It's time to look back on 2017. What was your AOTY?

It's time to look back on 2017. What was your AOTY?

I want to bully a depressed, burnt-out oniisan.

None. It was a shit year.

Pic related probably.
>in b4 people miss that it's the homothread again

Shit year for homolust or a shit year for animu in general? I didn't watch anything new, just stuff off my backlog.


next season has shit homo.

Eat slutty sheep: Y/N?


I like armpits.

He's alive!

who doesn't?

Both. I don't remember watching this many insultingly bad anime in any other year.
>Virgin Soul
>Ousama Game
>Dynamic Chord
Even the stuff I enjoyed, like Vatican, were technically really crappy in their own way.

I dunno, creativity wise it was a pretty good anime.

Also isn't Ousama Game so-bad-it-is-good territory?

Probably the best sequel of the year. I thought it was better than S1 too.

>Also isn't Ousama Game so-bad-it-is-good territory?
Nah. I expected it to be like that because the manga was shit, but apart from crazy yandere antics and weird deaths there was very little to enjoy. The threads were also dead because it wasn't an original anime. I just felt bad for Miyano for picking such a shit role the whole way through.

This guy was legit homo, right?

>I dunno, creativity wise it was a pretty good anime.
Good year*.

A lot of good stuff like Houseki, Rakugo, Eccentric Family, Sangatsu, Re:creatos.

Speaking of legit homos, Golden Kamui's author retweets and read BL manga.

Not a lot of good things for homo but there were some with nice boys.
Maid Dragon had Fafnir and otaku bromance
ACCA was full of dilfs
Onihei was good, but people skipped it
Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine was mindless fun
Natsume Yuujinchou Roku
Uchouten Kazoku 2
Atom: The Beginning bros being bros and crossdressing rival
Made in Abyss
Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
Vatican Kiseki Chousakan all those miracles
Kekkai Sensen & Beyond
Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2
Soma, etc

I was neet this year until recently so I watched nearly everything.
It was a shit year for homolust and average year for anime with splurging most of the good stuff during this fall. I can't list shows I liked because they are not homo related or ambitiously related like Houseki no Kuni

>Bahamut and Kado airing at the same season
My poor butt

Meteora's infodumps: the animation wasn't good at all and they gave out only /u/homos

As it turned out, ACCA was the only one that didn't disappoint me when it came to It's time-worthy viewing. Everything else turned out to be bait or a slap in the face.

>Meteora's infodumps: the animation wasn't good at all and they gave out only /u/homos
Last arc was pretty fun though.

>Everything else turned out to be bait or a slap in the face.
Why did this remind me of Dive... it even had NTR nonsense in it. Jesus Christ.

People actually kept watching that trash?

depending on how you view them, Houseki satisfied me.

Yeah I finished it, even. There was a Fujitani-focused episode that I genuinely enjoyed, but then the show went ahead and had the worst final 15 minutes I've seen in a long time. It was a garbage year for sports anime for sure.

>It was a garbage year for sports anime for sure.
All Out had its moments though.

There wasn't anything in particular that stood out, Touken Ranbu was good but that was only cause everything else was bad.
Winter looks promising and so does spring.
AOTY for me is probably Aho Girl or Blend-S.

Anyone excited for that Ten Count short that keeps getting delayed?

I don't care what anyone says, All Out was eye candy. Rarely do we get such body types in others shows. I like my twinks, but muscles and thick thighs are lacking in this world.

That they are.

Same. I usually like more lithe boys, but seeing all the variety in All Out was really refreshing.

Acca and Katsugeki were the only good homo shows for me this year. The rest was either forgettable or actually painful to watch.

Houseki and Rakugo S2 were both my AOTY, but for homo fanart and interest I only cared about swords.

Rakugo of course.

>last arc was pretty fun
>best girl died
It's not thread related but just no.

I'd have to say ACCA. Hoozuki and Saiyuki were decent, but Saiyuki's camera shaking everytime something happens makes me want to murder someone. Kado and Bahamut went to absolute shit, and there's nothing much else that's worth mentioning. Houseki's really nice, but I can't see them as boys at all.

Hype intensifies.

onihei is clearly AOTY

We all know how it ends user, don't get too hyped. At least there'll be a rise of Akira/Ryo art and doujin though.

Nothing homo in giving your best bro a good pounding once in a while.

The episodes are released all in one go, the hype is gonna die pretty soon

Ufotable really loves doggo.

At least 2017 had gay priests.

Katsugeki turned me into a doggofag and yagenfag. Such perfect boys.

Fuck you, Dive was great and ended up on a light note with all of them competing together, that was cute.

Greatest love story evert told.


I didn't even watch the show but I hope chocolate priest will get porn.

I can't fap to this Ryo.
His hair is not fluffy enough

meant for

Just post the good things from 2017 you fapped to or got affection erection/heart boner from

For me it was Shoukoku no Altair even though they butchered the source material.
Also things were not going in way of 4 Sultans, especially Softbey and Merchant in spoilers

Ayy and i was wondering where the Altairfriends are.

>"my first job was mucchan and as I kept going I became a mucchanfag before I even knew it!"
That's cute. I hope this book gets scanned.


Can't wait to see more of these homos in winter.

That's what you call excellent taste.

>Choose, Akira! Live with me, or die with her!

Sword movie came out this year after all so I have to go with that.

Recent untranslated chapter is a shirtless fist fight. He really is our guy.

Reminiscing about the year, Winter had ACCA, Rakugo; Spring had Uchouten Kazoku, Summer had Made in Abyss, NEW GAME!!, GuruGuru; Autumn had KujiSuna, Houseki no Kuni and Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou.

Considering movies then new Lupin by Koike was fabulous. Ryuu no Haisha tv specials were great, Yuasa's Yoru wa Mijikashi and Luu no Uta were fun. Blade Runner short was pure sakuga.

Altair manga is fabulous but the anime was unbelievably crappy.

Season 3 2019

They're canonically genderless so you can view them however.


>>"my first job was mucchan and as I kept going I became a mucchanfag before I even knew it!"

Altair had a full cast of 10/10 boys but the spanish angel was extremely precious.


I completely forgot these two faggots. At least the next OVA will come out in 2018 so they won't completely skip a year.

I regret watching it but they had some pretty good design, doujin never though

Hoshitani had the biggest boner for Otori and I can get behind that.

I got the biggest affection erection from this kid.

Could be a designer or animator, but they're part of the Katsugeki staff either way.

I need more DK aidorus with no drama background.

They were still pretty bromancy in the OVA so I want to believe

I mean, there is no doubt they are canon gay and shit, it's just that they will never ever mention it again.


Lewdest scene of 2017

user this is a blue board

Has Mori translated the final Seraph special?

Anything special in it?

They are funny

user you've made me so happy

HighxJoker doesn't deserve him.

What did she say in Japanese

They're so underrated.

Anyone else reading this?

He also updated his pixiv with over 300 pictures.

Imouto Sae Irega Ii
Flippy Winglets won

Their only saving grace is that they're the best team among all the other 315 groups.

Yes, MC goes for worst boy instead of good looking cute rival.

This was a nice twist

>Wanting teenager fuckboys isntead of experience old men

Just finished it. Loved it. Ending was gay as fuck. I just wish the gay shota robot was in it more in the beginning.

The manga peaked at chapter 4, which honestly one of the best sex scenes in a doujin.
It felt like the author either had to rush the story or didn't know how to finish.

Still one of the best stories about brothers loving brothers.

cancerous streamfags need to die

Wait, so did ACCA have canon homo? I'll have to pick it back up if it did.

Owarimonogatari s2 or Houseki no Kuni.

I'm a pretentious asshole, so it makes sense.

It didn't. Stay away from it.

Why do Swords and Imas have so little porn in the west?