Opinions on this

Opinions on this.

It was fun.


It was okay.

A lighthearted romp into the current (And some classical) trends in anime. Character interaction amidst the meta was very fun as well. You can't be too disappointed with how things ended up.

Kaikai is a hell of a guy. He deserves the bigboobs.

slice of life anime about fans of animegataris when

It was the epitome of Sup Forums

I fapped to Kamiigusa-san.

Like watching an Sup Forums thread.

Which is funny because the show that aired immediately after it was like watching that very same Sup Forums thread get completely derailed.

Fun. Dragged a little in the middle. I think it would have benefited from more friction between the club members like that one scene about source material.

Shirobako-style live action of the production of the anime about the fans of animegataris when?

The references where fun, but the show knew it couldn't simply rely on them so they added some story elements, which didn't pan out. IT was too obvious what was going to happen. They should have just kept it as anime references and just made a newer version of the going home club.

Liked it until it went batshit fucking crazy... then I loved it!

It started off kinda boring but kept getting better and better and ended with a bang, I loved it.

I love posts like this because i don't know if the poster is a lovably sincere dork or an embittered user with a retarded sense of irony. It's funny to me.

What's his name?


Aurora is a mistake


Reminder that at least 3 different brothers pretended to be the same character, and you can tell by looking at his hair.

Started it when 2nd episode aired because I was bored. Was not expecting the roller coaster it took me on. Good fun, one of the better anime this season easily, and definitely the most fun imo.

It's the Akiba Strip of our generation.

It truly was the Evangelion of anime.

>male shits
No wonder Nips don't give a shit about this shit show.

Lovely show, got me to watch Time Travel Shoujo.

Oh another show that fucked itself by bringing useless pricks.

>He deserves the bigboobs
The only thing he deserves in his life is Aurora.

I like it.

It had its moments but it ended up being rather underwhelming. The ending felt all-over-the-place and the show's structure didn't really jive. Plus, the "closing the club" thing didn't exactly work out well considering the lack of foreshadowing and the rushed development at the end.

Also, as catchy as the OP is, it's one of GARNiDELiA's weaker songs.

The middle was a little slow, but overall it was goofy and fun. The passion the characters had was infectious and the humour had a lot of great moments.

The student council president was best girl.

>Unironically liking this piece of shit anime
ANN pls fuck off from Sup Forums.

Minoa pls

>kaikai didn't fuck miko
I'm still mad.

I need to fuck BOTH versions of Sebas

Animegatari vs Akiba Strip
Who wins?

Heybot is still better on meta and reference jokes.

I fucking love anime the show you either have to be some fun-hating faggot who only watches "mature" anime or some e-celeb dicksucker who only watches what gets hyped up to not enjoy Animegataris.

This endcard really made me appreciate how good the character designs are in this show. It's so hard to pick a favourite.


Was this really necessary?




is it worth my time?

It's worth your time. The mediocrity of the first half is to set up for the finale.

Don't know don't care go watch for yourself.



Your time is worth nothing so yes.

This anime is like a meal made from leftovers. You can eat only if there is no anything better, but its has no taste and smells like shit

It's the anime anons will be talking about in ten years' time in KKK and Tesabu threads

Samflam meets ReCreators, but good.

Eh. It was a good show to remind me that 2016 happened and that 2017 was a superior of anime compared to it.

A great show, as long as you enjoy multiple kinds of anime.
This here is an example of a faggot who hates anime but still watches it ironically.

It proves that China really can make anime.

It went Akiba Ranger.

It completely played with our suspension of disbelief to hide under our nose. I liked that. It's not really a meta anime though. It fucks around with the fourth wall but doesn't break it, instead stays self-contained within the universe.

Could've been better. But it was a great excuse to talk about older shows in its threads.


What's its value? I can't read colour code.

I'm still wondering if there's an organized group making these threads and pretending to like it.
It could have been the worst anime of the season but thankfully we were graced with the timeless masterpiece that was Dies Irae.

15mΩ if the leftmost band is brown, 25mΩ if it's red (hard to tell)