What kind of men were they trying to lure in with this design?

What kind of men were they trying to lure in with this design?

Heterosexuals and Bis probably.


Heterosexual cross-dressers.

Pedophiles obviously, the character designer was just incompetent.

Old men and black people because this ugly dyke is only good for pleasing them. Worst girl.

Men with no taste unlike people who like Hanabusa

t. Niofag.

Nio is best grill faggot.

I want to lick those boots

I want to beat Nio

Must suck to have niggers on your mind that much.

Come on, user. Look at the way she acts and dresses. She's pretty much asking for niggers to meet her in a dark alley.

Gay dads.


I'm not sure, but she surely lured in a cute girl.

Navel fetishists

*navel-punching fetishists
Though her face is pretty punchable too, but you can say that about every girl in that anime.

Is everyone gay in the show?

Still nigger on the mind.


Horny kind


None, they were targeting lesbians.

Me. I have a weakness to magnificent bitch characters. See X-Mens White Queen.

>I have a weakness to magnificent bitch characters
My lost brother.

Give her the Titanium.

Her girlfriend is better.


She's perfection, desu.


You are now aware of the actual width her nose should've had.

Those who have a fetish for boots so me

You know guys, for such a shit anime, they really had some nice waifus

God, her voice made me diamonds.

>luring men


Why would bis seek out dirty punk ass?