The manga is pretty bare bones. Should the anime be looked at as the canon material instead? Kind of how DBS does things?

Also when will we finally meet Kawaki?

Holy fuck the anime has been redeemed with the last episode. It felt like the beginning of nardo with actual fight choreography.

do people actually watch this? I mean since the moon people bullshit naruto/boruto was such absolute trash

That art style is so fucking atrocious. Fitting for this terrible series.

It's comfy if you just want to watch some comfy kid adventures.
Also since ut now just focuses on the kids, the powerlevels and fights are scaled down to part 1 again, which is the best part.
If there is one thing you can say about Bort it is that it is atleast better than the tail end of shippuden.

>Also when will we finally meet Kawaki?
"Kawakii was my slave name, I am actually this other totally fleshed out character that no one suspected. It was a bait and switch to compensate for a stupid 'artistic decision'. I fooled all of you, and now konoha is destroyed and I must fight."

Pic related

Will he

1. Job
2. Give kawaki his godkiller tats
3. Kill toneri
4. Report the defeat of momokin back to their home world

>1. Job
>2. Give kawaki his godkiller tats
>3. Kill toneri
Dont think so
>4. Report the defeat of momokin back to their home world
Not if he dies

You guys are ignoring the absurdly likely posibility. The opening sequence will be explained away with 'it was a dream'.

Don't you remember the stupid amount of switcheroo's he did with the prophecy toad's prophecies.

There are a few outs here
>Just a genjutsu
>Just a vision of the potential future from your Jougan
>Naruto didn't die, he was just pretending
>Naruto did die but he can be brought back

> Also when will we finally meet Kawaki?

I am thinking at the end of thr current manga arc. Sarafa saying Boruto is friends with everyone he meets seemed like foreshadowing to me like Kawaki will hate Boruto right off the bat or something.

"kawaki is my middle name"
"don't you know, everyone in the [insert here] clan can change their hair color."

>memeing pinkshit
>inb4 Transform: Anti-Sakurabully Ranger!

>Saladslut tongue
What a whore


Delete this right now, you little shit.



>Naruto is gonna die before the series ends

>It is I, Orochomango.
>I have invented ninja science machine that makes souls, I've done this like 9 times to make people.
>You know that rebirth jutsu?
>No not that one
>Not that one either
>The other one
>the other other one
>yeah that one
>what if, we made a synth and then made them sacrifice themself

>Turd posting
This should be a bannable offense

>stop liking what I don't like

He will probably appear in the anime before we see him in the manga.

I hate this pic, it look like she was raped to death

Salada in this old artwork have boobs and thick tights, why you changed her, ikemoto?

Which one?


Imagine being this triggered

>Mitsuki is a more interesting character than all of the new cast.

I hope Boruto dies and Mitsuki becomes the main character.

I really like this outfit more than the casual clothes she has now, why did Ikemoto change it?

Because he's a pedo and needs to be in jail, no idea why he would add boobs to the lolis he likes so much.

Ikemoto didn't draw this


It's him

Why do spics have such a shitty idea of what boobs and hips are? Is it the general lack of food in their third world shitholes?

American woman don't have hips or butt, user

Very wrong, that’s exactly where all the excess food goes

>implying I’m even American

lmao spic women have them boobs and hips you fag

Fuck off

Both the manga and anime are canon, they just start at different points. After the Momoshiki Arc, it'll follow what the manga's covered so far.

>both were 31 in shippuden
being a single mother sure takes its toll on you

If only Anko aged as well as Shizune

Where did you find a picture of my husband?

It seems Netori was caught in the infinite tsukuyomi as well

is Shizune an uch*ha?

Would you?

Who is it?


Urashiki, the third ayyy.



I fucking love teen Naruto design, best one in my opinion

Is it the one Kishi drew for the recent festival?

Naruto is so cool

God tier design if you ask me

such a good art waste on a cringy ooc

iirc he drew that for his fellow animator

Perfect design


my dick

One of my favourite things about the Naruto series as a whole, is the way it depicted Naruto rising from an outburst prone brat into a massive chad. He goes through all this drama shit with Sasuke and Sakura and comes out the other side enlightened, of course he's still incredibly autistic at the end of shippuden, but it's like his extreme friendship-induced autism has allowed him to ascend above everyone else. The best example of this is how he deals with Sasuke at the final battle, Sasuke keeps sperging out about 'muh revolution' but Naruto stays totally chill. Sadly we're not going to get a similar transformation in Boruto.

Too young yet. For now I want to deflower the violet.

No, no, no. It’s
>deflower the sunflower
>toss the salad’s salad
>violate the violet

>scaled down to part 1 again, which is the best part.

Not really, same thing that happened with Dragon Ball, took Goku and Vegeta a lot of time and stuff to happen to attain saiyan,Goten and Trunks got it as children and Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. were pretty much born with it.

I'm seeing a similar trend with Boruto, a lot of these kids are presenting techniques and a skill level that we only got to see once Shippuden came around or after a lot of time of seeing the characters train and whatnot. In some cases just just splatter random new jutsus that we had never seen just to give the kids and edge. I personally don't like that.

pretty much. The entire series was naruto learning when zen ends and ass kicking begins

>pet the fox
>preen the hawk

>Violets are flowers

Both work


hes a fuking degenrate that draws girls with baby faces

Ikemoto's Naruto looks good

Naruto is NOT for sexualizing

More twink Naruto pls

Heres how ninja academy would be if I ran it. The subjects would be:
Chakra theory
Basic Shinobi History
Mission Simulations

Some subjects have written test others dont. Students would be required to take a physical test involving lifting up a boulder the size of a car for about 3 minutes straight before being allowed in since we dont want any weak ass normies, the next requirement is you to run 100 feet in a second as the speed requirement no slowpokes allowed either. Finally we gotta make sure you are tough so you will kicked off a 200ft cliff and if you survive with no wounds you are in.

Ninjas must be ready to kill at any moment, so students will given live small animals to kill then we will use more human looking animals like monkeys or gorillas. Eventually the students will kill live humans we kidnapped from faraway towns nobody cares about. This is the desensitize them so they have no problem eliminating targets and dont go full moralfag.

Weapons will be used on live animals as well since humans move way too freaking slow to make challenging targets. If you cant get a kunai to kill a wild deer with one in its brain you will fail as a ninja Im sorry but thats the truth. Senbons will not be used because they are for sissies. Swords will be used on animals not humans they will learn weapon techniques and such.

Chakra lessons will require you to learn how to make chakra then you will taught every handseal and given drills to do all of them, next you will be given special paper to determine your element.

Thats not actually a sandwhich

Naruto is fundementally unsuited for being a twink. That is Sasuke’s role

>way too freaking slow


Rock lee can move faster than a jet and minato was so fast he teleported. Not to mention 12 year olds can move at bullet speed in naruto so

Normal humans user, shinobi are too valuable to use as target practice.

Or sai

He's always walking around in a gay looking midriff

Desu, there is an essential lack of frigid, dominant females in this series. We had hope with Sarada, but as usual, Kishi ruined her in her second appearance

kimimaro wasnt a shinobi when he was little but he still moved quickly enough to escape those kiri nin and even injure them

Yes genetic freakshows like him is what we want as shinobi.

Kuroi Hako is here

I’m talking about the rhymes

Dominant, you say?

>genetic freakshow

Your post gave juugo chronic depression.

These fan service archetypal characters are the worst. Her clothing doesn't fit with the Naruto universe.

nostalgia says kid naruto a best

Yes yes he shall make a fine shinobi as well, weaklings like that Denki need to go to normalfag school.


She is a bit character though. Not enough to satisfy my needs

Why are they so perfect

The seperate persona of mine that drives a white van and offers candy agrees.

>1. Job
Most likely.
>2. Give kawaki his godkiller tats
I doubt it.
>3. Kill toneri
Sure, why not.
>4. Report the defeat of momokin back to their home world
Well, they have to find that out sooner or later.


I think it's fine since it's been almost 2 decades and fashion changes. Iwabe and Denki also wear stuff that would look out of place in the original series.


Which sites are you getting these from

Any Hawawa raping Bort doujinshi yet?

not the user whom u asked but pixiv probably.