Shingeki No Kyojin

Even in his final moments Eren looks based as fuck.

Eren a smelly shit.


Where's Armin?

>Attack Titan is one of the worst titans at attacking

In the trash.

Kodansha trashed it.

I'm starting to like Armin more and more.
Which is fucking funny.I bet he was the only one in the close group that did not want Eren to kill off all those people.

Do you think trying diplomacy would have worked? Other nations have plenty of reasons to hate Marley, but Paradis has done nothing to them in centuries

They never said it could attack well

Im curious how Armin looks. I mean look at Mikasa, she is taller although with short hair. To please the fujos I assume Isayama will make him look like Erwin.


Post yfw anime only secondaries will have the WH Titan's appearance spoiled years before Season 4 by cosplayers.

How would it please fujoshit if the pigface looks like a Walmart version of Erwin?

If he wants to make fans happy he'll kill off Armong and bring the actual Erwin back.

>a Female titan appears in the middle of all the fighting
>takes on Porco and Pieck and is kicking their asses
>hot as fuck, nice T&A
>nobody addresses it by name
>doesn't really look like Annie, but the Annie-fags still get their hopes up
>at the end of the fight out of all the smoke Jean emerges
>Annie fags cry for all eternity

Chapter is out faggots.

Why would I care?
How miserable is your life that you get joy out of something this insignificant?

Jean was already shown in battle.

Did you see Chapter 100? Willy talked about attacking the Walldians and wiping them out and he got a standing ovation filled with joyous tears from dignitaries from around the world. That was probably the moment where Eren decided to do Grim Reminder 2.

is it actually Attack or Vanguard? If its the latter than its not meant to fight well, the Vanguard is not the main force

How tall is Mikasa now? I hope Armin has short hair.

>having any say on countries politics.

Pfft.The normies don't care.

I still think Punished Eren is hot.

but thats because over the last 4 years they heard nothing from Paradis, if Hisu invited the press and dignitaries and laid down an explanation of their motives and history with Marley, it could work, no?

he can transform off-screen later

Shitty translation of the title made it the Attack.

This mango is incomprehensible and unreadable ever since it became Attack on Juden.

For fuck sake.Eldians are fucking demons.Jews were being hunted in germany for being richer than the average german imagine if they actually have the capacity to transform into a 15m tall human canibal

Dead I hope.

Sorry but doesn’t this make Eren just like Reiner and Bertolt, maybe even worse? I mean Reiner and Bertolt were brainwashed children who thought they were doing the right thing. And if they failed or didn’t do the mission, them and their families would be killed. And Bertolt and Reiner never went out of their way to kill civilians or cause more destruction than what they were told to do. But Eren purposely jumped into the crowd to kill more people. And he purposely transformed in a crowd of people knowing it would kill them. Like I don’t think Eren has learned anything.

While Hisu is probably against unnecessary violence I’m pretty sure she supports what Eren is doing.

Remember that Marley purposely sent back other nation soldiers that traumatized by the pure titan to their country so the people of other country can see how terrifying the eldians are.

Eren's fighting a war against essentially the entire world at this point, the chances of important leaders and other people being in that crowd were high, it was nothing but beneficial to kill as many of them as possible.

legit laughed out loud. here's to hoping he's dead in the trash too



go write your crush's name in your arm and fuck off emo fuck

>its ok when Marley does it

i hope he died offscreen

>it's okay when Eren does it

>Doing smart things is bad
Hmmm ur really tatering my tots

Erens situation is much more desperate than Marleys

Both sides are murdering fuckers, but they had their own purpose. Doesn’t mean what they did was okay.

>WarHammer-chan is just another jobber, instantly defeated by Ackerhax and is now completely irrelevant even if she is alive because we now know she can get btfo easily
Oh well, at least this means the end is coming soon. Based Isayama ending the manga quickly.

>imagine if they actually have the capacity to transform into a 15m tall human canibal
The overwhelming majority of them can't voluntarily do that though. Only the Fritz's can force it to occur.

And look what Marley's been doing. Turning slumjews into biological weapons to conquer the muslim world and others.

Kek, marleycucks BTFO.

Eldians are a minority,a dangerous minority,they should be slaughtered as quick as possible

>I want to get off Mr. Krueger's wild ride

Don't forget the absolute unwillingness to talk from both parts.
Paradis should have started to make relations outside and tyburs should have listened.

Honestly I just wanted to know if Falco and/or Reiner survived. But it looks like everything around Eren's feet got leveled to the ground.

>An entire people should let themselves be exterminated for things they didn't do!

fuck her, she was having the time of her like killing the roaches in war, now she gets to be on the receiving end of titan terror, justice is served time to die slut

So is Isayama going to tell us how the japanese managed to get into Paradis?

In this world's 1800s version the eldians went to Paradis with king fritz,and suposedly some japanese came with them but I find it highly unlikely there were ever japanese in the region where they came from,mirroring japan that up to late 19th century was closed OFF from the world

>that was smart
More like ruining it for every eldian alive.
>Udo's family moves to Marley because they treat eldians the better
>Eren makes a Fay out of Udo


Marley is stupid and greedy. They should have leave Paradis alone since the cuck king will never attack them again.

They probably did, but I doubt Reiner is going to last.

why didn't Eren eat Reiner? will he try to gobble up remains of the WarHammer?

Hate to say it but I think talking was out of the question from the beginning.

Endgame right here, brothers.

coolest spread of the chapter

What the hell is going on here?

I don't get it. What's the appeal of supporting Marley at this point?

Since the Eldian Empire fell, all they've done is use the Titans for themselves, to dominate their neighbors and establish military supremacy. Now they're falling behind due to the rest of the worlds tech advances, and are willing to kill everyone on Paradis just to prolong their relevance for a little while. It's sure as shit that if they could capture and control the Founding Titan's power, they'd just be the Titan Empire of genocide round two.

Not really. The Warhammer titan is just broken as fuck.

Good translations when

>Implying Eren gives a fuck about non-islanders
You're missing the point of all of this and I think you may actually be a brainlet.

The cuck king just attacked them?

Welcome to x-men, etc, etc.
Humans with powers would be naturally hated and feared by the majority, even more if they ruled by terror before.

Yes?If you're not western european you will never understand the struggle to maintain world order.
You were born in the new world eating mcdonalds and thinking that the usa existed forever and that the world was always so peaceful

Trannyposting worst posting.


this, if you stick your penis into a hornets nest you will get stung

They don't want the founding titan's power, they want to make it disappear and end titan age as soon as possible, and civilians shouldn't be accounted for a defunct military.

Why did Eren have to murder poor Zofia? She never did anything to him

Isayama has been playing silent hill

Everyday until you like it.

The worst part is that nobody even fucking tried.
They had 4 fucking years.

>every eldian alive

Marley is just like the USA and titans are nuclear weapons.

If Willy had gone the opposite direction with that speech and preached for pitying the poor Eldians and looking for peace, there would have been no grim reminder.

Instead he just got the whole world to pretty much agree to kill everyone on the island.

She was on Marley.

Link, please?

I'd like him to last. At this point Falco and Reiner are the only characters I've come to root for.

>leave jobbing and posturing like a comic book villain instead of actually fighting to kill to me
What did she mean by this?

What is it with Isayama and making so many new shifters female? Did he notice that this automatically makes them more popular, is his editor pushing him or what is going on here?

He sacrificed his life for the world to pity the poor eldians. Everyone will rightfully hate the Utopians, though.

The entire point of the origanal attack on Paradis by the Warriors was to get the FT's power.

What Zeke would of done with it is still up in the air.

The Tayber's have only just started actually acting. They want to get rid of the FT's power. Prior to that, it was Marley being greedy and incompetent.

I think why Eren is killing civilians and kids without second thought is because he found out that it really doesn't matter it's a time loop anyway so he is trying to end the loop by any means as it will literally start again and all the people who died will live again after he destroys the loop and it repeats one last time without all this suffering

Man I absolutely hate Eren.He's so pretentious looking I want to fucking crack his skull

I had the impression Eren was just holding her off for the SL to capture her. I think Armin's plan is to, at some point, get all the titans and then go full titan vs humans, as the commander implied this chapter

Reiner is immortal, but Falco's a literal who.

>dude lets just plagiarize evangelion lmao

I feel like a lot of those people will think of what just happened and go right back to hating the Eldian's as a whole. Titans, and Eldians as a whole, are scary.

It's almost as if he thinks he is always right

>there would have been no grim reminder.
You know they were going to attack anyway, the measures they took by separating the shifters, make Reiner suffer and how everyone were armed to the teeth just implies it.

but they did talk with the Asians

It's the Shingeki no Titan

>and Naruto XD

Whats erens fucking plan?

Eren is not a descendant of the king. Read his oath in chapter 99. That's probably what Frieda said to Grisha that made him went apeshit.

So,what was Willy's plan?

Is he fucking stupid