Just marathoned the first episode

I did not like it. Had to walk out due to disinterest. Anybody else?

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Skip to episode 9.

You know you can just ignore and move on whenever someone makes a REALLY bad attempt at getting a discussion going about this or that anime.
It's not worth your time. Pick your fights. Walk away, bud. Don't do this to yourself anymore than you really need to.

Grow an attention span

How do you marathon a single episode?

It's a shit meme, and OP is a faggot.

>just marathoned the first episode

>Just marathoned the first episode.
Sup Forums-tier meme.

>actually thought it was from Sup Forums Hello redd*t!

Thanks might give it a chance. Im just putt off by the artstyle and the sexualization.

Skip to episode 5 instead.

I actually blazed through all the episodes last night. Took a while to get going but it ended up being one of my highest rated anime.

Got a favorite song off the OST?

Just gotta tread through the beginning where they line up everything then you will like it.

That's not a marathon, that's like a walk to the end of the city block and huffing and wheezing because you're fat.

Also drop the show, don't watch the rest of it.

This is everyone's favorite.


what this user said

Of course, but what about youtube.com/watch?v=BeSbmS06k1k

I also thought it was garbage. I'm done with anime that feature child protagonists. I didn't care if Riko got to meet her mommy again or not.

I wasn't a fan of the first two episodes but then it quickly picked up

Just marathoned your post. I did not like it. Had to walk out due to disinterest. Anybody else?

I love the premise and environment style, of the first few episodes. But really wish their wasn't the vague undertone of loli/shota S&M fanservice. Makes me cringe something fierce.

Sup Forums meme

>That's not a marathon
First day on Sup Forums, newfag?

It started on Sup Forums, and migrated to Sup Forums.

It gets good till episode 8. First episodes were not great but not bad either so just sticked with it.

>Just marathoned the first episode
This should be a bannable offence

> marathon
> first episode

22 minutes is really that for a millennial huh?

>I marathoned the first episode
This is my favorite meme.

>people still fall for this

But the opening 3 episodes are the only ones that are legitimately fantastic. The rest span from passable to great, but only episode 1-3 achieve 9-10/10

Same. I haven't actually seen the show but in the manga the loli fanservice makes me feel pretty awkward. I thought the strung up naked thing was just a weird one off joke but then we have nipples and boners and tentacles and toilets that lick asses.

Hello, fellas, I think r/anime would be more your speed.

I never thought a balloon ascending could make me tear up

It's weird, I like the manga but not the anime. I do like the anime's soundtrack though. I guess I just don't have an attention span but I can be engrossed in other shows like HnK and Seikaisuru Kado.

MiA really brings out the self loathing pedos out of people.

Fuck, you probably shouldn't see Up then you'd probably literally die from the torrent that would come from your eyes

Aside from the big three that get mentioned, Riko's Theme.

Ooh, just had a listen again, it's really nice. Starts off all hopeful and curious and then dives into a more adventurous tune. Fitting, nicely done.

That's what I like about it. It sounds like a song about adventure, and that's a large part of the series. It and Through the Light really capture that feeling of adventure which drew me to the series in the first place.

I think this is one of the ones you meant by "Big Three", but it's also excellent. Really the whole OST is. youtube.com/watch?v=Eck3qf4FDf4

i dropped it after ep 9. You're not missing much, don't waste your time on it.

My hero academia is probably more your style

>dropped it before it became really good
Well that sucks, but to each their own. Care to say why?

Yeah, creators pretty much ruined the tempo and were unable (at least unwilling) to create gloomy ambience. YOU BLASPHEMER, how dare you dislike AOTDecade, summer 2k17 magnum opus!!1