Does she really only get two episodes of screentime?

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I haven't seen any of the sequels/spinoffs, but I know in the 2011 show she had two episodes where she was in the forefront (episode 8 was technically an Azusa episode, but Makoto stole it as far as most people are concerned).

It's not that absurd. It was a large cast, the only two girls that really got any more focus than Makoto were Haruka and Chihaya.

No, but she is a second tier (in relevance) character. The main characters are Haruka, Miki and Chihaya. Then Iori and Makoto. Then the rest.

Makoto was the co-protagonist of the sports festival episode along with Iori.

what episode number is this?

I think it was 10.

best girl deserves her own spinoff show

Actually I remember Makoto taking a more (unintentionally) antagonistic role that episode, though I guess it still counts.

Which sets her apart from most of the other girls. Though since I think of it Miki may have had more presence. I forgot that she had a several episode arc somewhere towards the halfway point.

Haruka was the main girl though, mostly thanks to her blandness (I never played the games or watched the other shows, so I have no idea if she was made more bland for the show or if she's that bland in other media, but it's hard to argue that she wasn't bland compared to the other girls in the 2011 show). It made her an easy character to relate to, letting her be a sort of anchor for the show and the colorful cast around her.

Chihaya was probably the second most focused on girl, but that's mainly because she had the best written arc.

An AS thread in sub 2018. Are we back in the correct timeline?

>Actually I remember Makoto taking a more (unintentionally) antagonistic role that episode
More like Iori was a total bitch

What's new?

Iori dispenses smug when smug is deserved.
Also don't forget that her smug completely rekt the other producer who was trying to destroy 765 and saved the day.

Not really big into [email protected], but all I remember from the show was a man in his 40s guilt tripped a teenage girl over her brother's death. What the fuck, man?

It's her fault for being a flat slut

It was actually a pretty good arc that culminated in a scene that hit me in ways I wasn't expecting it to.

I will protect this Makoto thread, for Makoto is my waifu's canon ship, even though it's an ironic joke.

While I am still awake (30 seconds) I will never allow this thread about such a perfect idol to reach page 10.

I really really really like Makoto a lot.

ML anime when?

My wife needs her own anime

How do you feel about your waifu having so many extramarital relations with her multiple girlfriends?

turned on

I see. I hope you realize you're veering dangerously close to NTR territory.