What kind of moron would sacrifice his family just to save six billion people ?

What kind of moron would sacrifice his family just to save six billion people ?

Well yeah that's kind of the point of Heaven's Feel. Shirou realizes that killing your girlfriend for people you don't know is retarded

That's a subjective opinion. It depends on how you would define 'hero' I guess. It could mean someone just saving people they care about like Shirou did in Heaven's Feel or someone sacrificing a few close people to save the remaining 7 billion like how Kiritsugu tried to do. Both are equally valid definitions of heroism and equally retarded.

Not really,
Kiritsugu's way is pragmatic to the point of self-destructiveness, but he toughs it out because "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or one."
Shirou's antics in HF are just plain, garden variety retarded and any, at least moderately sane damsel-in-distress would smack him over the head and call him out.

> was close to blow up an entire hotel just to snuff out a single Magi
> would have achieved nothing aside from having a hundreds of people's blood on his hands again
really makes you think

Technically he didn't know the grail was corrupted to the point it could only kill. As far as he knew, it was a magical genie he could use to wish all suffering away. Yeah, Kiritsugu was a bit retarded like that but to be fair the man genuinely didn't know how the grail was really like so he thought he could undo all that death once he got his hands on the grail. Of course that didn't work out for him but it wouldn't have worked out for anyone because of how fucked up the grail had become.

Oh no, it's another user that never read the VN and their knowledge entirely comes from shitposts on an anonymous imageboard.

Someone with too much hope for mankind.

Whoa, really makes me think. Completely changes everything about saving the planet now. Like who cares about those people anyways.

Certainly not a psychopath who would sacrifice six billion people to answer his existential questions.

You mean six million right?

Sakura didn't want Shirou to do that. Plus, you say those actions are plain but not for Shirou, they guy was agonizing about it for days.

Why didn't Kerry just teach the passengers how to fix the boat?

> Didn't know what the grail was like
He literally fucked a cup out of one.

An actual hero would.

You can only truely love one person in your life.

And a true hero can love none. At least that's what I believe.

I love my family but I wouldn't let six billion people die for them.

Now that, that's a very accurate way to describe Christ. The Earth belongs to the Devil and all that.

I am considering how perfectly your words would complement a formula relating age and being irredeemably pathetic. If you are in junior high: we've all (well, mostly) been there, you'll get less stupid (most likely). If you're a wizard: may god have mercy on your virgin soul.

What kind of moron has a stupid wish like "save all of humanity" and not "Live a peaceful life with my 2d wife"? Not being ironic either.

Char Aznable. Not being ironic here, either.

Char just ended up fucking everything up though past the original series.

I definitely can't argue with that.

It's a very simple thought experiment, user. If you had to choose between every person you know and pick only one that survives what would happen?

That's the person you love the most.

I'm not trying to say samefag, but samefag.

What do you mean "samefag"? Yeah I'm Just trying to explain by thought process and why I believe what I believe.

Same here. I'm just trying to explain why I know what I saw. And I see a snake giving itself a succ.

I have no idea what you want or mean. Do you have an actual argument or something?

My argument is that both sets of posts have the same speech pattern.

Jesus unholy dick fuck, do not compare me to an autist and/or child who unironically thinks you can only love one person, thank you very much.

Wow. You're super mad. Like, unreasonably upset.

>implying kiritsugu didnt evacuate the hotel first

why are kerry haters always trying to misrepresent him as some sort of psychopath who doesnt care about civilian casualties

More like annoyed, but, yes, I am, actually. I think he's a pathetic idiot, and was even moved to post about it, and you think I'm him. Why wouldn't I be bothered?

You implied in your posts that you were a mega cuck, and that you would cheat on anyone. If you ask me that's just as bad as what the "other" person said.

user, I think you have brain damage. Or at least an overly inflated sense of being able to identify who's who on an anonymous siamese haberdashery forum. My response to him was my first in this thread.

What made Kiritsugu and Kirei so interesting?

Ikr. It really hits deep in the kokoro

What a Shiki thing to say.

Well you didn't deny the cuckoldry. Or the fact that you are reasonably upset.

I am currently living with a woman I had been in a relationship with for over a decade yet I am romantically committed to a jpop star who I believe is my soulmate. Your move, hoss.

You can always make a new family tho.

Thanks god shit like that doesn't happen in real life.


>A human can only ever kill one person
etc, etc

The one that chooses to save the many over a few.

Heaven's Feel presents the opposite idea anyway.

Or a more recent example, Miyuverse Shirou.

You forgot to say that you chop your own wood, fujo.

> Saving a bunch of fags
But that's not heroic.

I'm impressed, your response was even more confusing than mine. But you still managed to totally misread it.

He killed billions... to save trillions

I'm impressed that the limit of your fantasy and imagination is becoming a middle-aged man. If you were part of my family I'd gladly sell you for the grail, minimal loss.

I already have the grail, and it's her.

Like you could ever have or love anyone. That would be the day, probably the same day on which I transform into a flying monkey.

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Why would you post your military ID here?

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