Gabriel Dropout

For a one off seasonal show, this sure had a lot of love put into by the producers. There's a lot more promotional and official art for it than other 1 cour shows.

What do you think the odds of a season 2 are?

>What do you think the odds of a season 2 are?
Zero. But my wife Vigne sure is cute.

Is there even enough material for a second season?

Maybe the producers realized the potential for merchandise sales. Satania is pretty popular for a retard.

they barely had enough material for the first season

They could work with the manga artist and progress the anime past the manga.

If S2 is at or near the quality of S1, I'd welcome it gladly.

Satan checking in with the voice of reason

If there is to be a season 2, would the main characters even be in it? And would they involve more of their families?

user's girlfriend Vigne is so effay

I wonder if Gabu ever posts on 2ch or futaba.

>that armpit
What does she smell like?



It's just so pathetic how you have to shit up ever single thread with your autism.

what did he mean by this?

There is not a single Satania in this thread.


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not 0

they just need to make more manga material to justify another cour

kissable lips


Will they eventually give us the english dub?

hopefully not

But why?

Fuck off.


>those digits
I wish Satania would grace my posts

>those clothes
10/10 holy shit. They're so stylish when they're out of uniform

I love my wife Garbriel!

Also is her Nendoroid still a thing that's happening?


he was the best character
even satania is inferior to him


>she plays doom, FF VII and Gran Turismo 2

is she some kind of nostalgia faggot?
staying in the past instead of looking
for new gems coming out right now

I really do like this manga artist's fashion sense.

He's not even the best side character.

That basically already happened. The last episode, OVAs, and anything involving the dog beyond Raphi's introduction were all original. Everything else at that point had been covered

The hell is that thing on the left? Looks like someone attempted to slip in a Touhou character

You're right. The president is.

good taste

The president is dumb and useless. Meanwhile, the cooking club girls are kind, beautiful and talented.

Who is least intelligent character?

Whatever happened to the plot about sneaking into heaven?

dumbass lesbian whore

Tapris is a code monkey but at least she's not retarded like Satania.

Stupid Satania got dragged off by men in suits iirc

Not with that edit holy shit


I love this retard

Anyone has this image without the text?


Who's the new girl, a ghost?

Raphiel hijack

Right. Feel like it was a wasted opportunity for more hijinks.

Why could she not use chop sticks?

haha what a loser

still my wife

future arch demon coming through

Sorry user. I don't see any ring on Satania's finger?

(Any of them)

Charmander use Ember!

Did Gaburil had belly pooch,too??




Gabriel >>> Vignette > Satania > Big Sis Gab > Lil Sis Gab > Pres > Goth Demon > Raphiel's Maid > Raphiel > Lesbo Whore

I lied, she's not my wife

Satania = Red
Vigne = Blue/Green

I would FUCK her.

Is it safe to say that Satania was the meme girl of 2017?


>Learns that computers exist for the first time in her life
>Learns 3 programming languages in that exact same day
I don't know on what planet that's retarded, but I fucking envy her. I spent a year trying and failing to learn C#.

Shoulda studied fortran

My nig

Machiko is the best character in general.

Who were the other contenders?


My girlfriend Vigne is so wonderful.

Tapris is the cutest.

I want to fuck an angel.