How does pic related make you feel?

How does pic related make you feel?

Good. I wish this screencap represented the entirety of the ending.


Honestly I didn't think it was enough. She should've curb-stomped her teeth out too.



I'm jumping with joy

>Kirino stopped her brother from having a normal relationship with other girls
>it was just so she could play make-believe for two months
Minami did nothing wrong

Kill yourself

Manami made Kirino a brocon.

>Manami made Kirino a brocon.
Probably one of the most forced and retarded twists ever made. I'm sure that the author didn't knew how to finish his LN and that's why he pulled out that bullshit. It came out of nowhere.

>people are still upset that the best girl won

It was a cheap way to make Kirino look good or try to get the audience to sympathize with her, without giving her any character development

Only a good raping would do justice after all the fking shit she pulled.

Good. At least one person didn't kiss the bitch's ass.

so you mean to tell me this fucking broad is so great that the brother decided to ignore all the other prime snatch throwing themselves at him? yeah right.

I sort-of longed for a [mild] band-fight in K-On!; this sort-of made up for that glaring absence.


I feel like enjoying ESLfag tears.

Why are you guys posting like retards?

This should've been the ending


I take it you didn't see the first 5 minutes of the movie.