Why don't you shape your body?

Why don't you shape your body?

I'm shaping it to be splotchy and round.

I own plenty of other things other than my body.

Name one thing.

Because my tummy hurts after 100 abdominal crunches. And this year I jogged for half and hour and then spitted blood so I just stopped.

I shape my body everyday all right.

You haven't understood the dichotomy of control fully, shonnen.

Running and situps are retarded lift weights

>half and hour
Shape your mind at least.

RIP user. We won't miss you.

your asshole

All that junk food I've got that prevents me from shaping my body

Exercise and dieting is hard and stupid
Besides, whats the point?

i do cause im not a fatfag

Stop being a fucking hikki for starters

Because I am garbage and deserve a body to match.

Fuck bros leg days tomorrow...

But I do, user

If I play vidya and watch anime all day, it's all the more incentive to lift

To be strong in mind and body

You're weak in both

girls like to 'mire' legs too

my brain
suck it brainlets, compensating with your body cause you're dumb lmao

I'm trying. Just a basic routine of a 20 minute run + 18 chin-ups (cant do more) 20+ Push ups, 10 crunches 10 sit-ups, 10 crawls.

Still round in the middle though.

I'm not gay but I wanna bury my face in his balls and let his cock lay over my forehead.

>That feel when lower body strong as fuck
>Upper body still thin and weak

Sad feels.

cause it's fine the way it is


I will be the MC of my life and the man my waifu deserves!!

>be ultra smart
>tfw you will die a virgin because girls don't want to screw anyone based on their "brain"

that means youre gay as shit

I don't think I need to workout as much, my strength builds fast so maybe 2 or 3 times a week, did squats and pushups for half a month and thighs are hard as steel and triceps are slightly toned


Is it weird that I think bodies are kind of gross? Whenever I see a position like this I'd rather be sedentary and not contort my body like that.

because i have damaged my thumb and my back, but i will get back on it

cuz i'm lazy and weak

How many scoops?
Or are you consuming vast amounts of animal flesh?

Luckily for me, my waifu likes pale skin and frail bodies.

but I do, I run 5km, four times a week. Runner's high is real and addictive as hell.

powerfatty detected

>Why don't you shape your body?
I do faggot even practice kickboxing outside of the gym workouts.

Does working out really help with depression?

your brain is a part of your body, dumbass

Yes physical activity boosts your teatosterone and punps your brain with dopamine.
now stop being such a faggot soyboi beta cuck and give me 20 push ups / 60 sit ups and 40 squats.
thats fucking kindergarten warm up btw.

O-okay I'll do it! faget

It helps you not be pathetic, so yes.

if you can't get a girl to have sex with you then you ain't smart, just autistic.
It really doesn't take much.
>but i am ugly and fat
no excuses there are girls who are still willing
>but i want them sexy models not ugly thots
play in your league, noob

>Why don't you shape your body?
Shaping my mind first. Will get to body later.

Get outta here loser

No motivation.

but I never excercised for 7+ years and became a fatfuck so for now i'm just taking care of not eating shit and doing like 30s plank, 10 dragon flag and 2km of running
pls no bully

Only if it triggers a testosterone addiction to being healthy and working out. At any point you can drop your weights and realize what you're doing is pointless reverting back to depression unless it suddenly gave you mad pussy. Any form of addiction can cure depression(babby's first addiction to fight depression is alcohol for example), it all depends how smart you are with it.

I'm a skeleton (55 kg), how do I shape up?


>no chest and back
incorporate some pull ups and push ups in your workout fatso and don't forget to activate your scapula before pulling up or you're gonna to fuck up your joints like a full on retard.
Eat like a motherfucker. For real just eat until your full and exercice.
>b-but won't i become fat
the more foot you eat the faster your metabolism works so no unless your diet is absolute trash. Get as much protein as you can. I would'nt recommend shakes to a beginner until after one or two month of serious training.

> 610 pound DL
> 550 pound back SQ
> 155 pound OHP
> 240 pound push press
> 260 pound BP
while being 190 pounds and 6''
I'm strong as fuck

To get motivated to develop his physique and manhood, correct? Keep up those kegels bruv.

the more food you eat the faster your metabolism works

there are literally no scientific studies to back your claim

you are a calorie in, calorie out machine, if you want to eat 500 cals of bullshit than do 500 cals of workout

if you eat whatever your BMR is and workout everyday you'll lose weight consistently and be generally healthy

how /fit/ can you get without going to a gym or buying gym equipment

can i just do pushups and crunches and run everyday like saitama?

>can i just do pushups and crunches and run everyday like saitama?
No, not only will you hit a plateau there is also a big chance for you to get injured.
Muscle development comes from resting.

you can not eat whatever that's retarded.
you need to have a balanced diet to be healthy. calories aside your body needs vitamins and minerals. so no a diet full of shit won't provide you with all the necessities.
As for the metabolism, as long as you eat enough your metabolism will be fine it's true that there isn't a real boost but a lot of people especially those on the heavy side tend to eat not enough which isn't good at all and can actually stall or make their progression worse.


doing pushups every other day then

Depends on the person.

oh wow
ive been doing this and flutter kicks to work on my core for a while now because ive been lazy
i feel like its better than sit ups because i have a heavier lower body

How do you even shape your body like this?

I do, I pretty much work out every day, really don't get too much out of it emotionally, and just view it as grinding, which is what it really is. I just view it as a life decision to be a healthy person, and kinda use it as an excuse to listen to hype music for 2 hours a day.

>the only thing we truly own is tht body we shape every day
Sure, buddy

>And this year I jogged for half and hour and then spitted blood so I just stopped.
Jesus, go see a doctor fucking now.
I do. But I'm waiting for the 8th of January to continue because I don't have gym membership where I'm currently staying.

Me, too.

Reminder that getting fit helps you think more clearly and helps you maintain your IQ

>used to go to gym 3-4 days a week
>could run up to four miles without a break
>would always watch anime as a reward for going to the gym
>developed some type of bowel problem a few months ago
>can’t run without feeling like I’m going to crap my pants and going to the bathroom is an ordeal in itself

I should go back to the g.i. doctor.


take a run before breakfast when your stomage is empty

Hope you get better, user.

I'm a long-distance cyclist and I've shaped it well enough. Lifting weights would probably shape me some more, but I'm satisfied with my low BF% and the lean physique I have.

owlets when will they learn

>pushed myself too hard while running
>ripped my bowels open
>spent two days in IC and two weaks in a hospital with a bunch of tubes sticking out from every hole, natural or cut, in my body
>panicked for years just thinking about seriously working out or actually doing anything at all
>watched a shitload of animu in the process
At the very least I've trained myself to do push-ups and not freak out.

If they made short youtube videos of these girls explaining these type of exercises I bet Sup Forums would get slightly healthier.

How the fuck
Thanks now I will never deadlift again.

>dieting is hard
Just eat less, that's all you have to do. Being lazy is hard?

>the only thing that is entirely your own achievement is your body
Ya know, minus all those genetics that determine virtually 100% of your physical capability and most certainly 100% of your physical limitations (and the only way to overcome a simple portion of that is to use gear and techniques that other people designed/engineered, but whatever, right?)

inb4 fatty I do manual labor for a living, I maintain a fairly clean diet in between fasting routines 3 times a year, and I exercise every day. I'm about 14% body fat on top of enough muscle to nearly 1/2/3/4 (I'm working on the 3 and 4, 90% there). I just don't live under the delusion of the self-made man concept.

>no excuses there are girls who are still willing
There arent though
>play in your league, noob
Every girl here is at least 7/10 you fucking faggot

>ripped my bowels open

Anything would as long as you get to be somewhere besides your room. You could lift, you could cycle, you could explore your country, you could take photographs and shit, and so on. All you need is to get out of the places you constantly stay in, and distract yourself with something that doesn't merely include consuming media created by other people.
AniTore gets close, though it's even more goofy than that manga.
Get on a ketogenic diet and tell me that again.

>if I use this technique I will shorten my lifespan


No idea. But my small bowl is now 10 cm shorter. Doesn't affect me in any way except for the fact I'm scared shitlest of pushing myself too hard.


Yes, unless you legitimately believe it won't help you. Your subconscious mind is a dick like that (and yes, that is quite literally how it works.) Depression is characterized by a reduced serotonin release/uptake response to stimuli. SSRI's (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, AKA the majority of anti-depressants) work by preventing your neurotransmitters from receiving the serotonin you do release unless you have a very strong emotional reaction, so that there is more serotonin when you need it to help calm you down.

Exercise has been proven, time and again, to cause neurotransmitter response in both serotonin and dopamine. I spent nearly 3 years in legitimate medical therapy for major depression, nightmare disorder, suicidal ideations, and insonmia. Actual doctors in a hospital - not some talk therapist in a down-town officer - all recommended that exercise, since it would help alleviate some of the side-effects of depression.

There are also long-term side-effects as well. You are going to feel better about yourself once you start to become stronger and fitter, and once you're body starts to change and you lose weight (even if you don't have a lot of weight to begin with), which is going to improve your self-esteem and self-image, which will help with your depression even if it isn't rooted in self-image or self-esteem issues.

tl;dr--yes exercise helps depression, buy a pair of running shoes and a do a couch to 5k, its good for you faggot

>Every girl here is at least 7/10 you fucking faggot

Helped me. Whenever I saw myself in the mirror I was always impressed.
>wtf, that is really me?
And not that Sup Forums cares, but 3d girls talked to me waaay more often than ever.

Sorry for not living in a 3rd world country.

>not cultivating both your mind and your body
kek you failed at life, die and try again faggot

Joke on you, IQ actually deteriorate if you don't work out.

Just don't fuck with the doom guy next time and you'll be fine.

I actually am less scared of being stabbed now, because I already know how it feels and what the recovery would be.

Come on lad go outside from time to time.

Artist no longer believes in the power of the body and has instead chose to invest in SCIENCE instead. So there's no real need for me to train my body day in a day out, just need to train my mind.

>there are "men" shorter than 6" in this thread RIGHT NOW

>shorter than 6"

(had to use google to find out how tall is that)


I am 5'10 bitch. What you gonna do retard?

Start exercising and eat more. Shoot for 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body mass. If you're one of those Marfan's disorder or similar freaks that can eat whatever the hell you want and never gain weight, start working yourself up to 3,000+ calories a day; you'll gain weight. If you still aren't gaining weight at that point, talk to a doctor about steroids (the legal kind), like what they give to people who have Crohn's disease. It make take some convincing, but it's worked in the past.

Regardless, start with exercise and eating more. As far as an exercise routine goes, literally google search it. There's so much information out there now. The important thing is to decide a goal. Do you want to gain weight simply by putting on body fat? Do you want to grow muscle? How do you want to develop your muscle (functionality, aesthetics/look good in clothes, athletics, powerlifting, etc.)?

Decide on a goal, do your research based on the goal, commit to the routine, and eat more. Sounds simple, because it honestly is. The hard part is committing to it.