Find a flaw

Find a flaw

Yukino a shit.

One of her stockings is higher than the other


Extremely melodramatic and is easily hurt

She's going to get in an arranged marriage just like Eru Chitanda.

Season 2 fan fiction version of Yukino is not canon.

Flat chest
inb4 >flaw

One of her legs is stepped forward further than the other you depth challenged dullard

Yukino a best.

Well at least she’s not this ugly whore.

where the fuck is my Christmas cake[\spoiler]

Fucking doltard

Why did they make Yukino a dandere in the second half of the anime?

Because you are a retard Yuipollfag.

Low tier opinion

I assume you are talking about yourself?

What is a "pollfag"? Why not Yuifag?

She's not going to win.

It’s one specific Yuifag that makes the same posts time and time again.

She's not sitting on my face

>shipperfag is this bootyblasted that he takes screencaps of every post criticizing the poor writing of Yukino later on

I'm talking about both of us for stooping to the level of arguing about waifus on the internet

waifu doesnt mean girl. Newfaggot

Yes it is. Both in the LN and anime

Didn't they change Yuki's character due to suit and waifufag pressure? Originally Oregairu was supposed to be a deconstruction, and they changed it later on.

Will 8man save her?

I prefer girls with a front side.

She isn't Yui.

Just one? That's easy. She's an ungrateful lying ass bitch.

Flat chest.
Boring personality.
Also, not Yui or Iroha,

That’s Yui.

>boring personality
>Yui has a great personality or any kind of personality

Really really early on, you mean. I'd say it stopped being a deconstruction way early after volume 3. Only 7.5 tried to get back that early feeling, but then the author was pressured into the usual harem melodramatic korean drama pretentious crap. From interesting to shit-tier in just a moment.

But both Iroha and Yui are shit.

It was never a deconstruction. Only retards thought it was. It only shows you have no idea what you are talking about.

Correct, I'd say. Except the bitch part, really. Also, I think Yukino is a bigger liar and way more ungrateful than Yui, but that's just my opinion.

Hell no. Yui is a deceptive cunt that would backstab you. Yui has also never helped Hachiman. Yukino has.

Yeah, right. Re-read the very first 3 volumes, then. Particularly the middle part of vol3, then come back with your tail between the legs.

Like I said, retards don’t understand the story since the first novel.

>butthurt fanboys
Don't reply to me you subhumans.

You're a liar just like your waifu, user. Yukino is as shitty as Yui, really.

Nobody is a fanboy here you mong.

These fucking animeonlyfags.

Not really user. Yukino has only told white lies that help both Hachiman and Yui. Yui and Hachiman have told lies that hurt the group as a whole.

Iroha is easily the biggest shitter out of all of them. And I say that as a Sakifag.

Yeah, it's not like the author himself said that he was really aiming to write a deconstruction in his very first official interview, WE are the retarded ones, really, not the fags like you that wouldn't admit something is green even after it's clearly stated that it's actually green. Good job, fag.

Here's a better idea, stop being a braindead teenager and maybe you won't watch garbage shows like SNAFU.

Sakibro here. I think Iroha is "just" a cheating whore, but I seriously think she's a better friend to 8man than YYYY.

Yui is a keen manipulator, and she is willing to manipulate her friendship with Yuki to be with Hachiman.

Iroha is a manipulative cunt that only uses Hachiman. She’s a shit tier friend. Go back to your cancerous discord Yamigasoya.

>people don't realize how good iroha is as a character because she's had the most development so far
fucking kill yourselves

Iroha is slutty and only uses Hachiman to validate herself from losing the Hayama bowl.

I don’t think you understand what character development means.

Season 1 had less romantic fan service than the second. Only way this could be if it was a decontruction of harem like Evangelion is for Mecha and Madoka is for Magical Girls.