Rola is crying inside.

She's my wife.

I want to fuck Lala.


This was Yume's delusion though.


I want to die.

It wasn't easy, but I thought I'd let you all know that I succesfully fapped to Kii.
When I wake up I'll be super embarassed that I posted this, but that's kind of the point.

There's nothing wrong with this post.



Which doujins is everybody looking forward to that won't get scanned?

You never learn your lesson, do you?

Me too.


Hello, Mimiko.
You seem less lovely than usual today.

Mirei told me she wants to be more than friends.

Stop being degenerate.


No, I'm hopeless.


>This is what roller actually believes


Nothing to be embarrassed about user, at least you're not one of those ainons who got married while sloshed one day.

How does it feel to know that I controlled your orgasm?


Cute AsaKoha doujin!

Well that got dark.

I don't get much out of that personally, but how does it feel for you, knowing that I fapped to what you told me to?

>I want to die.
No. Look at me. I get past episode 21 of Princess Comet, which mean no more english sub.I'm suppose to catch up 9 more episodes before new year while I'm getting busier as new year approaches. I won't die and neither dill you while we each have our own backlog

>it is that time of the week

All I want to see is Koharu fucking the Kasumis and not the other way around

It kind of works for me.

Lala is too cute.

I want two kuro Meganee's to touch my peni

>2001 /ai/ slosh

If it came to that, they would not be gentle.

Loli puri~

Don't touch!

I'm gonna touch her, and no one can stop me.

would you say it really gets you going?

Oh man

This Non is strange.

Who's the most depressed and suicidal idol?


I want to fuck Yume's armpits

Fapping my way!

Any given sidle.


She'll be dead by 24.

Not if I marry her first.

Yume wants to fuck you.

I hate /ai/ makes me being horny all the time.

I want to fuck Yume too

Yeah, in that case she'll kill herself immediately.

Can't sleep, idles will eat my dreams.

You never had obtainable dreams in the first place.

My dream is to make you happy.

Subaru is for bullying!

Then dress up as Meganee and whisper sweet system desu's into my ear.

I hope you're prepared for nightmares, because this won't be as pleasant as you hope.

This happening to Rola when?


Lets do it again sometime


I wish I was in there with them.


Yume is flat

Spicy Ahego.

Juicy strawberries.

What's this character archetype called?


Non is two circles.

Sexy onee-san maybe.

My wife.


Rin is best Akarigen.

That's not how you spell "Juri".

Remember to hug your imoutos everyday.


Remember to hug your Nino everyday.

Remember to hug yourself every day. No one else will do it for you.

You bet I would.

No thanks, I'm not into boy.

This is true.

That's not how you spell "Madoka".


The best girl in OG was Madoka and Rin together.

She's beautiful.


Why is this girl doing in this thread? I came here to see pictures of idols, not uggos! She should just retire already!

I was hoping for a MadoRin Photokatsu song, but nips preferred other duos.

That's hurtful and untrue. Chihaya is a beautiful and talented idol who deserves to be loved.

Cheer up Umi!

Cheer up Mito!




Cheer up Rio!


>let's ignore trashy Korean Bieber
>you can have that scene when Coo punched Jin


I miss Mirei.