Houseki no Kuni

Cairngorm is the best(and cutest) gem

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Antarc is better.

Cairngorm is the only male gem.

>throws ball baring at her

He's my wife

>Ghost is pregnant with a black baby
Stop the Ghost bullying

You spelt Paddington wrong.

Benito? More like Bestnito!


Both are good as long as they have their gembutts intact

I really fell in the love with the manga art. Can't exactly put my finger on why, but I just feel like it suits the story extremely well

More like Whonito?

It's the way Ishikawa uses blacks and whites, making them bleed and mesh with each other in ways I haven't seen other artists do. And the paneling/page composition is utterly gorgeous at times.

How about an incomplete Pearl butt?

how did TLer come up with cairngorm from カンゴーム (kangoumu)? and why do some call him karen when there isnt even an R

Agreed. It gives off a sense of isolation and lonlinesss to me.

>how did TLer come up with cairngorm from カンゴーム (kangoumu)?
Because they translated the name of the gem to English.

there is no gem called cairngorm

nevermind im retarded

>Cairngorm is a variety of smoky quartz crystal found in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. It usually has a smokey yellow-brown colour, though some specimens are a grey-brown.

Both are on superior tier, that's for sure

He is a gemlet

His name is carlos

season 2 when?

Anyone feel bad for Zircon now that his biggest fear of losing his Yellow Dia senpai came true after he has gained some confidence, even worst that YD volunteered to come to the moon

I wouldn't say retarded, maybe just a Master scholar.

>it will take the span of your existence
i saw anons speculating about this as the number of years phos has lived and about how the prince knew phos' age but im pretty sure this is a mistranslation.
is something like "it will take an overwhelming amount of time"

So its
(Inclussions mantains Cconciousness)
(Damage doesnt spread to his body)
>Yellow Diamond
(Super speed)
>Ghost Quartz
(Forms over other gems)
(Berserker Personality)
(Analytical Skills)
(Hair detects atmospheric pressure)
(Stronger the colder it is)

And the rest of the gems might have talents but no special skills.

Did somebody say Craig??

Just cought up on the manga.
How often are chapter releases and is anyone scantalating it?

Hey guys, Sensei here. You guys aren't lewding the gems are you? If you are you won't get any headpats, and no pick ups either.

once a month. latest raw is ch 63 i think. so everything is scanlated already

Once a month, and usually someone on here gives translations, even if it isn't typeset immediately.

i NEED the OST like i need air to breathe

Once a month (usually on the 25th), and we have a new translation group on the job, they're in the thread too

On a monthly basis, and we got the latest chapter about a week ago.

We're caught up, and we get spoilers pretty fast on chapter release day.

Not at all sensei.

>Not leading gems

Since gems look and act like girls they're effectively girls right?

Don't click this, sensei.


I can't fucking spell

You think Parappa the Rappa, LaPhos, Bort, Zircon, Antarc, Craig and Sensei all act and look completely like girls

How does sensei feel about losing to Phos the master scholar in this

Bort is the cutest girl of them all.

Sensei is my waifu, obviously.

Its okay to touch yourself to mineral compounds user

Hurts just a little it

Zircon is a typical tomboy.

whatever happened to lapis lazuli hair? they collected it except for a single strand and had plenty of time to reattach it but phos is still short haired

Zircon is a top tier cutie though.

you saying boys can't be cute

Isnt it because LaPhos likes to keep it short, since he keep complain about how heavy it is

I love Ghost, will she ever return? Also
>Lapis somehow got Ghost pregnant and created a black gem
How though

At first I was a little put off by the artwork but it really grew on me, the official digital rips made it even better. Only issue is sometimes I have no idea who is who when a bunch of gems are in one panel. I wish their outfits were more distinguished.

I can't sleep. Who wants a stupid doodle request. Pic relevant, stupid doodle example.

If Ghost return then there will be no more Craig, unless the moonies create an inner body for her

I love the Scythe weapon, I always wondered why they didn't create specialty weapons for each Gem. Would have been nice to see Red Beryl for example using a bow or some shit.

You should draw Antarc being cute.

Sphene wearing a flower crown pls, not enough Sphene love


Aechmas doing the noose thinking pose.

How would this work? Craig is technically his own Gem now. Unless they put Ghost's pieces over Craig's head or something.


Ghost was just a layer over Caren, so it'd work but make chuck the non-dominant body again

I hope a lil blushing Antarc fits your hopes for cute

Yeah, since Ghost's body is literally just Craig's outer shell

What was his name?

I love it user.
I should learn to draw that well.

i want sensei to push me down and violate me!

Sphene seriously needs more love. Maybe I'll ink and color this later.

Does Dia's sharp skeleton count?

Why do retards think Pad looks like a boy?

W-We'll never see Ghost-chan again.. it hurts.

What's my name?

No looking it up.

Tourmaline, right?

Melon is her nickname I guess, she needs more screentime. That electric ability is top tier.

I wish I came up with better names, Chaingun and Chinatown are kinda weak

Thank u for this treasure, a cutie

Red Beryl being adorable!

do you have a twitter or whatever where you post your art?
Also i request a cute Euclase

watermelon tourmaline, why?

What is that picture from? That's not from HnK, right?

I'm confused as to how Phos lost her super speed, after her arm replacement she seemingly lost it. Is it because the gold alloy was too heavy for her body?

Watermelon tourmaline, do i get an A+ sensei?

>Is it because the gold alloy was too heavy for her body?
yes, more or less

Is there any way for someone to become as cool as Parappa? Asking for a friend

>that picture

Whew, glad the fanart keeps the suffering coming.

Yes, it was mentioned in ep 8 or the chapter when Phos has taken over the winter duty


It was probably better to keep it in storage to fix cracks later, Phos has an history of requiring repair

Get more holes on your body and fluffier hair

Pad Papa was just born with it, that level of cool isn't something you can obtain.

Alright, let's up the ante.

That wasn't an skeleton, just a fracture. Dia's hardness made it a better weapon than his usual obsidian sword.


green diamond

My only regret is the shitty job I did on that hand but it's midnight so

It's from Haruko Ichikawa's previous work, a one-shot anthology, it's on batoto

Dank, thanks.

Green Diamond
It flares my autism when people draw him with non-green tinted stockings

Where's that lewd image of Bortz in a bunny suit next to Dia..

I dropped my phone on my dog while trying to take this picture.

Also, Red Beryl is so cute, she gets my "kawaii" treatment.