One Piece

Nami is so cute and frail

Reminder that zoro >>>>> carrot and no amount of head canon can change that.



She just schooled a Yonko user

We can all agree that Jinbe lost his left arm, right?

It was constantly shown that Oda was avoiding drawing it.

t. Sanji

>Poneglyph found
>Sanji rescued
>Jinbe saved and joined with good showing of strength
>Carrot was useful
>Sanji Baked a cake

Why is this arc still going? What more is there to accomplish that has any relevance to future stories?

Just a scrape, and if it's not he'll just grow it back.

Sanji still has to redeem himself.

And Pudding still has to join.

>tfw Zeus is now a nakama
Can't wait for the color spreads. I wonder if he'll zap Brook and Sanji when they go after her.

Getting away with their life's and their whole crew (including Mochi-God).

Leave big meme to me.
Also, I'm part of the strawhat crew and will not die.

>Odas cringey perverted gags

Will it ever stop. Why are nips obessed with panties? Its so lame

Thats the cake user.

What, were you expecting him to have a cool fight with somebody? Because Luffy already trashed Cracker and is about to trash Dogtooth, he won't fight Smoothie, who is useless, and his family are weaklings.

The cake is all.

They still have to deliver the cake you sperg

Yes, you will. Carrot already joins, you're not needed.

Fixed for you.

>TFW Sanji will get no fights this arc and his cake will just heal BM

Why does Oda hate Sanji so much?

I LEGITIMATELY think Big Mom could kill Whitebeard. He was strongest man. Not strongest amalgamation of spirits and children and whoever the fuck shes eaten over years and years of Big Mom'ing.

can someone explain to me why big mom( a yonkou) is jobbing against 2 of the strawhats?

So did Jimmie lose something from the wheel or not?

The real fight is within him.

We get it! Youre incapable of original thought!! News flash user!!! SHOCKER user its not original!!!

Reminder that Kid Mom is a cute! A CUTE!

I fixed your pick. No need to thank me

She’s not, she jobbing against her own homies, her own powers, and all jinbei did was move her

Okay but youll likely dismiss the answer! It isnt a compliment from your mah! Youre stupid user so sorry!

She looks like a fat kid that people would point at and laugh

>strawhats in front
>forgotten in 1 arc in back

Draw X's on his eyes. Make him laying down in a coffin. Accuracy is important.

The only reason why you think she's jobbing is because you're a powerlevel fag. That is the diagnosis of your illness. I recommend rereading the Enel vs Luffy fight, Luffy vs Crocodile fight, Luffy vs Alvida, and Zoro vs Buggy fights. That should cure you of your power level fag symptoms.

Yes, yes you are.

get rekt fightfag
baking that cake is much more of a accomplishment than any fight he's ever had.

Cool but neither can beat kaido one on one.

A prescription of READING SLOWER might help too!!

That would imply they'd been read once.

Is his coat transparent here?

Whitebeard had terminal cancer you retard.

Kaido is literally a bitch tho. How many times has Big Mom cried in her arc compared to Kaidos intro exposition.

Thanks Doc

no they're just body lines for the sake of structuring the coat
it's just fanart anyway


>can someone explain to me why big mom( a yonkou) is jobbing against 2 of the strawhats?


And Big Mom has terminal SOULS. Which is stronger???

Could ruffys rubber bunghole survive a dose?

In one piece women don't cry, at least not the proper bawling the men do.
The only exception to this rule is Koala and it's a character trait she gained as part of her character arc

hehehehe user youre fantastic

>*cough cough*
>Here lies Jinbe McCracken
>Twas a great man
>Sorry...twas a great shark....or whatever

is there a fat lady in the chinese horoscope or what is bugu momu supossed to be representing there


When has Zoro ever cried. Matter of fact. When has Luffy every cried? No flashbacks!`

I see, you're a legit retard.

>mfw this is what death fags believe

>chinese horoscop

You have to be joking, or you’ve never read one piece, they both have iconic(non flashback) scenes where they cry

Who is the fish! I may have missed it.


Are you joking? Nami, Robin, Conis, Vivi, Rebecca. All of them have bawled their eyes out. Oda doesn't make pretty crying.

There's no fish in the chinese zodiac bro

1) not a fish
and B) its a dragon

what do you mean fish? there's no fish in the chinese zodiac

> what is Ussop's return after Enies Lobby

Gyojin Karate...

Or when ace died, or when kuma separated the crew, this guys an idiot

Not like

Would you believe user was instigator?
Mwuahaha I knew Luffy was crybaby this whole time!!!

So next chapter will be in mid january, right?

Just like youre sex, Heyyoo

Seriously thought did we see how bad he bled. Hes so dead. I eat fish all the time but Jinbe. Oh god jinbe why. wwwwhhhhhyyyy

Whitebeard would stomp her

What in the fuck does that even mean.

Dude yes.

>punch Big Mom
>tickle her soul
>MAMAMAMA Napolean!!
>tickle his prostate!!
game over

Thats a comedic exaggerated crying, not everyone has big silly crying scenes, but every time someone cries it's hard sobbing with snotty noses

Why hasn't Viz rewritten Brook and Sanji's characters given the reaction against sexual harassment and sexual assault in American right now?

>Best Strawhat Naval asset
>Stuck at the helm during naval battles

>Best helmsman with sick Green Room maneuvers
>Loses a fucking arm so he can't steer as well

>Ex-Shichibukai who's stronger than all Strawhats except for Luffy and Zoro
>Gets nerfed by losing an arm so he's now below Sanji

Jinbe is nothing more than a disappointment. EVERYTHING he was introduced as bringing to the table as a crewmember is getting blown the fuck out at every turn. I really don't think he's joining. All signs point toward him joining but these small details keep stacking up and make me second guess it.

Because not everyone is an illogically bleeding heart faggot! Now enough of politics. Unless ifs the politics of pirates fighting politicians.

Because not all Americans care about One Piece. Oda doesn’t give a fuck about liberals.

Because Sanji sucks and should have died this arc.

Brook needs to be deleted.
Sanji and Nami's thing is consensual

Marco is the nerfed strong guy to match the SHs so sorry.

His sleeve looks pretty floppy desu

Marco is the nerfed strong guy to match the SHs so sorry.

>more sameness

The cake is enough. Sanji defeated Bege already. And will soon defeat a Yonko. With the ultimate power of offensive cooking.

>Marco is the nerfed strong guy to match the SHs so sorry.
Speak English

looks like LuCa's lifting off

> "will soon defeat a yonko"
Rather "temporarily" satisfy her.

Trips of truth

Hancock is gonna rip her guts out.

Enough for them to escape, which is the whole point.

I really want Sanji to be a battle chef who cooks on the battlefield. His whole sacred kitchen BS is whack desu. He should at least pass out pre fight buff snacks.

Bege got knocked out and almost died and when he woke up he was hypnotized and gave in to Sanjis plan.
It counts as a win.

He did at Punk Hazard
Sanji still has 98 vital recipes we haven't even seen

How simple should I make this text if you cannot reason?

>Jinbe loses an arm
>idea has been implemented
>Reusing old idea in next arc is not creative
>Jinbe will keep his limbs
>Marco will not
Can you follow this???

Hancuck will just watch. If Luffy wanted to fuck other people, she wouldn't do anything about it as long as he came back home to her.

you fucking faggot changing your meme. either be correct or be wrong or fuck off.

Luffy doesn't have a home. He will be a lifelong adventurer.

I amam not even sure of that
No way Big Mom would allow them to go unharmed even if they escape

As a Yonko it's either she seems invincible or she gets ganged up on

>people actually thought big meme was gonna be able to kill jinbased

pffff fucking idiots

> he moved her a few meters

Jesus Christ, you guys.