When you're marathoning a show, do you still watch the OP, ED and preview for every single episode?

When you're marathoning a show, do you still watch the OP, ED and preview for every single episode?

>When you're marathoning a show, do you still watch the OP, ED and preview for every single episode?
I haven't watched an OP, ED, or Preview in the past 10 years.

Not the preview because the dumbfucks tend to spoil it but always the OP and ED

Depends on how good the preview, OP and Ed are. If they spoil shit I avoid them.

Then again, I don't have a backlog so this entire concept of marathoning anime is not something I do anymore.

I watch the OP and ED once, and watch them again if they change noticably. I don't want to sit through a whole OP 12+ times to see 2-3 second changes.

>part of episode after ED
>part of episode inside ED
kill'em all

Doesn't matter if I'm watching the show in a marathon or not I only watch the OP and ED once, if a show has a preview I'll watch that every time.

Unless I really enjoy the OP or ED, I will watch the op at the start of my episode run and watch the ed at the final episode of the day. I will keep the ED on if there is a nice transition form the end of the episode to the ED.

you're only supposed to watch it at all if you like the song & visuals combo
for instance I've never even seen the entirety of OPM's ED even once

This is why I love it when there are video chapter tags.

depends on how much i enjoy them. This season, for example, I always watched Girls Last tour OP and ED. Kino's OP was pretty Kino too

i always watch the op, ed, and preview, unless they're missing

Always watch the OP almost never watch the ED more then once. Most ED's aren't very good.


Depends on the op/ed but also depends on the show. I use the downtime to reflect and analyze what I just watched for serious works.

usually, only skip it if I'm watching many in one day or if it sucks ass
only watch if it's good

I usually only watch the OP and ED once, then episode 2 onwards i skip the ED to the preview.

Only if the music is cool or catchy which almost never happens

I never skip the OP/ED since I like having moments where I can turn off my brain when I'm marathoning things.

Plus if you watch any OP 10+ times you will eventually start liking the song even if it's terrible, so the problem solves itself.

If they're even remotely good I usually won't skip them.

Unless I dont really like the op/ed I'll let it play but will usually multitask during it after the first episode or two. I like the bit of breather between episodes so they feel like single episodes in a series rather than one long sequence of events that blur together after a while. Previews I prefer to skip though.

I watch for the first few, then usually skip them any further on.

Legitimately depends on the series. I sand Hatena de Wasshoi so many damn time though.

And Freckles was legitimately the single greatest part of a Ruroni Kenshin episode. I used to get pissed that due to scheduling I'd always walk in as the song was ending.

I'll only watch the OP and ED every time if I like them, but for some reason, I always watch the preview.

Yes, because my autism tells me I didn't watch the whole episode if I skip them.

If I really like them.
No, that's pointless and can only spoil you.

Depends on my mood. Most likely to watch preview, especially if I've watched a few and they've tended to be good.


Yes. This is the only way to get them stuck in your head and is sometimes the only thing I remember from series.
>preview for every single episode
Most of the time I do but some shows are so fucking terrible with spoilers. There are a few episodes of Case Closed that literally just tell you who the killer is in the next episode.

Depends on the OP, the ED, and even mood when I'm watching. Next episode previews I'll basically always watch though; sometimes they contain info not in the actual episode and/or be entertaining enough in their own right, and in any case aren't long enough to be worth skipping.

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yes if I like it, usually skip the ED's tho because they're not as good as OP 93,2% of the time

I skip the ending because I'm an impatient ass who wants to see what happens next already.