When was the last time you actually watched a good anime Sup Forums...

When was the last time you actually watched a good anime Sup Forums? These days they seem to be so far between while all anyone ever talks about is shit like SAO etc

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Yesterday. Now fuck off.

It's been a long time since I've seen an anime that impressed me. I didn't like MiB or Potatogirls, and I thought Net-juu was just ok.

The best anime I've seen recently was The Wings of Honneamise, but that came out a long time ago.

>Now fuck off.
I don't think so.

>the fate of people who delve too deep and can see all the shit for what it is
This happens with everything the amount you get invested at an obsessive level with anything, you can never enjoy things for what they are ever again.

Uchouten kazoku is fantastic.
Mikazuchi is best utaware, by the way.

I honestly dont know.

I want to kuu on Kuon's Kuons.

I finished Shippuuden yesterday, so yesterday.

I finished the Aria series about a month ago. That was a good anime.

nekone a cute

>Utawarerumono will never get a 2nd and 3rd season
Why even live


I'm aware and have played the games, I'm talking about the anime...

it's because all you guys want nowadays are incestuous lolis

I started watching Shin-chan on Hulu today, it's pretty good.

Why would you care? Itsuwari adaptation was awful.

>Utawarerumono will never get a 2nd and 3rd season

Atui looked like a dumb slut all geared up to ride the cock carousel, but it turns out she was the most hilarious, awesome girl. I made her faggy "fiancee" sit in the corner for trying to make her stop being a warrior.



Last season?

I honestly hope you picked that picture on a whim and aren't trying to imply what i think you are trying to imply.

good thing this picture isn't from any anime then

Why is the world's strongest, most honorable warrior clan so full of retards?

Find a new hobby.

Yesterday, all bad Anime were so far away. Now it looks like they are here to stay. Oh I believe in 90s anime~

>MFW that scene
3 fucking times, Uta 3 is Kamige. Actually I am currently watching G-Reco right now and it's pretty good.

>currently watching G-Reco right now and it's pretty good.

The final fight was a masterpiece, but the ending was just swapping the new protagonist into limbo and the old one out. Pretty disappointing if you played/watched the first part.
Dropping a new version of the original anime theme in the epilogue was just unfair though.

>you will never see the part where kuon came riding in with a bunch of mecha with the original underwater rayromano cast with fuentei na kamisama playing animated

Today. Every season there's at least something good, and hundreds of great things out of the literal hundreds of thousands of individual titles in the medium.

I bet you've watched like forty series tops

Try around 600 odd, honestly most seasons are just tons of shit or semi watchable shows. You could literally count the number of really good shows on the palm of your hand each year

>the coolest oboro is in the entire series.jpg
The one time I was fine with him calling Kuon his daughter instead of his niece. The rest of the time he was his usual faggot self and doesn't deserve it.

I haven't watched seasonal anime in over a year.

This show got me close to tears a number of times, fuck man AOTS.

Birds are stupid

Wait a minute, I thought they are releasing a some sort of prequel Kuon OVA with the new PS Vita game?

The Vita game you talked about is a remake of 1, which it just looks like they reused the battle assets from 2 and 3. Yeah the Kuon OVA is coming with a special edition version of it I think. Aquaplus has more milking of the series after 1's port/ remake to current gen.

I do remember something like that, but it's not a full series. And it can't undo the abomination that was the Itsuwari no Kamen adaptation. Which is a shame, because they looked like they were gearing up for a Futari no Hakuoro one too, what with giving it a full 2 cours.

It looks like they're trying to make it a staple series now. They're being pretty damn successful with on the game front too.

Well they should. The lore for Utawarerumono is pretty good. They gave Hakuoro a good ending after 10years, I am sure Haku will get his too sooner or later.
Ururuu and Saranaa won

Two hands, sometimes three or four. Watch more anime.

Haven't played the games yet and the anime seemed alright to me, although a notable tone shift from the ultra-bloody original. Did they cut out too much stuff or something?

I don't know, they're all okay. After awhile anime stops being so immersive and you watch it more for comfort and cheap entertainment. I haven't really gotten sucked into a show since I was younger. KF was probably the funnest ride I've had all year.

DDLC was the last otaku-related thing that really impressed me, but its not actually Japanese so I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be discussed here

Biggest stuff that they cut was Maroro and all the late nite drinking session Haku did with the cast.
Haku & Maroro was actually BFF.

This season. It has Potatoes and Foxes.

no you just have lower standards

Quite a few entertaining ones but last I truly enjoyed was Fafner Exodus with /m/, the roller coaster ride of suffering and salvation with a small bunch of fans was really fun.

I was initially a bit mad that it was now Haku caught in the limbo. Then i saw Uruuru and Saraana were with him.
Im fine with this, now find some other useless sod to take over for him.

This would really bite them ass in the feels department of Futari no Hakuoro.
Maros scenes were really heartbreaking.


I don't remember, probably last year though I hardly remember anything. Didn't enjoy any of the "popular" anime this year that's for sure.

i require more ray romano

There's so many heart breaking scene in Uta3, it's pretty great

Tell me about it. Just finished it last night.
Cant decide which was worse
>Haku breaking down infront of mother
>Maros death
>Anju after mask broke
I want to rewatch the original now. Only reason im not replaying it is because ive done that way too many times already.

man breaking in front of mother made cry, and the ending really got me. Actually having an attachment with all the characters and bam, right in the kisser

So which one more broken between Mashiro and Hakuoro

Basically any scene with a vocal song made me tear up. Kimi ga tame and koi yume are amazing.

Do you think Uruuru and Saraana are servicing Haku nonstop now theres no one to stop them?

I'd like to think so since it would just be a complete waste not to. They all deserve it.

Depends on howmuch time they have for it outside Haku's god duties and before Kuon finds him. Which doesnt take long if the OST cover is to be believed. After that its rapedungeon time

one that made me tear up for some reason was the meeting/fight between Tuskur princess and Anju&Haku.

Felt terrible seeing Kuon beating up Haku

A week ago when I saw Made in Abyss.

Last week.

I have low standards so I enjoy most things that I watch. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yea, Kuon trying to beat some sense into Anju was great and then Anju returning the favor right at the end when she was in the cocoon. All the CO-OP Final dialogues were all of them recounting their memories trying to get Kuon back

I'm in the middle of watching Infinite Ryvius and it's fucking fantastic.

Last one that made it to my top 10 was shirobako. So not that long ago

Last week.

>Uta action game next year
>Uta 1 remake next year
>cute Kuon OVA next year
>Uta 4 in development
is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

When was the last time we had a well-thought out discussion about Boku no Pico?

I watched the Nanoha A's movie yesterday and it was amazing, just like the series.

I starting to get pretty sick of posers who barely watch three anime a season complaining how there are no good anime.

>When was the last time you actually watched a good anime Sup Forums?
Last year and it wasn't even an animation.
A literal Taiwanese Puppet show was the best thing of the year and didn't disappoint from start to finish.

Wrong. I just call shit anime shit. 2011 was the last truly great year of anime. But every season still has at least 2 shows worth a damn.

Uta4? Wait what, I thought Futari was the end. Will that mean more cute Kuon who has imprisoned Haku?

We don't know if it's going to be a continuation.
could take place in the past, or with a entirely different cast of characters.

Last week when Houseki no Kuni and Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou ended.

Guess we just have to wait and see.

>You have to eat shit for years to understand it's shit
Have you never considered why they barely watch any new anime?

Because they actually never liked anime and only value their nostalgic memories of some cherry picked series?

>Windows XP compatibility never
Time to kill myself.

>Oh man, you looked handsome from behind, but your face is a bit of a consolation prize.
>60 hours later

Began to read it weeks ago. I'm around 12h in, it's pretty comfy

You're pretty comfy