Boku No Hero Academia

When's Moonfish getting his spin-off series?

he already has his own movies

The Yakuza raid arc was a mistake.

Sorry, the ratings crushed his chances.

Don't strain yourself looking for more shitpost material, Deku's 20% boost will probably drop down to 13-15% this arc.

So how long until the villains interrupt the training?

That still doesn't change the fact that it was an unnecessary power up.

Let's talk about what matters, how high are her chances to win the Bakubowl?

>death row
>he killed someone with his quirk

BnH is actually darker than i tought, how many chapter before one of student died?

Please reply to this

>bakugo getting deku's sloppy seconds
poor kid just can't win


Can't win if you don't play. Camie is only interested in Endeavor. She doesn't like outdated delinquent-wannabe losers.

Yaoi hands aka Kendo.

I'd say there's a pretty high chance, I'm already a fan of the ship and those were some slight interactions. I hope Hori isn't purposely trolling, they could have a nice dynamic. They'd be like the inverse of Bakugo's parents. Dad chill, mom explosive, Bakugo explosive, Camie chill, nice. I just need to see the eugenic potential..

Camie could have been dead but Toga isn't as psycho as we thought so that's good I guess.
Darkness never sleeps. Shadow birb getting major focus soon.

Pretty high. Why else would Hori have her interact mainly with him?

How well do you think each of the 1-A kids would handle having to comfort a civilian who has been fatally wounded?

Not really, by that logic Deku going 100% any time he needs to is an unnecessary power up. He needed the 20% to square off against Overhaul for a good portion of the fight, otherwise he'd be ded.

The LoV's original plan in the USJ attack was to be fighting All Might, Aizawa and Thirteen all together - Wouldn't All Might have just pancaked Nomu if he hit it with Aizawa rendering it quirkless?

Does every boy-girl interaction in this series have to be turned into a ship?

I like it but Baku is too autistic for anything beyond flings

reminder that Skitter will win the Dekubowl

>Wounded villain on the ground
>Begs for help
>Bakugo shatters his/her ribcage and puts them to sleep
We need this.

>Does every boy-girl interaction in this series have to be turned into a ship?
That's why we have Nejire & Ryukyu, but more seriously I don't even mind. If it makes the Fujos angry, it's probably a good thing. It's kind of begging itself to be shipped too, I mean she's agreeing with him and having a nice conversation without being told to fuck off.

Can his teeth regrow or are they permanently fucked by the /birb/?

hello, shit poster-kun

>He needed the 20% to square off against Overhaul for a good portion of the fight
Deku goes 20% so he can get close enough to land a blow on Overhaul that doesn't even hit it's mark. He then goes 100% with the help of Eri and demolishes Overhaul. 100% full cowl devalues the 20% power up and Deku's fighting ability my making him look practically incompetent unless he's using 100%. Which bull since he has proven in the past that he is completely competent at fighting with 5% and 8%.

I think they will probably grow back, it’s not like Bird pulled them out at the root

Deku's got smoother moves than that.

This is ultragay

>how many chapter before one of student died?
Well one of the kids Deku went to elementary school with has already died on screen.

lower than her chances of becoming Todoroki's new stepmom

>Be dying
>Autistic explosion hero yells at me to die faster so he can go "help" other victims

>and demolishes Overhaul.
Generally the guy who got demolished is the one who's on the ground unable to move, not the one still standing and able to fight.

Most of the VA are, or were, serious villains, despite how goofy they are.

If it'd gotten dubs you wouldn't have said shit.

Her quirk should be somewhat similar to Toga’s, or the people at her school are retarded.

Overhaul got slammed pretty hard user. He may have been able to move a single arm, but that doesn't changed the fact that he got his ass handed to him.

Momo confirmed for depression when Todoroki starts texting Cammie for booty calls.

Bakugo'd damaged brain doesn't even conceive of the idea of losing until it's already happened. So until then, he'd fling them with an explosion toward a hospital or healer. Possibly fatally.

Sero’s poop joke is one of the little things I’m most looking forward to see animated

Why would Momo care? She has a boyfriend already

What gets me is Camie shitting on his style and Bakugou not dismissing her or telling her to shut up, that's more than what most people get from him

>immediately starts shitting
Is she the world's first indian hero?

Five Peepee Man [/spolier] is going to be pretty spectacular too.


Just because we know she can make a Dakimakura doesn't mean she has. It'd be a bad idea in the rooms situation unless she can hide it.

Tooru didn't use her quirk a single time until the license exam, months after starting to attend UA. I guess everyone at UA must be retarded for not thinking she was replaced by a shapechanger that entire time.

The point of him going 20%, failing, then full cowl 100% with Eri, was to make him realize that he can’t always rely on trying to achieve M O R E O F A, especially since he won’t be achieving 100% anytime soon, so he has to really change the way he approaches fights (until now he mostly depends on one surekill attack with high OFA percentage as his trump card: refer to vs Muscular)

He’s been making progress since after his fight with Deku, he’s been less of a loud asshole. Now he’s just loud and sometimes an asshole.

Not sure, but I think we could get a pretty powerful scene with Toru and some blood smears from thr civi.
> there...I don't be alone...
>I...I am here.

Young All Might must have been ridiculously /fit/ as fuck to take to OfA right off the bat unlike Deku.

I’d make sure my students are able to use there powers before sending them into an event that could get them hurt.

He is 220cm after all. The guy is fucking huge even in his emaciated skelly

Yeah, apparently he just took to it no problem. It makes me want to know what his life was like before OfA. Really I just want a full All Might flashback arc at some point.

class b arc + shinso when

Shinso never

Shit, this is actually the nicest Bakugo moment I can even remember in the entire series.

Shinsou soon, who cares about 1-B

But also his OfA is not the same amount of power as Deku's. At some point a quirk that grows in power like OfA has to be getting out of control, so maybe that's Deku's rendition.

What about repaying Kirishima for the night vision goggles he lost?

It’s between that or this, the mellowing out process of Bakugo has begun

Izuku was a kid who despite wanting to be a hero, knowing he was quirkless, for some reason didn’t decide to do the only thing he could possibly do to get stronger. Not get /fit/ like an idiot and maybe take a martial art. I don’t even see the logic in not doing these things. Did he just hope something like what happened would happen? How did he expect to become a hero when he basically taking no steps forward to becoming one? I could see if he had at least tried to become fit, because Mirio was able to survive against Overhaul for 5 minutes quirkless, defending a child, by being /fit/.

He probably was hoping he was a really late bloomer and somehow would develop a quirk that would be great for hero work.

>We’re going to see random kids quirks and what they do before some of class 1-B

I simply want to address that this “holding off for 5 minutes” thing is overblown, since Hori compresses time like crazy. His 5 minutes was more like 1-2 minutes

He'd still have to be /fit/ to be a hero.

I'm pretty sure Hori wanted to make Deku good at martial arts at the start, but just forgot

Bakugou doesn't shit on everyone disagreeing with him.

Quirk is king in the setting. Heck there’s a reason they’re literally called “personality” in nips. Missing one presumably makes you worse than a cripple since you lack “personality”

Let that sink in for a moment.

Notice there are no other quirkless characters in the story apart from AM and Deku

Midoriya did kind of address this in his thoughts early on. He was basically avoiding dealing with it the whole time, even in productive ways that would have helped his chances like any depressed user would be familiar with.

I’m surprised people are bothered by that, he beat most of 1-A in a few seconds and Aizawa called him the closest person, including the pros, to being the next #1 hero. Him holding out for 5 minutes didn’t strike me as too much.

I think this was the nicest he has been. Despite being self-centered, he actually remembered the exact words someone else said months ago and tried to cheer him up

>Bakugou will impregnate this

What makes you think that? It's doesn't seem like something you just forget to do

Isn't the police officer All Might is friends with quirkless?

Because it tells you on the first page.
Getting /fit/ doesn't make you a superhero.
Deku could be at the peak of his physical condition and he still wouldn't be able to be a hero.
That's why women and men don't compete against each other in sports. To be capable of superhuman feats no amount of /fit/faggotry will help you, you need to be born that way.

>goes full asspull %10000000 with muscular
>goes %100 with the proper resource of the reversal loli

Go back to Sup Forums speedreader

Because that's Deku's personality.
He's a little beta bitch who spent his whole life being shit on but secretly hoping someone out there would believe his dream wasn't stupid and impossible. Culminating in his and everyone's hero saving his ass and saying "sorry kid, you can't be a hero" meaning pretty much it was over, if Superman refuses to believe in you then nobody will.

That's sort of his point, he's a dorky wimp who deep down has the spark of a hero in him that was never fostered by anyone even himself but refused to be extinguished.

Remember when Deku fought Bakugo and threw him onto the ground?

It's hard to say because of the subject and context. One he's talking to Kirishima, the closest thing to his friend. The other is Midoriya. And in the Kirishima one the way he frames it is he's reacting to Kirishima thinking something stupid rather than trying to cheer him up, but the Midoriya one couldn't be concealed, he was unambiguously being helpful, even respectful. To Midoriya.

>Deku could be at the peak of his physical condition and he still wouldn't be able to be a hero.
But he wanted to be a hero and tried to enter in the best hero school in Japan nonetheless.

I must know what kind of stupid quirk marriage this will turn out to be!

She's easy as hell to impress, Inasa, Todo or even Deku would impregnate her first
She didn't even compliment Bakugo, she shat on his style

He has lie detecting quirk iirc

Valley girls may act retarded but they notice husbando material when they see one. Based Bakugo gets to smash this soon.
>Tfw Deku shows up and she falls in love with his dorky ass instead
Can anyone stop the /madman/ bros?

Quirkless people don't mention it. No one at UA was quirkless, which weights their appearance significantly, but lots of people in crowds never show quirks. Villains are basically all quirked, the misuse of quirks being their entire classification apart from criminals.

Still mad Deku didn't tell anyone about Camie (actually Toga's) weirdness during the exam. Then again she didn't remember shit and the license officials didn't seem to care so, I guess it doesn't matter.

Overhaul didn't have Deku on the ropes though

He was dreaming, not planning. He wasn't even facing reality, that was a whole thing he had to realize at one point.

>Bakuchad ends up with a hot slut
>Decuck ends up with a girl that can't even afford to eat yet is somehow still a fatass
I would kiss Hori

user have you seen the sheer amount of arm-pumping Ochako is animated with? There is absolutely no reason to be jealous of someone getting a girl who isn't Ochako.

Actually I think the whole spar with 1A lasted for 5 minutes, so on par with the time he held out vs OH while quirkless

If we look to the chapters where time was explicitly stated, it became clear how time was depicted.

The whole Mirio vs OH for example, lasted for *at least* 10 minutes from the left panel to right panel, despite the whole ordeal only consisting of Mirio phasing around and Overhaul creating spires which lasted for only a chapter (150-151)

>He isn’t down with the THICCness

No squishy pounding for you

>One will be a loyal wife
>the other will fuck the first nigger she sees

>implying Ochaco doesn't fuck old men for money
And everyone knows gyarus in love are the purest of creatures

>I think the whole spar with 1A lasted for 5 minutes
Not it didn't. You are retarded if you think so.

I’m not sure he should be glad he got to keep the date rape girl

Fuck you.

Look who’s back

I should rephrase then
It lasted for 5 minutes, proven by how time is depicted on the events following that