-Is indirectly responsible for Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Tien, and Piccolo's deaths
-Tries to murder the rest of the cast himself, including an attempt to blow up Earth
-Gets spared because Goku wanted a rival to fight (yes in the original it wasn't some "oh well he might become kinda good like Piccolo" thing, Krillin even says Goku is wrong if that's what he thinks; Goku admits he just wants a rival)
-Immediately goes to Namek and slaughters an entire village of innocents
-Gohan and Krillin still have to team up with him out of necessity... and after their earlier teeth-gritting reluctance, it just takes five seconds of Goku going "let's be friends" for them to act all chummy with him
-Threatens to kill Dende if he doesn't give him the last wish
-Dies and gives a sob story about how it's all Freeza's fault that he's evil, Goku gives this murderer a respectful burial because he liked punching him a month ago
-Is revived
-Back on Earth, they remind you that Vegeta is a murderer when the revived Namekians are all "where's So-and-So Village?" and Vegeta is all "lol owned, I wasn't technically working for Freeza then so they didn't get revived by the wish"
-Everyone forgets this five seconds later when Vegeta suggests a way to successfully revive Goku when they think he's dead and are all WOW THANKS VEGETA

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-Just... hangs around Bulma's house and everyone is basically cool with this
-He, along with Goku, don't want to wish to find Dr. Gero and kill him before he finishes the androids, because he wants a challenge
-Sleeps with Bulma, gets her pregnant and doesn't care
-Declares himself pure evil when he turns Super Saiyan and goes on about how he's going to be the one to kill Goku
-Nearly kills Bulma and baby Trunks, doesn't care
-I'm pretty sure he kills a bunch of people on the road fighting 18 but that might have been filler
-Lets Cell power up to his perfect form
-Gets Gohan's arm hurt
-Again, everyone is just cool with him hanging around
-Turns evil on purpose
-Murders hundreds of people in cold blood
-Gets Buu revived, causing a chain of events leading to the virtual extinction of Earthlings and the destruction of Earth itself, all for a petty grudge against Goku
-Piccolo outright says that Vegeta realizing his mistake and trying to make right doesn't make him good, he'll be reincarnated at best instead of being stuck in Hell
-Refuses to fuse with Goku out of pride and has to be reminded that his family is dead
-Gets revived by the dragon when they wish for the "good people," officially branding this guy as "a good guy"
-He and Goku give each other thumbs up and are friends now

You copied this from Resetera thread

Forget this childish anime, idiots.

Who cares? Vegeta is way better than Goku anyway.

He needs to be a villain one more time

What an amazing character.

the franchise is about goku becoming the strongest.
at the start of DBZ, Goku had spent the past few years thinking he was the strongest man on earth and that was it, his life as a martial artist had peaked and there was nowhere left to go beyond.
sparing vegeta was goku never wanting to experience the sense of dissatisfaction that comes from being the uncontested strongest ever again.

>-Just... hangs around Bulma's house and everyone is basically cool with this
Well, not everyone.

This is Dragon Ball, no Disney, you fucking underage.

Goku is responsible for getting the Earth destroyed multiple times.

>Yamcha is getting cucked
>Tien is still more pissed off than
Holy shit Yamcha

What I loved in the anime is that he didn't give energy to the spirit bomb when Vegeta spoke, but did for Goku.

Earth has only been destroyed once.

buu destroyed it and so did freeza

Bulma only started fucking Vegeta after Yamcha and Bulma broke up. Bulma was the one that was actually getting cucked.

Freeza never destroyed Earth in the canon run of Dragon Ball.

Take your retarded generals to

I always thought Vegeta was the true villain of the series

>I always thought Goku was the true villain of the series



>Bulma fucked Vegeta behind Yamcha's back while they were all living under the same roof

Vegeta is a complete beta when it comes to women unlike Yamcheater, Bulma had to initiate after Yamcha dumped her ass.

Vegeta is great. I love him.

The strongest get to decide things and Goku was fine with Vegeta being around so everyone else had to accept it.

They lacked the strength to do anything else

Based Tien

Based as fuck, no wonder he's the best character from the original Dragon Ball.

Vegeta was a tatal ass even after becoming an anti-hero. Goku getting all sad about Vegeta's death in Namek was retarded even by Goku's standards, that's the same guy who tortured and tried to murder his son in front of him and only went to Namek that fast because Frieza went there too, his original plan was to return to Earth the day after his defeat to murder everyone.

Yamcha cheating on Bulma was out of character though, Akira made up an excuse just to separate them and make it easier for the fanbase to cope with Bulma x Vegeta. Even worse, that made Yamcha seem like the villain of the story, when Bulma was the weaker link of their relationship.

On the other hand, Bulma falling for Vegeta was 100% in-character. She fell for Yamcha when he was bandit, wanted to get screwed by both General Blue and Zarbon even though she knew they were both villains and yet Yamcha didn't mind a mass murderer (Bulma's wet dream) living with them, Yamcha was begging to get dumped.

>Yamcha cheating on Bulma was out of character though
Not really. Sure, he's a nice guy. So nice, that even as an infamous desert bandit, he never even murdered anyone, and he goes the entire series without ever becoming a murderer. But Bulma and Yamcha are not a good match, she is not calm or kind like he is, they were never depicted as a happy couple when they were together. I can see him starting to pursue other women without bothering to officially end it with Bulma, we don't even know how far he went with other girls. It doesn't make him evil.

>Yamcha cheating on Bulma was out of character though
It would not surprise me if Yamcha really just beat Bulma in rage and they are just saying he cheated so he doesn't get his ass kicked. Like in my fanfictions

Dragon Ball Super is canon, get over it.

Yeah yeah everything's canon

Let's recount the amazing achievements of Tien, the Krillin who doesn't get screen time
>Raditz fight - Wasn't even there
>Vegeta and Nappa fight - Spergs out about his butt buddy pulling kamikaze, loses his arm and dies to his own technique
>Entire Namek saga - Stayed on earth to play house with his fine china doll boy
>Mecha Freeza fight - Nags the strongest fighter there over old grudges while the strongest opponent they've faced so far is trying to parallel park his space ship of doom
>Gero + Fat Mecha Chaozu - Stands there looking shocked
>Androids 17 and 18 awakened - Stands there looking shocked
>Android 18 fight - Watches as Vegeta gets royally fucked 1 on 1, joins the fray way too late and gets choked out like a punk
>Android fight aftermath - Throws a tantrum and bails on the squad
>Android 17 fight - Piccolo has to try and carry the entire squad, fails pretty hard, Tien sits on an island gritting his teeth
>Semi perfect Cell - Tien's moment, he finally does something useful and buys time for Android 18 to get the fuck out of there before Cell can power up even more, nearly dies to his own technique once again, gets saved by #Goku
>Cell games - Is present
I am not even going to go to Buu saga but if i recall correctly he pulled a namek on that saga
Seriously DB was Tiens golden time same as with Yamcha (i know he didn't get to shine but still DBZ is even worse for him)

This isn't shoujo user

That's a good fucking point Tien made, how the FUCK did Yamcha tolerate Bulma letting Vegeta live with them? I mean, Yamcha is a pretty easygoing guy and all, but even he should be at least half as mad as he was when Vegeta came back from space. He was ready to fight him, despite knowing that Vegeta could kill him easily.

>"Hey guys Freeza is coming here, who is our strongest fighter to defend the earth from him, Vegeta? gotcha"
Yeah Yamcha was practical unlike Tien who could only act like a bullheaded moron, if he managed to piss Vegeta off they would have lost their MVP in terms of strength

>Entire Namek saga - Stayed on earth to play house with his fine china doll boy
he was dead you spic

>that spoiler
>tfw all of those edgy fanfics written by female Vegeta fans that made Yamcha the fucking antichrist

Fucking fujos, I swear.

Oh yeah he killed himself with his own technique, derp

They're bros

Tien was probably thinking about the possibility of Vegeta fucking Bulma and was hoping Yamcha would get a clue.

Leave el trabajo to me!

Fujos are the ones writing fanfics where Vegeta cheats on Bulma with Yamcha

But he's sorry

So who's writing the fanfics where Bulma cheats on Vegeta with Yamcha?

Reminder that Vegeta is going to abandon his life on Earth and go back to working for Frieza.

Vegeta is the strongest person on Earth at that point. He could easily kill them all.

god i fucking hope it would be amazing to see vegeta and freeza working together

Fucking stop, it's time for Piccolo already

This just means that he's gonna surpass goku one day, not become evil again

And yet he's still one of the most popular anime characters of all time.

>admitting his own mother is a whore

Jesus christ hahahaha

Vegeta would absolutely murder Jiren with that Final Flash but he's restraining himself bcuz no killing allowed. Doesn't matter tho, he'll get Red UI

Vegeta's fucked. We already know from the promo picture that Gouk's getting blue+red UI

vegeta doesn't even know yamcha's name, he only knows the names of the characters that matter (goku, chadhan and to a lesser extent piccolo)

yamcha is probably just that "scarred guy" and tenshinhan is the "triclops"

What do you want Trunks to do user? Lie to Goku?

It was a misunderstanding I think, Yamcha has no idea how to talk to women.

Vegeta is edgier than Sasuke.

>Yamcha cheating on Bulma was out of character though, Akira made up an excuse just to separate them and make it easier for the fanbase to cope with Bulma x Vegeta.
Also, why isn't he a womanizer afterwards? Neither in Buu arc nor in Super we see him with hot babes.
A cool retcon would be if Yamcha fooled Bulma into thinking he cheated because he knew she had feelings for Vegeta and their thing wouldn't last. It wouldn't change Bulma's status, as her reasons for leaving her would be valid (she thinking he cheated) and it would make a total bro out of Yamcha. If they aren't going to redeem him as a martial artist they could at least give him that.

>A cool retcon would be if Yamcha fooled Bulma into thinking he cheated because he knew she had feelings for Vegeta and their thing wouldn't last.
He was visibly upset about the end of their relationship though

There is an explanation.

who are the people who will say >vegeta is awesome, now matter how much dumb shit he does?
That's right: Vegetafags
All of the other characters are vegetafags
I am too.
join us

We are talking about a franchise that was retconned into midichlorians and tingles in the back.
What would a minor retcon like this one hurt? Even if Yamcha's reaction in a single pane some decades ago doesn't make that much sense.

stay woke

They lived together for four years. Of course he knows his name.

And the worst part.... he never said he was sorry, not even once!

no wonder yamcha is meme'd to death, what a massive fucking cuck he is

This filthy still thinks about sadala and his father.
If the story keeps going he will betray earth as soon as he can.
goku is responsible for those frieza and vegeta bandits keeping around.
Hope jiren brings justice.

>people who are mad at back tingles are also star wars faggots

it all makes sense

>cheats on his girl until they break up
>somehow HE'S the cuck
Bulma, is that you?

>You need to be a star war faggot to know what midichlorians mean.
Keep trying, faggot.

He managed to be a much worse cuck than Bulma. They were all living in the same house when Vegeta started to give her the dick and Yamcha even defended Vegeta from Tien.

Bulma didn't rape Vegeta until after they Yamcha and Bulma broke up

>Vegeta loses every major battle he decides to face
>is one of the biggest jobbers in anime history, loses almost immediately after attaining super saiyan status
>is the prince of an enslaved race
>father and whole race was killed by their enslaver without his knowledge
>still works for Freeza
>fights Freeza only to lose and have Goku not only beat Freeza, but become a super saiyan before the prince
>his rival and rival's son is stronger than him
>sacrifices himself in an attempt to atone for his sins and protect his family
>does literally nothing and dies in vain
>is a manlet
>becomes an absolute little twink fuckboi in Super
he's honestly the biggest cuck in any series I've ever seen, but his speeches are 10/10

I hope he wins the top and gets perfect ultra instinct

>becomes an absolute little twink fuckboi in Super
You're talking about Trunks right?

>lying to japanese jesus
I dont think any of us could do that.

I don't understand how Yamcha being a cheater would even make Bulma look good.

>nothing of this matters thanks to the dragon balls

Dragon Ball,despite how much Toriyama claims to hate romance probably has some of the most well written relationships in Shounen, showing how getting together isn't just a bundle of sunshine.

Yamcha looking effay here.
Why did Bulma chose that ugly manlet over him?

What's this? Looks interesting.

>becomes good only to backstab everyone on Earth

is there anything Vegeta can't get away with?

It's from the extra chapter of the Yamcha isekai manga.

Because Bulma heard from chichi, Saiyan monkey dick is God tier. Why do think Frieza wants to fuck Goku so bad?

U7 is basically full of fucking felons

Bad boy lust. That and Vegeta doesn't take her shit all the time, Yamcha was whipped.

Attempting to claim he's better than the slightly taller manlet Son Goku.

Is there a fully translated version of all three + the extra stuff?

>reckless driving
>dyeing hair
>fucking stupid ningen
>turning people into a toilet
>jobbing faggot
>kidnapping god himself

The 3 chapters are all translated and can be found anywhere, but as far as I know the extra stuff is still untranslated. You can check the raws here:

His hairline

Yamcha was the opposite of whipped, that was the problem.

Yamcha never killed anyone.

The relationship that Yamcha has with Goku (and Krillin for that matter, they trained for a longer time together than Goku did) needed to be fleshed out more. Yamcha and Goku have a brother-like relationship, but when was the last time Yamcha talked to Goku?

Pure Yamcha.

To be fair the thumbs up scene while based as fuck, was filler.

I agree. It probably wasn't intentional, but Yamcha seems like a doting big brother who was really proud of Goku, even though Goku totally eclipsed him in power.

You forgot the part where he helped Gohan kill cell because Gohan is a little fuccboi and can’t do shit on his own.

Didn't mention the part where Vegeta being a faggot was what caused Gohan to get injured. Which turned what would have STILL been a one sided stomp into a handicap match where he could at best match him.
By the way, Vegeta's help was anime only.