Why are JCs so small?

Why are JCs so small?

why is nene so shit?

That's a JD

best girl


savior of anime of her respective season

Patron saint of coders.

Umiko is the goddess.

they also want them to double as lolis

>there are people who dislike nenechi

there is no way she is 144cm
that's like midget gnome-tier height even for a female.
she might even be eligible for disability benefits in some countries because of how short she is.

Middle schoolers can be that small.

>proprietary software """developers"""

Has she been fired yet?

She'll definitely need some help after I'm done manhandling her.

They're not people.


Nene is the inspiration I need to get through every day at work.


Her C++ is bad, but she is cute
I have never seen a cute C++ programmer, so I will accept it

She's an oppai loli

Sakura is now a JC

Sakura in her prime. I can't wait.

I want to spank Nene as punishment.

You haven't been around Asia have you?


>you will never gdb a core dump with Nene
Why do I still live.

>Delicious brown Nene
The best part of waking up.

For easier manhandling and mating press