ITT masterpieces no one talks about

ITT masterpieces no one talks about

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What is this? This picture alone has me intrigued.

Its a masterpiece which is a pointless to talk about in Sup Forums since its literally /lit/.




Sup Forums talked about it when it was airing and when the manga was killed.

I know we're not supposed to spoon feed or whatever the fuck, but I don't give a shit. It's Aoi Bungaku, a collection of adaptations (with varying degrees of faithfulness) of Japanese literature. The poster itself is from the first adaptation, and the series spends a lot of its run on this at something like six episodes.

I tried watching this years ago, but I was turned off and recall it largely being stills and white backgrounds. Is this just my memory playing tricks on me? I've got it on my short list at the moment.

Talking about masterpieces feels stale after a couple of posts, because all we can say about them is how great they are. Shit and mediocre shows spur more discussion because people have differents opinions about them.

>I tried watching this years ago, but I was turned off and recall it largely being stills and white backgrounds
The scenes during daylight are very, very bright, true. Not sure about lack of animation.
Don't go into it expecting an action-packed anime though

Need to rewatch it main thing I remember is a guy snatching some bitches nipple right off, like right the fuck off, with his bare hand samurai skills.


Shorts in general are underappreciated.

I dropped it after the old man pissed himself. Between that and the guy who stabs his foot, it felt like some weird cringe comedy. Is it supposed to be taken seriously?

I agree. I've never seen a series of shorts that I didn't love.

You're a fucking retard. It literally says it on the image in huge writing.
Actually fuck off to leddit and slit your wrists.

>because all we can say about them is how great they are
nah, thats only something that mentally deranged fanboys do. every single person who is trying to be somewhat objective about his favourites will be able to find flaws. for some reason they just dismiss the most blatantly obvious shit as "still very good", cant admit that thier favourite show/movie isnt a perfect product.

Why was the ending so fucking terrible


Only the first season

I have no idea why people dislike the second half of Big O so much. I though the entire thing was quite the neat package, even if I prefer the more traditional animation of the first half.

It's certainly no animation showcase but the art is detailed and what it lacks in movement it makes up in atmosphere.

>literary slideshow
>you're free to skip half the episodes, won't miss much

who are you quoting?

This show was so fucking thick with atmosphere, it's wasted on weebs who can't understand why you wouldn't just get through exposition as fast as possible.

I've never been more invested in a fight in an anime than I was during the showdown between Irako and Kogan.

I don't moon, retard.
Thought it was the autor and the fuckhuge kanji were the title.


Oh, so it's not based on the manga and more based on the original novel
I didn't know that, maybe I'll go check it out

Novels. It's an anthology. The adaptations were not fantastic in my opinion, but they're watchable.

This is the sort of movie that would NEVER be allowed in the west

Here's a real masterpiece no one talks about

>Aoi Bungaku
>Mouryou no Hako

What is it with this thread actually being good?

See this. What do?


is trash

It really is a great watch. If you liked it, you can also read Kara no Shoujo, which is pretty much inspired by it.

No longer human and Run, Meios were pure K I N O.

>death note

You should lurk two years before posting.

s2 never


Epic of gilgamesh, its manhwa but still very good for one albeit with an generic start

>look for shigurui eng subs torrent
>0 download speed
>Look for millenium actress

Manga went downhill fast after the anime ended and especially after the duel between Seigen and Fujiki.

Manga was better.

Cat Soup was a really nice trip.
I thought Jin-Roh was quite popular?

Shame about the author.

-a retarded user

It got an official Spanish release?

You can literally watch it all on Youtube, m8:

this is criminally underrated

>banned in my country


Are all the stories good? Reading a couple of reviews, and people are saying that the quality is very uneven...

I could barely tolerate that 'masterpiece' and let myself forget it straight away. There were artistic choices that I really loved but I spent half the time cringing away in disgust.


kill yourself retard

No, for what I remember it's not really that uneven but one of them was really below average (at least for me) Good thing they're disconnected so you can skip the ones that you don't like ( I would still recommend checking them all. The really good ones are

as much as I enjoyed the series as a whole it is one of the edgelordiest things I've ever seen.

Because it's not like there are a hundred different reverse image search engines you fucking retard.

>I know we're not supposed to spoon feed or whatever the fuck, but I don't give a shit
Yes, and you're the reason why this place is infested with crossboarding retards like yourself.

I like your taste. I wish more of Kyougokudou novels were translated, The Summer of the Ubume was an interesting read.

They are all worth watching. Even the one with dick jokes.

>death note
I hope you are not serious.


I still feel for the anons who waited for subs when it aired. Doremi are still broest of bros. This OP is GOAT:

That said, I still need to check the manga.

Are there any cute old men in this?

jinroh is neither unnoticed or a masterpiece

I actually read Le Comte de Monte Cristo before watching this so that I can shit on the anime, but I couldn't. It was that good. Mechas were kind of retarded but I am pretty pleased with how they handled the story. I've seen Gankutsuou threads though.

if you don't like shirobako, you don't like anime


I don't like sameface and I don't care about your opinion.

Nobunaga was pretty cute.

I've seen threads for almost all of these shows to be fair.

Season 1 yes. 90% of 2 and 3 were just space mines.



People talk about a lot of Leiji shows, but Queen Millennia often goes untalked about, yet it's one of his best.

Go to /m/ more often and see how wrong you are.

I'm amazed how many people missed the really obvious themes and messages of Shigurui, though.

Literally the entire point of the material was to point at how ridiculous the entire system was as now-useless samurai had to make a place for themselves AND they just produced psychopaths.

I haven't been to /m/ in a while. Are they still arguing about IBO and G-reco?

Sometimes. Better ignore obvious shitters though.

>Hyouge Mono
Absolutely phenomenal. Such a shame entire subs shenanigans situation lead to it being long forgotten by most people and when it was subbed show was old news.

As for my contribution - Souten Kouro. Retelling of Cao Cao's life with some crazy shit.

It's not a masterpiece per se, some jokes about crossdressing are a little bit tasteless but I like how it handle the dissociative identity disorder the MC suffers at the end of the manga

Samurai 7. Easy to just dismiss as an adaption of the Seven Samurai, but I found it really engaging. SF setting may have something to do with that.

It's possible to miss that point? The old man alternating between dementia and psychopathy pretty much hammered it home.

Pic related. This show was so beautiful.

____that's the joke____

>no one talks about
here's one i rarely seen posted in here

Strictly anime? If not, then Freesia which I'd really like to see adapted. You know you're in for a crazy ride when your ex-military mentally unstable MC who suffers from delusions is the sanest character around. Entire manga is opposite of comfy, I guess.

I remember enjoying this when I was younger, thanks for reminding me of this user


Was the OVA ever remastered?

It's not literal, user.

I haven't seen any discussion about haibane renmei here. People talk about pain on the rare occasions they do talk about Abe related works

You should have posted a Despera pic.

>Entire manga is opposite of comfy, I guess.
So it's try-hard edgy?


this show was pretty meh
and then uchikoshi released zero time dilemma and now nothing can redeem him


Toei's magnum opus right here.

Nah, it's just very uncomfortable because you don't know what's real and what isn't and everyone a nutcase in their own way.