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Requesting Hajime putting on or putting off her pantyhose. Feet would be appreciated.

That was honestly the best reference though, he doesn't change much from angles. Duke Nukem haircut, larger nose, shades, gloved right hand, coat.

>Bando and Shizuku back to back.
Preferably in B&W since Shizuku is from a one shot and has no colored refs and I'm to lazy to get Bando's.

Requesting Grayfia from High School DxD cosplaying as Dahlia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Requesting Chifusa Manyuu dressed as Baiken

eh yeah sorry, and to the other guy who asked a thing can't seem to into drawing right now, my bad.

In celebration for Kirara Fantasia, I want to request Nono (orange haired girl) and Matsuko (the doll) from Urara Meirochou doing take_your_pick tag. Can be either of these 3 poses.

Requesting Akagi fishing.

Requesting colors if possible.

Annie ref (girl on left): i.imgur.com/gdhdtpA.png

Mirai ref (girl on right): i.imgur.com/3WsP11c.jpg

It's okay, your other drawing was cute enough. So how you doin anyway?

Requesting Fuwa and Galvantula tuning up a sitting Genos. Fuwa on the left side of Genos fixing wires and Galvantula on the right side of charging him up

Okay. It's not like getting a drawing would help me on an indescribable emotional level or anything. Thanks for considering though.

Requesting Chitose Karasuma from Girlish Number (left) dressed up as Corrin looking smug and cocky.

Or Chitose cosplaying as a valkyrie, laying on the couch and being lazy. You can make up the valkyrie design, there are too many different ones to consider.

Requesting Ingrid working at a fast food restaurant

Just here to draw dude, I want nothing more to do with any of you faggots than that.
here's a different drawing then.

What is he/she?

Its a jellyfish

Requesting Nico Robin doing Nico Nico Nii. I can't believe no one has drawn that yet.

/r/ing a giant girl from Gantz smiling at the viewer.

Requesting Meiko dressed as Christmas Tharja

>Twelve Days of Christmas

I'm basically giving up after this

Requesting Rukia doing something cute/cool with any pokemon in the spreadsheet below
Pokemon: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y6I0a_8jXF4isxPYXyMeRgWtqThR7fS5-v33GuFIkV8/edit?usp=sharing
Rukia refs: imgur.com/a/qItQA

requesting a young Uzuki struggling to eat her vegetables but then having a burst of inspiration to ganbarimasu

Requesting Sakura from Tenshi no 3P in winter wear and/or a scarf looking at her breath in the cold air. Or, Sakura in a sweater with no bottoms on looking lewd and inviting.

Requesting Kashima looking at the viewer teary-eyed and with the caption "You still love me, right? Please don't leave me for those Azur Lane whores!". Bonus points for Hand holding

>draw too slow
>too anxious to show inferior art
>delete art before finishing


Too real.

If it makes you feel any better, I accept any art unless it's obviously shitty on purpose. I want you all to get better.

requesting Jungle Girl Mako Mankanshoku wrestling a big Crocodile to save a naked Ryuko Matoi (SFW, obviously) as referenced in this picture.

My advice is to finish it.
You don't have to post it. The important thing is to finish it.

Requesting Kei Kurono from Gantz parodying Back to the Future movie poster.

Requesting Ultimate Columbine Ursula and Yunyun

Requesting Natsumi from Non Non Biyori being instant_loss_2koma'd. First panel can be her going "Eh? Stop bullying onee-chan? But it's so fun, besides what are you going to do about it?" Second panel can be up to your imagination, as long as it ends with her being fucked.

Requesting the ultimate waifu chimera with the legs of Rosemon X, upper body and torso of Akeno's Super Mode/Fallen Angel form, arms of Witchblade Masane with Rosemon X's vines on said arms, head and overall skin tone of Asmodian Asagi, the wings of Balance Breaker Issei to go with Akeno's wings, and a random evil looking armored lizard tail.

Example of this nonsense idea: i.imgur.com/aYbezBh.jpg

Progress not perfection user.

Requesting Shino and Kajou bunny girls.


simple things

Draw chibi Frolaytia

Requesting Akiha spraying a bottle of champagne onto a surprised Kohaku's chest.

If it makes you feel better i do the same thing too

Requesting a drawing of Akko's parents reaction when they get her IQ test results back

Requesting Yoshiko and Slowbro brain comparison

working on it
don't give up, i know im not so good but i wanted to drop this

Looks nice so far

I draw a shit ton of art. In fact I have a binder of it.
But it's all bondage rape. So I can never show anyone.

this is my fetish
draw a girl you like drinking a beverage from a straw

Every time you post this I have the urge to post this.

>this is my fetish
Well, it's also not anime so... sorry, no can show.


I'm the same but replace bondage rape with dick girls.

Gross. We can't be friends.

That's fine! I never wanted to be your friend anyways!

S-sorry. I didn't mean to be judgmental.
But that's still gross though.
Blame yourself or God.

Wow! Chitose looks so cool and smug there! You made her look so good in the armor, it's amazing. I was actually afraid it might look too weird on her but you made it work. Thank you so much friend!

>simple things
draw Mordred caught in a finger-trap

this work?


Anchor for

Requesting Verity tanning

Tomboy with muscles but still feminine and sexy.

Requesting this with Makoto Kikuchi

Requesting Kizuna kazeyama hanging out with umihara kawase. Doing stuff related to fishing or swinging by with their reels/rods.
Here's a reference for umihara:

if i remember i did the same request with Ononoki
here the 1.5 ver

Requesting Hibiki and Miku enjoying a New Year's celebration together.

what simple thing to doodle

Requesting the beheading of all those who bully ursula

Ursala eating cake while sobbing

requesting cute or lewd Ougi

Guts using his behelit to finish berserk


anything else not involving ursula?

Erika Yano doing the Toru Yano pose

Rossweisse wearing this kimono


if it's not complicated enough can you do this?

Draw Kanae stretching

Haruhi Fujioka as a delinquent

Was meant for But anyone can draw it

i said simple but this might be interesting so damn you
managed to visualize it already so might try

Requesting Dante, Farmgirl and Super Agent doing The Shield's fistbump.

Jotaro looking at a mirror and seeing Kenshiro

Requesting Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya wearing Izuku Midoriya's hero costume.

Delivering, user! Hope you like it.

Well, that's it for this year - 21 requests delivered since I started here last September!

I'm gonna take a two week break from requests now to concentrate on some character creation I'm doing for my art class. I'll let you know when I'm back, but if you need me for whatever reason, try asking! I'll keep lurking here.

Nice. Hope you enjoy your break.

Requesting one final touch-up to some work that I had done before.
Just noticed it and it's nibbling at my mind now that i've noticed it.
Would someone be able to modify the parts that are highlighted in red into the skin colour, please?
I'll attach the normal pic for editing below.




Can anyone color this?

Requesting Kasumi Toyama, Rin Hoshizura, and Miku Maekawa as cats and playing with Mew from Pokemon

Anyone got a drawpile server up?

Late to the party but this is good!

Thanks a bunch for the colors!

dont mention it. feel free to req more shitty colors

oc donut steal


Happy new year, Showers! Excited to see what you'll come up with next year.

Requesting dramatic showdown between Haseo and Kirito.

Requesting Lotte chastising user for getting her pregnant

But that's what an anonymous image board is for user.