Is it true that you have to be a good artist to make manga?

Is it true that you have to be a good artist to make manga?

I wanted to use this as an example but I know togashi's sycophants will buy anything if it he's touched it

ONE did it without being good

Attack on Titan

>the ONE meme
You know damn well Murata brought him to where him and his series to where it is today. He could've done it for any sap with decent writing but shitty art skills. ONE got lucky.

and? luck is needed in life, say whatever you want, ONE without being a skilled artist published 2 manga and both were successful


Define good artist.

it got an anime and a probably second season

Kimetsu no Yaiba’s art is pretty shitty tho


I’m guessing you haven’t read Yu Yu Hakusho, Level E, and possibly any of the well composed pages of Hunter x Hunter. Togashi can draw and design really well, he’s just always ill/being a lazy faggot.

There's a flame of recca manga dump right now,no you don't really need to be good a good artist to be a mangaka. You only have to be a persistent Japanese in Japan.

That doesn’t change the fact that he’s also published some awful art

Depends on what you mean by good artist.

I think scene composition is the most critical aspect of manga art, it's okay if your shit doesn't look obviously amazing if you know how to concoct an interesting an easy to understand scene.

I mean ONE's shit doesn't look fantastic, but you're never wondering what's going on, and the ideas behind the scenes are great.

The topic was being a good artist.

overrated art- murata and boichi are far better

wtf is that shit
the guy up front reminds me of a young Ken
from Sun Ken Rock the manhawa

boichi does weird moe girl faces.
doesn’t look right with their realistic bodies

Same artist.

Doesn't ONE have assistants for Mob?

boichi sucks at drawing girls.

Another good artist is Akira Hiramoto.

Really? 'Cause One Punch Man was already a craze in it's webcomic form. It was a success before Murata, in fact, it was because of it's success that Murata found the comic.

But, yeah, you're probably right. It's the art that made One Punch Man successful, just like it was for Mob Psycho... right?

Just look at the manga you like and you can see for yourself that the answer is no.

Good story. Simple plot with cartoonish reaction drawing, but putting an actual warning label after pictorially showing how to make basic gunpowder earned its chuckle.

so a retarded tier manga to aim into the lower denominator of user who are the weeb neets fatsos who enjoy anime?

nice cherry picking you disgusting narutard

>Murata is better
OPMkids really are laughable.
Murata doesn't even draw the backgrounds and the digital blur he uses is an eyesore. He can't draw clothes for shit too, everyone he draws is already wearing what seems to be bodypaint.
>B-but it's his assistants
He should tell them to do something decent then.
Miura might be a lazy ass now but Murata never achieved the level of Miura's art.

How is that relevant? All mangaka have assistants

>Literally SEETHING over MuraCHAD

You have to be good at something, good art likely won't carry a manga alone. Just look at Obata. His art in Platinum End is great, but the story is so boring and ridiculous that nobody cares about it.
Isayama art leaves a lot to be desired, but it has some iconic designs and doesn't look bad enough to put you off from reading his manga.
>Ignoring everything I said
>U-ur just mad
Thanks for confirming I was right.

Attack on Titan


No but you need to make it interesting in some way

>retarded tier manga
Meh. Like I said, simple plot with cartoonish reaction drawing, but some of the science involved is interesting and requires a few working synapses to grasp the situation
No, very little Japanese outside of the names
What would they do with this?
Very few women drawn well enough to fap to, so no?

As a guy who found chemistry to be very tedious, this was a silly rehashing of the more interesting aspects of chemistry, and certainly more engaging than simply explaining lewis dot structures or balancing chemical equations.

Togashi is technically good though, and creative enough with his own style. He doesn't always publish up to standard because of his health or video games or whatever but a half assed first draft will look like chicken scratch no matter who does it or how talented they are.

Also I agree with . Composition is the most important part of manga, not having the most perfect, polished art ever. It's worse to be good at drawing but fail at generating any emotional impact because you can't panel well enough to convey a scene properly than the reverse.

you can still make it even if you can't write for shit, like prison school.
you can't be successful if you can't draw, like ONE.
boichi can't write for shit as proven on Ken Rock but the art propelled him into the business.

Still looks like shit

it´s not about being a OPMfag you idiot. they both get better results than Miuraa, nobody cares how you do it, but what you get at the end. If you get everything digital but your results are better, then you are better. if you put too much effort on something, but your results is inferior, YOUR result are inferior and period.

Miura is only good at certain panels depicting fantastical creatures. the rest is good, but far from being the best. He can´t top guys like Murata and Boichi whose only sin is not drawing the best girl faces in sun ken rock and, yet, hes made a big improvement with girl faces in dr stone wich is right now the best shonen in terms of art.

and dont let me start talking about yukimura, sinichi sakamoto and inio asano they kick miuras lazy ass.