Made in Abyss

What do I do with myself now guys after just finishing Made in Abyss. I'm stuck and all I can see is shit from the rest of the anime season

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try Re:Zero or Madoka Magica, they'll blow your mind!

Read the manga.

wait for the next season. don't read the manga

>the rest of the anime season
Made in Abyss aired last summer. You are retarded and should fuck off.

he's just a slow poke. you're the retarded one.

>Made in Abyss aired last summer. You are retarded and should fuck off.
Would adding the single world 'last' appease your autism? It's very clear what the I mean

>what the I mean

> Would adding the single world 'last' appease your autism
Wait, so you're watching all of last season's shows now?

Nanachi is best girl, the things I would do to her

we can continue this all day if me adding or removing a single word from a sentence makes you happy

Why are you so hostile? What is wrong with you?

Do you plan to continue fucking up your sentences all day?


Couldn't they come up with a better logo design?


I'm gonna touch her ears and never stop


So was this an actual show or just SOL garbo with like 3 memorable scenes?

It's actually a generally good show

Play Etrian Odyssey

I'm in your same spot, and I'm gonna do what this user said, and read the manga.

I was so hyped when she joined the skwad at the end of the last episode. The trifecta of Furry, Loli, and Robo Shota is now complete.

Why do you think made in abyss is a good manga?
In my opinion cuz of the art and somewhat original premise.

>A smug bunny looking at two retards.

Adventure and imagination. Of course the art is good too. It takes their world seriously too.

I don't know man, Riko kinda dragged it down for me. She's annoying as fuck

And something about the pacing put me off. Sometimes it felt too fast, and sometimes too slow

riko is a cute

For everyone that's anime only...oh shit are you in for it with this fucker.

They chose a great VA for him too.

The art is a plus, but the premise and story to explain it make the adventure.

There's chunks of explanation to try and fill the voids, but they generally aren't long enough and you feel it skip a little. I understand. I was too engrossed in both the manga and anime to notice it though.

I marathoned ep1 and almost dropped it due to the sexualization.

Just marathoned the first 5 minutes. When does it get good?

Does anyone have that maruruk "totally not gay" pasta?

Wonderful, wonderful.

Read the manga.
You'll learn why Bondrewd is best dad.

Did she literally marry a shota? I was so confused when they showed her husband

Oh, has the VA been announced? Who is it?

prolly a 20-something years old, tsukushi makes evereyone looks young in this manga

>"Oya oya"

Do we want season 2 or a movie?
I want a whole season, but I think it would work much better as a movie. I hope they go with the latter option.

1 ova then a movie.

A half season would work for me. Or like a set of OVAs.

Bondrewd arc for the movie, everything after for the 2nd season would be perfect

If they want a season then they need to make a filler episode from Nanachi base to the Field of Flowers(?).
Also wait for the manga to finish Narehate village arc.
That way they'll have enough material for 1 season.


This hurts you.

It's Kira Yoshikage

This hurts you harder

The challengers is the logical conclusion for whatever the next adaption will be, in which case there would not be enough content for a full season, ergo, movie. Layer 6 has just been a slow boil, there's no way it can work as a climax. And even if we consider that there may be several more chapters released before the adaption begins then that presents a new problem of having too much content to adapt, ergo, movie.
No moth, sorry boys.

I don't think anyone was expecting to get to Narehate Village. It's not finished yet anyways

>No Nanachi in the next chapter
Fucking hell I want to know what happened to her.

Jokes on you, the manga has already rendered me dead inside.


>made in abbys
>good anime
No not again please

Another 10 days boys.

Not 10

Tsukushi just streamed yesterday

He has 5 out of 25 pages complete

New chapter is late January

1. Kemono Friends (12.82%)
2. Houseki no Kuni (5.93%)
3. Konosuba 2 (2.96%)
4. Made in Abyss (2.78%)
5. Youjo Senki (2.53%)
6. Kekkai Sensen and Beyond
7. Kobayashi Maid Dragon
8. Touken Ranbu
9=. [email protected] Side M
9=. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
11. Mahoujin Guruguru
12. Fate Apocrypha
13. Isekai Shokudo
14. Aho Girl
15. Kino's Journey 2017
16=. Eromanga Sensei
16=. Mahoutsukai no Yome
18. Princess Principal
19. Infini-T Force
20. Osomatsu-san






Why is he so slow at releasing manga chapters. 42 in 5 years is pretty damn slow

Literally below 2 cancer fanbases(stonebros are allright)

H-how do you know he wasn't just working on the p-pages out or order...?

It's his hobby not his job.

His chapters are considerably beefy compared to many others

>VA is announced?

Did you even watch the anime?

>Burgers are mad because of the nudity
>Nips are mad because of the censorship in the anime
Truly beautiful times we live in.

Why would someone make this

>not posting stream links

Remember, everyone.

Love must be cultivated.

Family is not made by blood, it is made by love.

Search the archive.

Was it the one where he was drawing Riko eating? I only saw 3 pages on his "tabs" in photoshop.

I guess Tsukushi doesn't stream often?

Yes, that's the one.



(could it be that you're craving my McNuggies?)

I don't mind him, he can't help what he is.

I was happy when Riko went back for him.

Not everyone who read manga want to waste their time watching adaptations.

kino no tabi and inuyashiki


51 days since chapter 43.


wouldn't she be a cow instead?
She's all unmoovable just like a cow.

>wasting time
>says this while posting on a mongolian archery simposium

I don't waste time here in my opinion.


>The entirety of narehate village
It's so bizarre and sad. It's like reaching a slum of the worst caliber and being infinitely rich but knowing you can't do anything with your money. Just...fuck. Makes me think of how the people abandoned in Dark Souls felt once they were darksigned. Thrown out, cast aside and left to rot for eternity until they completely hollow and lose themselves.

well at least in the village they're supposed to take an appearance that's the most appropriate form to appreciate the value of their most cherished desire. That's a sort of better fate than being a mindless hollow like in Dark Souls.

come to think of it the entire village seems to borrow heavily from the lotus-eaters island in greek mythology. At least in Nanachis regard.

Yeah they've got life of some semblance.

Beautiful art you can just immerse yourself in.
Simple and straightforward premise that gives a clear sense of story progression.
Worldbuilding and exposition done just the right way, not insulting to the reader's intelligence and leaving enough room for imagination.
An unusual focus on physical objects instead of vague "magic" that gives the objects and the environment an immersive presence in the setting.
Believable (and adorable!) characters.
Emotional rollercoasters like you wouldn't believe.
Each major arc has enough closure to be emotionally satisfying.
Pacing feels on point.

I don't know, have I missed anything?

does anyone still have that imgur link that contains hi res stitches and screencaps from the anime?

Nanachi is a one note meme character. Eagerly awaiting her gruesome demise.

It was mega, lemme check what account I used for that

>hi res

Here, it was this one:!bkgQFAQb!IDgYsomh6xpy_jgjaJtrMg

>Mfw every Nanachi expression can be captioned with "When she sees your dick"

anyone have the screencap of the mangaka's tweet about what gender Nanachi is?

>last summer
ESL go home please. The summer that happened this year is referred to as "this summer". "Last summer" would be 2016.

Why doesn't Tsukushi care about his fans?

you gotta present an offering first user
draw some shota lewds


but I already killed my neighbours Prushka, what else does he want from me?!

that's not a boy