Hunter X Hunter has good wr-

Hunter X Hunter has good wr-

Memes aside. This shit made no sense.

Seriously, what did he do here? I know it was was established that nen can get stronger after death but how did that revive him? Did his rubber nen acts as a defibrillator or something?

Like a rubber band, it bounces him back from death to life.

>visual medium
>literal wall of text
Truly the Citizen Kane of manga.

Arguably the writing was good, because it created the most memorable and well-known asspull in anime history.

I'm not the only one who didn't even bother reading pic related, right?

Better than literally 99.99999999999999% of any other shounen manga. Literally only ones (battle shounen wise) who are better (and still are published) are One Piece and World Trigger.
Being #3 best written battle shounen manga series in the world counts as "has good writing" in my book.

just bad writing

don't overthink.

What would you have done in the author's place? Created an asspull powerup for Hisoka that makes even less sense and doesn't relate to his powers?
Forced Krololo to hold the idiot ball?

I don't know, maybe... Kill Hisoka?

deepest lore

Then theres no point retard. It was there to bring them to the DC arc.

>Did his rubber nen acts as a defibrillator or something?
Yes that's exactly it. They pointed it how he died from suffocation not from the bombs which is why his plan worked. Nen becoming stronger after death is unimportant in this case, or not so much that it became stronger but that his conviction or whatever made it so his nen didn't disappear even when he died.

Just drop the manga, you're getting nothing out of it, for a story with so much exposition, rules and basically walls of text what's the point if you're not gonna read it?

>What would you have done in the author's place?
Not really a good argument, he wasn't forced to have them fight in the first place. I loved the fight though, just pointing that out.

There's your problem
>Not reading
Yeah, we really have a problem.

I'm over 300 chapter in. Do you really think I'm going to drop it at this point? The reason I skipped was because I know from reading this shit that most of the "wall of text" pages are completely pointless. They over-explain the simplest shit and even if you do miss some important information, they'll just remind you of it again when it's relevant.

>hisoka suffocated to death and was protected by the bodies
I thought the bodies exploded. Did he suffocate from the fumes?

>World Trigger
what did he mean by this?

>even if you do miss some important information, they'll just remind you of it again when it's relevant.

>I thought the bodies exploded. Did he suffocate from the fumes?

Not all of the bodies could explode, only some, he suffocated from the crowd itself jumping on him, if you've ever been in a large crowd like a concert or something the fear of being trampled and not being able to breath can be pretty real for some.

You braindead kiddies need to fuck off from HxH threads already, it's not Togashi's fault you have severe ADD.

>not liking walls of shitty exposition from a hack author makes you dumb
It's not my fault you've never encountered proper story-telling in your 15 years of life.

The only areas of life where text walls have any purpose is on written essays and when you're being paid by the word.

Nobody wants to read a wall of text when the concept could easily be explained in a fraction of the words.

Why would you keep reading it then. Don't like the amount of text nor the quality of it all then just read something else.

Do you watch movies for the hearing impaired since they narrate everything?

>I'm over 300 chapters into a wordy manga
So you're 6 hours in? Oh no, what a timesink
Kill yourself

You do NOT want to shock someone who is in aystole. Hisoka simply used the properties of rubber and gum to CPR himself.

Read the panel again: "Along with my heart and lungs, Cradle them caress them, then EXPAND AND CONTRACT."

I love Togashi.

I'd love to see your report card.

Y'know lengthening a 10 word sentence into 100 words isn't a sign of intelligence right?

You probably think novels have too few pictures.

Just like the inability to read.

>Dude with the powers to expand and contract CPRs himself and this send autists into a shock
You guys are fucking retarded. People can do the most retarded things with nen, even creating beings out of the blue, but the fucking guy with contract and expand powers can't CPR himself for some reason according to you. I'm loving every bit of autism you guys drop.

>Not wanting to read walls of text means you can't read.
Nothing worse than a brainlet who pretends to be smart.

>those digits

Chrollokeks and shitposters on suicide watch

But reading isn't a hard task. Anyone can do it. You justifying why you don't want to read those simple text bubbles says more about your intellect than mine.

You’re talking about battle shounen fanbases here, they’ll use any excuse to shit on series and meme them to death. HxH in particular has always been a target because people over praise it for its writing.

You niggers should have been here for when Gon-san happened in the manga. Battle shounens always attract the biggest retards.

It says that I don't want to waste my time reading through walls of text because somebody couldn't afford a good editor. If I can shorten a paragraph down to a sentence and still maintain the message that the paragraph was trying to convey, why the fuck wouldn't I do that so I have more room to express more ideas upon the page?

Plus, it's a huge disservice when you're reading a manga, a visual medium mind, and most of the artwork is covered by exposition and speech bubbles.

You should know that Hunter x Hunter works best when doing those infodumps. You obviously are still shocked by the way it does things, so I can't really help you there. Not every manga/comic has to follow a set format, something HxH has made clear that it doesn't do.

>You should know that Hunter x Hunter works best when doing those infodumps.
Not really. compare this page with this one HxH's strengths lie in its art and how it conveys motion and weight through its visuals. Even when it explained the concept of Nen in earlier arcs, it managed to do so in a way that succinct and relevant to what was happening in that particular moment.

Dumping walls of text only serves to help the artist cut corners.

God bless Togashi

I didn't know Togashi was doing the English translations or the Mangastream translations. Color me surprised.

Look man, I love HxH and I love detailed stories, but even for me some of these recent chapters have been too much.

Togashi needs to find a happy medium.

>defending literal walls of text in a visual medium

The absolute state of HxH niggers

It baffles me it took this to people to realise that the writting is just mediocre. It is beyond me how this series can get get all the praise it gets, one of the most overrated mangas I have read.

I don't understand what the hype was about to begin with.
Sure, hunter is an okay series, but it's not even close to the best of all time.

Who's looking forward to the chapter that's going to get released tomorrow.

The reason I know a chapter will be released tomorrow is because that's the only way the hiatus can end by the end of the year.

It’s an exciting adventure manga with a cool magic system. Shit like this and MiA give me goosebumps.

No one could deny that HxH has at least good writing when it comes to fights, for a fucking nekkesu.

I don't know what you are implying, deus ex machina is the epitome of good writing