Why is Sylphyn allowed to so blatantly ignore the dress code, Sup Forums?

Why is Sylphyn allowed to so blatantly ignore the dress code, Sup Forums?

Best girls don't need to follow rules

Rich people don't need rules

Why is Ebina allowed to dress like a slut? It's okay she has large breasts, she can't help that, but she should at least have the decency to wear baggy clothing.

>dressed the same as every other student

dress code is probably not enforced in their school. it isn't 1970's anymore user.
anyone COULD get away with wearing anything they want but don't because of social stigma but desuwa is actually autistic

My autistic daughter is having a fit, please forgive her.

She's a foreigner.

She challenged the head master to a shoubu and won.

School uniforms did not provide the freedom of access to her shupaan that she wanted

This is a typical German school uniform.
She's a transfer student, so it's fine.

I don't remember NAPOLA uniforms like that

Nice reading comprehension.


rich people can fuck kids and nothing happen to them so wearing whatever the fuck they want is nothing special

That's bullshit but I believe it.

She doesn't exist. Umaru is really fat. Ebina is really ugly and Kirie has down syndrome. We're basically watching Umaru's imaginary life.

I mean come on, a loli with white hair? Another one of her delusions.

Nice creepypasta, bro. Do you have more?

Germany doesn't have school uniforms.

some schools have sailor uniforms, at first I thought they were cosplaying or some shit

One time I sneaked into Kirie's room but Bomber was there and his eyes went hyper-realistic and he bled at me.

She does it to attract faceless old men to her.

>not going full nazi and forcing everyone dye their hair black and have the same haircut
What a shitty school

she is so rich that she can write a new dress code


>Screw the rules, I have money!