Is this the best fight in anime history?

Is this the best fight in anime history?

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>spawned the worst fucking meme about asspulls

no thanks

Nah that's the point where Hxhfags got BTFO for thinking Togashi is a good writer

Maybe not but I can tell you that it was the best fights among fans I've seen.
Every episode was filled with Chrollocucks and Hisocucks arguing for hours over who would win.

Nah the opposite really, but it did make me realize most of Sup Forums were chomping at the bit to find an excuse to call Togashi a bad writer, even if they used zero critical thinking to come to that conclusion.

>t. assblasted hisokek




HuntrashxHuntrash. An ideal bullshit show for underaged edgelords.


That's manga

So is it true that hisoka and his family got killed and raped by a gang of faceless men?

It is. Seeing retards spam oh my is just for bonus points at that point.

>Correct answer 2 posts in
Color me impressed desu. Also acceptable would be Black Star vs Mifune (especially their last one) from Soul Eater.

>hisoka hits chrollo 1 time
>chrollo took the hit intentionally
>chrollo also cheated

it's a bizarre fight

Even outside of the O MY it was still boring as shit.

at least this looked pretty cool

Gon v Hisoka is better

One day.

Ok why

Honestly O MY ASPULL MEME cracks my shit up every time i see it

The point of that fight is that Hisoka fucked himself over giving Chrollo all the preparation time he wanted just for the thrill of a good fight. Chrollo goes out of his way to say the usual 100% win chance drivel but he was right, as we all now how that went. It's amazing Hisoka lasted that long.

I'm dying worse than Komugi did right now because of laughter

hell no

>Is this the best fight in anime history?
that's a manga page

I unironically love it

shouldn't chrollofags be the one mad since hisoka didn't die?

He should go back to having his hair slicked back. He looks so generic with it all messy.

lmao this

look at this broken bitch baby


It's pretty cool that it actually worked. As you said it "the usual 100% win chance drivel", it's not an uncommon occurrence for people 'baddies' to declare their wins like that but shit he did it, he really was 100% prepared to win.

hahahhajahajaha good thread i can smell the mad hisokeks