Shieldbro chapter 39!

A bit late but still, the time of the month has come for another dump.

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In other news, the author is starting a second Spear hero series.

Still about timelooping shenanigans though.



Interdimensional, not dimensional


And how the fuck is he supposed to do that?

right, aggroing

dubs hero more like it

I mean she isn't the one who has to do it.


Good to see L'Arc and Therese are holding their own



needless to say it does work against bosses.

Nice cutlass. Probably for marine combat and such



It's super effective!





Come the fuck on DPS!



Best boy being best boy.

i forgot the page


I mean what did you expect, he can't really attack or anything.

Small bump

Here comes the idiot trio being fags again


You've just been told





And this is the last page, hope you enjoyed it! I reckon there's only two more chapters before this arc ends.

Faggot Naofumi (the one from the LN, actually, not the one from the WN) is still a dumb naive fucker. He still didn't learn not to trust other people, and he even ended up powering up his own enemies. Or was it only the girl? Anyway, that's a good lesson to learn. Never trust seemingly too nice people. Other than birds turning into girls which you didn't raise yourself.

If you'd like my opinion it depends on how far you have gotten along with the LN

I wonder if he's the same as the fan hero.

> Larc, Therese, Glass and fishing lady gone for 6-8 volumes after volume 9.
Ironically, it was much better than WN. Villains are still pretty shit but expected.

Forgot to add that it's just fucking sad to see those character that are much more likable than the alot of the supporting cast being gone.

Ravioli Ravioli gimme the granny loli

We're still getting sadina, atlas and fohl in the next two volumes though

Thing is, I already went through the WN with them last time and I'm not expecting anything new from them.

I thought his defense was so high that he shouldn't get injured from a rocking boat.

If anything, in vol 10 they do show more of the mercenary country they find sadina in, and a few volumes later they all go to shildfreiden and then to rapthalia's country before doing the houou/twin pheonix thing.
Ah, there's also this girl in vol 11, she's supposed to be a survivor from a world similar to the world everyone's in but it got destroyed. Guess the author is making the threats of the waves still a thing.

High defense doesn't mean you'll be immune to falling on your head. Though some of naofumi's shields do offer some resistance to shock.

Any idea how far the manga is in compared to the LN/WN? 40%? Halfway?

we're past the latter half of vol 5. Just one more tweeeest and it's done. So far there's 19 Vols in jp (18 published, latest one coming by the end of january) and 9 in English.

>heros on a boat

Oh no...

Don't worry there won't be a hiatus

About fucking time you piece of shit.

Sorry, but i couldn't reliably upload images until later.

I was only being tsun, thanks for the hard work whore.

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Fucking whales man, does this one also completely erase the existence of a person?

No but the core jewel on it's forehead can shoot spells and heat rays. Though this was on the LN. Motoyasu would also join the fight underwater and try to go ahab on it.


>and try to go ahab on it.
I hope this gets animated.

is he such a big butt in the LN still along with the other 3
at least that sounds like he was trying pretty hard!

As in the whale drags him along because his spear got stuck on it.

Itsuki was doing long-ranged attacks to it, ren did the same and also focused on the mooks because, y'know, he can't swim.
Though the matter of the drops wasn't in the LN, guess it's a manga addition.



What's this guy's deal?

It's related to the waves of destruction. He came to kill the heroes of that world to extend the life of his own. However, he thinks only naofumi is the hero and he's set out to kill him. As for the other three idiots, he though they were too weak, so he knocked them out.

Huh, so there are multiple worlds all in the exact same position as Naofumi's? Was he also isekai'd? How did he get to another world?

Yes, the waves connect to multiple worlds. L'Arc and Therese came riding on one of them to Raphtalia's world to kill it's heroes. They're natives of Glass's world, which is in really close proximity with raphtalia's.

Mind going into a bit more depth? Feel there's a lot of context and what not missing

the waves are a phenomenon that happen when worlds start to merge with one another. The holy heroes are both one of the world's mechanism of defense and also the lynchpins of it's very existence. If all the heroes die during a wave, the world dies. The less heroes in existence in a particular world, the bigger and often do waves occur. The waves also seem to lead to other worlds that arent merging with the one that is being invaded though. I think that if two worlds start to merge, the more often will they be connected via the waves.

mind saying what happens in the end

Define end.

end of this arc

after defending against l'arc and therese, the person naofumi wanted to see the least appears. Glass. She assists L'arc and therese but raphtalia gravely injures her with the magic sword the wepon shop owner gave her. Then L'arc dumps a bottle of soul healing water on her, which not only restores her but also gives her a massive power boost. Naofumi and co. could just BARELY keep up with them, in between glass's attacks, l'arc's defense rating attacks and therese's defense down magic. Glass was about to execute a suicide attack before therese and l'arc stopped her, and with the wave about to end, they all retreated. Both sides were pretty close to losing all things considered.

Also the queen threw a barrel full of lucor which produced a mist of liquor when it burst. it blocked the vision of glass's group and made them dizzy from breathing the alcohol too. That was rishia's idea, naofumi and co didn't breathe it in because they were inside the shooting star/meteor shield's AoE. Though with naofumi's quirk of not getting drunk ever, he would have been recovering SP and mana from breathing in the mist. Lucor fruit and it's liquor can restore mana and SP for heroes.

I forget when the anime will air. And I also tend to forget the amount of cancer that will entail.

there's no date set yet. Probably for summer season.

thanks for the info, can;t wait for the next chapter

Scythes are atrocious weapons, they just aren't even remotely practical all the weight's in an over balanced leading position.
if it were more like a halbard maybe you could take it seriously but, scythes are just no use for weaponry.

I think he can also transform them into sickles and other like weapons.

that's not really an improvement
considering they're for mellee combat they're even worse

I thought scythes were used by peasants when they ran out of pitchforks or other typical weapons during revolt. Other than huge damage, you're right on that.

there's literally other really unconventional weapons out there, not just the scythe.
>music instrument
>crafting tools
You get the idea. I don't think it really matters since they're fucking legendary weapons and as such they give their users skills and shit a normal person wouldn't be able to have.

yeah the issue I have is the prevalence of scythes as weapons in these sorts of series, presenting them as if they weren't just a weapon of convenience, and being completely serious even if they aren't legendary,
obviously there are some viable techniques
But they don't really make up for their failings under the chaos of group combat.

And what the hell is his problem all of a sudden?

I see your point. The author even addressed this when naofumi and co manuvered close to l'arc for him to not be able to use his scythe properly. Even going as far as noafumi grabbing him and his scythe so firo and raphtalia could get a few good hits in.

You'll see next chapter. Or you could read the LN.

>You'll see next chapter. Or you could read the LN.

OK, will be waiting patiently for it.

I wish series actually had those kinds of handles like in the video.
> Seeing a fucking peasant mowing down his opponent with his scythe using those techniques.

This some KH shit right here, still enjoying it though, thanks for the dump, how far are we in the story?

good night thread, have a nice rest

After this there's a training arc, then the spirit turtle arc, then glass's world arc.
In terms of volumes we're 4 3/4 volumes into the story. out of 18 volumes.

Night, though I have a few questions that hopefully you can answer when you come back. Is the novel story complete and are there any side stories?

Thanks for the dump & good night, Shieldbro.