Alright so when Berserk eventually ends, what's next...

Alright so when Berserk eventually ends, what's next? I can't imagine Kentaro just ending the franchise with the main series and I don't think there's any other characters that can offer us a spinoff story that's as engaging as Gut's story. What do you guys think?

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Go read Gigantomakhia, faggot. Damn you and your mom.
Miura will be fine.

>I don't think there's any other characters that can offer us a spinoff story that's as engaging as Gut's story
You're truly as retard as appears to be? Jesus Christ.

He's barely able to update as is. Do you seriously think he's up for any more once it ends, if it even does before he dies?

If it does somehow finish, he'll do more shorter things like Gigantomakhia.

>when Berserk eventually ends
Stopped reading right there, that's just not happening

>so when Berserk eventually ends

There were people on this board who have died before reading a new chapter. Thankfully they were spared the abominations that was the anime.

Why did Guts's hair turn white ?

>Thankfully they were spared the abominations that was the anime
This is true. They died in bliss, imagining it was surely going to be a multi-billion dollar project with the best talent in the industry and top notch voice actors, faithfully recreating imagery like pic related. They were spared the horror

Just do nothing but draw loli porn all day every day.

>Young men with long lightly coloured hair
>Considered attractive in a way that appeals to both men and women
>Has an ultimate dream they will stop at nothing to achieve
>Ambiguous sexuality
>Subtextual homoerotic relationship with a close friend whom they lose
>Amulet which is important to them and they constantly stroke
>Short haired waifus

>Legend of the Galactic Heroes book predates Berserk by almost a decade
Is Miura a hack?

user he's going to retire just like kubo

well there was that one user who said it was his live "goal" that berserk get's the adaption that it deserves & includes everything

He's based on Oscar.

Griffith did nothing wrong tho.

The armor puts too much stress on his body m8

When you think about it, literally every single good manga has its roots in Hokuto no Ken.
Hokuto no Ken was truly ahead of its time.

How the hell does that explain a stand of hair turning white?

It can technically happen, but not like that. It's anime magic, brah. Switch your brain off.

I wouldn't mind a stupid explaination but I just can't see the correlation.

Shit nigga grey hair can appear under high and constant stress. Fuck, this is a known fact, what the hell are you asking?


>Israeli-Arab war causes trade embargo throughout the world
>Trade embargo causes oil shortages
>Oil shortages result in riots
>Riots in Australia inspire Mad Max
>Mad Max inspires Fist of the North Star
>Fist of the North Star inspires countless anime

>yfw Jews created Berserk

Dude, white hair appear by growing like normal hair does, colored hair doesn't "turn white" when you're under stress or aging, it just falls and get replaced.
Does the berserker armor have a razor and super fast hair growth lotion function inside the helmet ?
I'd be more okay with you telling me it turned white because magic but I see nothing hinting at that.

They gave rise to it by accident, that's different from creating something.

t. heeb on damage control

You're an idiot, I hate kikes.

What the fuck does Miura do if he's not writing? How does he make a living releasing 2 chapters a year? And why the fuck doesn't his publisher push him to write more?

4 chapters per year actually.
And he said he takes vacations to play videogames, watch anime and whatnot.
He's literally Sup Forums and Sup Forums NEET personified.

There's no way anyone would ever trust him enough to start reading a new series by him after how long he's been dicking over Berserk fans.

>And he said he takes vacations to play videogames, watch anime and whatnot.


Doesn't get more grim than this:
This is also where the [email protected] meme comes from.

tl;dr Miura is a massive [email protected] fanboy and always takes vacations whenever new game comes out, the hiatus last year happened exactly shortly before new [email protected] release.

>Anime Maru
Fucking kill yourself. Anime Maru is satirical anime page, show me some real evidence, don't be like all the faggots that repeat the same fucking shit without basis

>where the [email protected] meme comes from