roll name though

Destroys a lot of the shows thematic. I guess the fighting would go down pretty much the same but instead of opponents getting rose-petald they'd get ATATATATATATATATATA