R Sup Forums dio

Join us on r/a/dio!
Just google "r/a/dio" and let's have a nice time!

fuck off eku

Leave your bad vibes behind, listen to some nice music and enjoy yourself!

You niggers trying to get yourself banned for new years? Fuck off until then.

Will you play Masquerade?

Grab a beer and have fun with us!


Don't ask me.

I am just risking a ban for a quick promotion.

Listening to dope beats with user!

Fuck I always forget the title of this song.

Come join us! It's not like you have anything better to do, right?


Too buys catching up with today's Mogra.
>Can't into JST because of day job.
>Time shifted stream 50% copyright blocked
Never should have left Ustream.
I might pause this and join r/a/dio later.

>Too busy

Mogra will be great later today.
But our boy bacon is doing a really good job right now.

Just fucking Christ kill yourself fucking cancer.

If you can't enjoy some fun (You) are the cancer killing Sup Forums.
Have fun lurking one of the 1000 DBS threads.

Did I just hear an inception horn?


I'm okay with this

Why is there a r/a/dio thread? Its not NYE yet.

When is hanyuu playing?

Don't make me squish you, dumb tomato.

It's even better.

Fuck off we're full!

This thread wasn't made by a DJ. Please delete it, OP.

Drinking beerus, listening to music and posting with anons!

Because some user is retarded and doesn't understand there isn't meant to be one made. Or is trying to get us banned by making the thread. Not easy to know really.

delet yourself

Can you IMAGINE being kipu.

next level false flagging


well, this takes me back.