Violet Evergarden

Due to insane demand and popularity of VEG before it even aired, Netflix decided to change its airing schedule and instead of airing it batch at Spring, will air it one episode per week starting 11 January.

Meanwhile, on japanese TV channels, VEG will start at 10th january.

Its good news, since Netflix rips likely to be higher quality than TV raws.

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Also, on Comiket KyoAni announced that 3rd novel of VEG will be published at spring.

Hopefully there`ll be more insight into mystery of what Violet is herself and possibly future material for OAV/Movie.

>Netflix decided to change its airing schedule and instead of airing it batch at Spring, will air it one episode per week starting 11 January.


Good. I don't have netflix but their instance on only releasing things in bulk niggles at my autism for some reason. What are they trying to prove? Dickheads.

It is ok for their original content, which you cant see anywhere else. Watching shows at once has its benefits be it TV seires or Anime - for example Re:Life

However for stuff that already airs on TV its pointless, plus its bad for discussion. For example Devilman will be released at once at 5th january, likely discussed for 5 days and then forgotten entirely for the rest of season.

I'll take that with a grain of salt, but it's it's true Netflix might have finally done something right.

just go watch a jdrama or something if you want to look at pretty girls so badly. this anime is going to suck dick.

Normalfags garbage.

Comiket stuff

pure pwnage, my friends

Its fun watching ignorant people with no clue what it about sperg spastically about the show with false pretenses based on own ignorance.

m-muh deep LN waifubait drama

Netflix is normalfags garbage. Did I say something wrong here?


>KyoAni is normalfags garbage

KyoAni is the epitome of visuals over everything else. Teenagers who like looking at sad anime girls go gaga over KyoAni garbage like this.

So you are on principe not watching Devilman, will not watch B:The Begining on Spring. Did not watch LWA, Knights of Sidonia, Children of the Whales, Cyborg 009, Fate/Apocrypha, Kakegurui, Kuromukuro, Seven Deadly Sins etc?

I am 12yo boy just like you, who will be watching VEG for graphic gore and edge since its most bloody KyoAni show since TSR and will have killcount bigger than Fate and Franx. Japanese that want to describe it in one word call it Rambo 1

>I can't watch anime, because people that i hate, liking it.

>Rambo 1
>PTSDed veteran with hands bloodstained in murder of innocent vietnamese on orders of corrupt goverment returns after war to try to live normal life: check
>His only skill is killing: check
>Was picked up by his mentor and trained to be killing machine, being imprinted by his mentor and dependent: check
>gratuous graphic murder and fights one vs world: check
>being unjustly framed: false
Everything else fits, but Violet is not hunted by Authorities.


Waifubait doesn't exist.

You've never seen Kyoani shows, like most people on Sup Forums. You are just memeing.


Nobody cares, everyone use Crunchyroll these days.

Being this delusional is a skill

that would be pretty cool.

>airdropping to fight from the plane
She does jump from plane landing mid battlefield, wielding giant axe
>murder survival game
She kills POWs in murder game staged by the soldier superiors, ordering her to fight against dozen of them armed
>terrorists train hijack
is in PV even.
>fighting prists and nuns
She fights the battle prists in Utopia isle, to free the girl worshipped as Demi-goddess from sacrafice
>incarnation of war god
She looks 1 to 1 as War Goddess Garnet Spear, and cultists consider her as incarnation of her - given looks and fighting capabilities. She might be, since she clearly is not human and her origin still unknown.
>war crimes
Violet is war criminal, commiting many atrocities on orders. Theres also others present, but from losing side so in prison waiting for execution - admitting they killed less than her, but somehow are considered worse since they lost.
>ruthless heroes
Gilbert`s brother
>rape attempt
happens when Violet first found by allied soldiers, Violet murders them and chases the survivors
>giant weapons
Violet wields giant Axe
>servants existing for purpose of fighting
Violets only purpose is to serve Gilbert. Her only skill is murder. She does not get over it even after war ends, and despite trying to teach her normal life - remains a ruthless murder machine and just wish to be of use to her master. Using her own words - she is a monster, but people see the cute fasade
>decapitation and gore
Novel has a lot of graphic descriptions, including Violet slitting throats, decapitations, shooting, Violet bashing peoples faces so that they cave in etc.
>biggest death count of the three shows listed
Violet has by far the biggest killcount, accumulating score both in war and after (albeit after war she tries to avoid casualties.. it not always works), unless Franx pulls something like destroying cities etc.

I didn't say anything delusional.

yo dude,this is the third VEG thread already,slow the fuck down man.,,

who the heck are you quoting

“I love flowers,” writes Akatsuki Kana on her bio on the second volume of Violet Evergarden, “and I love poetry. But the most fun I have writing is war scenes.”


Immediately, the girl aimed the mechanical bow and shot an iron arrow. It perfectly hit the handle of the axe stuck in the prisoner’s head. With the impact of the arrow, the blade was buried further into his cranium. The prisoner continued screaming until he collapsed backwards with an agonized, painful expression.

All chatter ceased.

Without paying the crowd any mind, the girl moved her petite feet in the direction of the convulsing prisoner, aiming the bow towards his torso and firing another arrow as she drew closer. It was a ruthless, precise, mechanical murder. The iron arrow pierced his chest and took his life away for good.

The girl retrieved the axe from the corpse and swung it lightly downwards, the blood and fat on the blade splashed onto the floor. She also seemed familiar with the successive pattern of collecting the iron arrows and repositioning them. Although her frame was of a young child when she stood still, her image was that of a skilled hunter when she moved.

No one had foreseen that the rug laid on the training ground would be stained with the prisoners’ blood. But from then on, that place would be covered in it. A girl soldier who would engrave her name in the history of Leidenschaftlich’s army was about to be born. As the spectators fearfully embraced that premonition, their stares focused on Gilbert.

He stood up, leaning his body against the security rail. Once more, he gave the order, yelling on top of his lungs, “Kill!!”

The girl moved like an automated doll. She sped up, her small body progressively lowering. Again, she threw the axe, still glistening with blood, into the vital point of one of them.

The prisoners then separated into those who scattered off and those who charged at her wielding their batons in spite of being overwhelmed. The ones that ran away were shot merciless and repeatedly in the head by the arrows. The brave ones cooperated with one another and surrounded the girl. It seemed they planned to corner her and beat her to death. They attacked in unison, trying to steal her weapons.

But such scheme was a mistake.

In the meantime that the girl could not be seen through the gaps between their bodies, the prisoners screamed and rolled onto the floor. Their ankles had been hit, and it was not a random attack – she stabbed and slashed them over and over. Such tactic could be executed due to the girl’s effective flexibility. Her figure as she stood with the knife in hand in the middle of the fallen ones was horrifyingly extraordinary, like a fairy conceived from petals of blood.

As a prisoner attempted to escape while dragging his feet, she rushed to grab his head from behind and tear his throat with the knife, silently ending his life. Her hand movements were similar to that of a chef decapitating fish and chickens. She then turned to the prisoners waiting to be dismantled, murdering them one by one. In the process, the knife eventually became unusable and she could not kill with anything except the batons.

“No! No! No!”

“She’s a monster! Help us! Hey, please help us!”


The one originally meant to serve as bait for such a homicidal game had been the girl. However, he had also not wished for her to be the only one breathing in the end. After all the prisoners had been killed, had they been insufficient as the girl stared straight at referee who watched everything while holding a gun?

The frightened referee pointed the gun at her, but whether he could kill her or not was debatable. Whatever weapon was used to confront her, the chances of winning were slim. She was absolute. Her fighting techniques using multiple weapons compensated for her lesser physical power. Her outstanding skills were superior to brute strength.

Where had she learned all of that and what did she use to do? Even if she could talk, one could not hope for a decent answer.

Her assassination techniques made clear that she had a gift for conquering things through butcher. Not even being outnumbered was an issue. The audience of that ‘show’ was enraptured by her and could not help but applaud her wonderful talent. She was a prodigy. If any gods that controlled death existed, surely she was dearly loved by them.

The little killer who had obeyed the commands of her Lord directed her gaze at Gilbert. Blue and green eyes met.

“Stop.” He shook his head at the girl. As he did so, she dropped the baton she had been holding and knelt down on the spot.

Seated on the pool of blood, the girl breathed profoundly. Even as she was sultry with blood and fat, her figure as she inhaled and exhaled with such small lips was but that of a child. It only added up to her fearsomeness.


what's the translation on that Netflix stuff? worldwide airing or no?

Probably. It was KyoAni`s original plan even before Netflix bought streaming rights.

Chinese version is the best, its also not Netflix streaming it in China

If I'm not mistaken, Rambo kills one guy in the first movie. He maims a bunch more, but it's hardly Rambo 4-tier.

Well, majority of Violet`s killing happens just like with Rambo during war - in peaceful times she fights but tries to be non lethal, even when landing on mid battlefield or fighting cultists, except for the train hijack where she goes full Steven Seagal

good thing if this actually true,hopefully Netflix able to deliver the hype and won't fuck up the subs,i'm still salty because LWA.....

Cool i just checked too, seems it's real.
And hey, it's Rated R(16+).

>And hey, it's Rated R(16+).
As said, there is quite a lot of graphic violence in novel. Though KyoAni manages to keep it under veils from those who did not read novel, since does not hint anything in PVs.

I remember they showed a fight scene via draft.

is this anime going to be Kyoani new flagship series?

Its just generic war fight scene. There are few war scenes, but they are actually not that graphic (aftermatch of battles on other hand and her nonexistent reaction on dead bodies of enemy and friend soldiers everywhere)

The actual violence is scenes of Violet killing and chasing attempted rapists, killing thieves on Dietrich`s orders, murdering pows in a death game, fighting on the train etc. i.e. where author actually makes effort to describe the violence in detail: so you can hardly omit in anime scenes of say Violet chopping someone head, bashing the face so it caves in, murdering people begging for mercy. It all serves establishing her character, so people would actually understand that she`s not just a cold soldier - she is monster in human appearance.

KyoAni might actually add some war scenes to expand on her doing assassinations during war too, since its only told about, but not described in novels, as well involvement in war crimes (though murdering pows already counts as one).

That said, while i promote the "gory" part of novel since majority of people on Sup Forums have really no idea what they are getting it, its not like its main part of it or all there is - not every episode will be Violet fighting, and most violence happens in her past with few exceptions. Best part of novel actually being not her own circumstances, but stories of people she get involved with as Auto Memories Doll

Litterally unironically Magnum Opus. Its the only novel that won their award, an that they long kept under wraps and prepared production for years, finally releasing it this January and for first time intending to breach worldwide, aiming to broadcast it in different languages and lot of countreries from get go. As well it being produced in movie qualty (which is not overestimation, but fact confirmed by prescreening) and promoted heavily on conventions around the world, prescreenings etc.

It is their most ambitious work so far.

it's gonna be one of KyoAnis better shows, and definitely one of its most popular now with the Netflix simulcasting. I don't think it's gonna be super amazing tho.

11 days left

that traditional Chinese version is for HK Netflix, in mainland China Bilibili bought the right to simulcast

could you share some photos of that starter book?

Based Kyoani > Netflix

>traditional Chinese version is for HK Netflix
Cantonese version when?

maybe similar to Hibike Euphonium Cantonese version after TVB bought the right to broadcast the show.